Tuesday, May 2, 2023


 I keep thinking that it will but then there is nothing in the media for several days. Today's K-W Record has an Opinion piece by regional councillor Colleen James in which she castigates the three regional councillors on the Police Board who conveniently kept quiet during regional council's debates and deliberations on the police budget. The Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) were asking for several millions of dollars more in this year's budget and there was most appropriately pushback from some councillors. By the way the three regional councillors on the Police Board are Karen Redman, Doug Craig and our very own Woolwich mayor Sandy Shantz.

To make a long story short these three Police Board regional councillors only provided their colleagues with a two page Summary of the financial position of our WRPS. With much angst regional council approved the budget increase only to learn weeks later that the WRPS have been enjoying budget supluses recently and have money set aside that regional councillors did not know about. That is the majority of regional councillors not on the Police Board did not know about the surplus whereas the three councillors on the Board did. Well! It seems that politicians not only don't mind leaving citizens in the dark but when it suits their purposes will leave their own colleagues in the dark as well. As Colleen James has suggested this does not bode well for political transparency between any of the stakeholders.   

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