Wednesday, May 17, 2023


 Isn't democracy grand? It's not remotely about the rule of law, fairness or equality. It's really no wonder that dictatorships, oligarchies, monarchies and other non-democratic modes of governing choke when told that Democracy is the best of the best. Democracy basically means that those with wealth and power have rules and some limits on their influence. The rest of us have zero limits on our influence because we simply don't have any in this society without money and probably lots of it.

The new proposed gravel pit is called the Middle Street Pit and joins a cacophony of gravel pits along Snyder Rd. What's one more noisy, dusty location with yet even more heavily laden, slow dump trucks going back and forth all day long? For most of us it is nothing but for nearby residents it is everything and it stinks. Paige Desmond has a front page story in today's Waterloo Region Record titled ""Six is enough on this stretch of road", Petersburg resident says of sand pit" "

Interestingly the Trustees of the Waterloo Region District School Board are again back in the news this time regarding how to replace two new trustees who have departed, one for health concerns and the other for his health and life suddenly departing him last week. Both are extremely unfortunate but both give the trustees the opportunity for more politiking and partisanship. They claim that an election is far too costly hence they want to appoint two people who will either toe the line or better yet will be strong supporters of their own positions and biases. Good Lord. Whatever happened to educating students?

If not an election then appointing the two runnerups to the two departed trustees is the way to go. Citizens have already voted and their choices are clear. If trustees pull the same crap that Woolwich Council did a couple of years ago by appointing Julie-Anne Herteis over far better educated and knowledgable candidates simply because she was willing and malleable, then shame on them. Also in Julie-Anne's case the runnerup was Dr. Dan Holt who was/is far better Council material then Julie-Anne ever was which was exactly why he wasn't appointed to Council. Isn't Democracy grand folks? 

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