Monday, May 8, 2023


 RAC or Remediation Advisory Committee is the more useless and biased of the two committees of council. It also as is typical politically the far more influential of the two committees. In other words TAG reports to a bunch of RAC bureaucrats and politicians who know little and generally side with the status quo and the monied interests. The virtual meeting is this Thursday at 5:30 pm. and can be attended by contacting Robin Koutrouliotis at Woolwich Township (6691647) preferably today.

Last Saturday the K-W Record carried a story titled "Why are toxic dyes still used on our clothes?" That is an excellent question and my immediate answer would be because our governments do not protect us especially when some already wealthy folks want to keep on making money despite the health implications for others. Dying fish species, contaminated soil and poisoned drinking water as well as rare human diseases and serious skin ailments and rashes are all the result of using chemical dyes. 

There are natural dyes available including some produced by microorganisms. The problem is that the powerful and wealthy have little incentive to make changes that might cost them money in the short term. In other words, business as usual with minimum government oversight.

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