Friday, May 26, 2023


 My opinion is yes however today I will focus on Fraser Kelly who has in my opinion brought the administration of justice into disrepute. Hmm so has RR  but his was a little more subtle. Well just to show that no one is perfect darned if the Woolwich Observer newspaper article I wish to quote appears to be hand dated March 24/31. Seriously. Now the article I've saved on the other side of the page is hand dated March 24/16 which makes a lot more sense. 

The title of the article I wish to examine is "Crown drops case against Woolwich mayor". Now Mr. Kelly is quoted at length and frankly he's absolutely full of it with his nonsense about legal technicalities that I allegedly failed to follow. Firstly I'm not a lawyer. Secondly each and every charge had to be vetted by a Justice of the Peace and was. Thirdly the entire private prosecution process is arduous, long and twisted and I believe that is by intent. In other words the system does not like private prosecutions no matter how well founded and substantiated they are.

I will skip right to the nub of the matter. I was quoted in the Woolwich Observer thusly :  "I must have missed the overnite announcement that the province has repealed the Municipal Elections Act". "If the Crown advises that the specific laws broken by Mayor Shantz are minor or trivial, then again, clearly I missed that part of the MEA which specifically stated that they are trivial or minor and therefore merely suggestions to be followed by election candidates, if they feel like it.".   

That is exactly what has occurred. Mayor Shantz screwed up royally and repeatedly and bluntly some of the errors are incredibly self-serving as she twisted and contorted to keep below the maximun expenditures that would demand an audit. This would allow her to both avoid the additional personal cost of the audit as well as help to hide the fact that she spent about triple her combined opponents to obtain the mayor's chair. Unintentional my butkus. Oh all right it's hard to prove intent therefore I'll settle for damned suspicious and leave it at that.

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