Saturday, May 6, 2023


 Generally it's easy albeit I'll admit it is not 100% foolproof. If the alleged environmentalist is accepted, praised, recognized and most especially given awards by government agencies, ministries or politicians at any level then most likely you've got a stinker. Ask yourself for example when was the last time David Suzuki was talked up by either federal or provincial politicians and leaders. Even in the unlikely case of that happening if you listen carefully you will hear things like well if only he wasn't quite so strident or gosh he could be so much more effective if he only changed this or did that. That is politicians speaking out of both sides of their mouths. 

Bureaucrats and politicians love soft environmentalists. These are possibly good people who nevertheless avoid controversial statements and positions. They are by nature conciliatory. A perfect example of the exact opposite would have been Pat Potter originally from the Dunnville area near Lake Erie. She was known to wear T-shirts to public meetings that said "THEY All LIE ".  

Co-opted environmentalists are welcomed with open arms at all public meetings by those in authority. They want persons who appear green to lend credibility to their basically tarnished ideas, positions and history. By lining themselves up with token environmentalists, politicians pretend that they have open minds and listen to both sides when in fact they absolutely abhor sharing a stage with those with strong, informed and differing opinions. Neither Pat Potter nor myself were or are welcomed to public meetings and events by those trying to promote the status quo at the expense of the environment and public interest.  


  1. one of the BEST ARTICLES you or anyone has ever published on this subject. Truth and FACTS do matter! Congratulations Mr. Marshall, when you discern situations from the "top down" you are always on target and the lipshitters are put in their place!