Saturday, May 31, 2014


The horizontal Niagara Falls is a metaphor for Chemtura's ridiculous claims of long distance overland surface flow with self-serving pinpoint accuracy into GP1 & 2.

Numerous CPAC & SWAT members advised the Ministry of the Environment of their overall frustration with them for being more willing to monitor, test and study and less willing to order the company to clean up.

Susanna presented three graphs each with multiple wells showing chlorobenzene and NDMA concentrations in them over the last twenty years. These off-site wells are all located downgradient of Chemtura and are in the heart of the plumes. The basic information gained is that the wells are all above drinking water standards and most have absolutely no concentration trend either up or down.

George of the M.O.E. suggested that they were still working on the specifics of the cleanup criteria for the Elmira Aquifers in 2028. This issue was originally raised by Graham Chevreau and Thursday night at the public CPAC meeting Ron Campbell advised George that his answer without a timeline was unacceptable.

In reference to Jeff Merriman's (Chemtura) claims that the DNAPL Investigation was settled and that all parties were "satisfied"; I asked him if therefore there were yet more hidden letters from Wilf and Jaimie (M.O.E.).; this time recanting their May 2008 DNAPL positions. CPAC determined that attempting to bring Wilf & Jaimie to the next CPAC meeting was a good idea.

Sebastian who has taken the lead on questions regarding GP1 & 2 asked Chemtura for details regarding the ponding primarily on GP2. Jeff advised that they were contoured intentionally to pond water for infiltration to the underlying aquifer.

CPAC were not amused to be told that Dioxin results from this summer's downstream testing would take one to two years to be completed. While yours truly did not comment nevertheless this is the kind of nonsense that based on hard experience I've expected all along. In other words lots of talk but even more DELAY,DELAY,DELAY.

George K. of the M.O.E. would not early on in the meeting remotely commit to more soil testing for Dioxins & DDT especially off the Chemtura site. He needed specific areas with a strong rationale. At the end of the meeting he and Graham were in animated conversation when I unfolded the topographical map I had shown CPAC at the last Working Session. George was duly impressed/convinced and I believe he made a commitment to testing in that off-site area.

Councillor Mark Bauman hasn't been mentioned because he had a timing conflict and could not attend. Fortunately he has advised us that he is a regular reader of the Advocate and thus I hope these last two postings assist him.

Friday, May 30, 2014


Last night's CPAC meeting was a humdinger running from 6 pm. till 9:45 pm. Big picture themes included greater testing being required off the Chemtura site looking for Dioxins and DDT. As Ron Campbell indicated there are concentrations of 50,000-80,000 parts per trillion (ppt) Dioxin in GP1 and this pit actually touches their eastern border yet no samples have ever been taken across that property line. Other major battles occurred regarding Wilf Ruland's May 15, 2008 DNAPL letter addressed to CPAC care of Pat McLean. Both Ron, Sebastian and Dr. Dan Holt expressed concern that this letter never made the CPAC correspondence list both as stated by Jeff Merriman (Chemtura) and by the former CPAC Secretary Corrinne Shuh. The best comments of the night however on this matter came from Susan Bryant who is sharing alternating CPAC attendance with Pat McLean. She advised CPAC that three of the former CPAC members didn't get Wilf's letter because they were on CPAC's air sub-committee. This was Ron Ormson, Gerry Heideburt and Sandra Bair. Wow! So in other words the CPAC Chair picked and chose who, even on the committee, received reports addressed to all CPAC members. Then Susan even suggested to CPAC that I didn't get the seven page Wilf Ruland DNAPL report because in 2008 I wasn't yet using e-mail. Since 1991 I had been using fax, telephone and receiving hard copies of all (in theory) reports. Unbelieveable horseshit!

Once again two of the partners in pollution are sharing excuses. Last month it was Steve Quigley of Conestoga Rovers adamantly stating that the DNAPL Investigation was over and done. Last night Jeff Merriman of Chemtura claimed that regarding DNAPLS everything was settled and that the DNAPL Investigation sub-committee was satisfied. This of course counters what former CPAC Chair Pat McLean said in late 2007 at CPAC when I asked her about the status of the DNAPL investigation. She stated that nothing was yet written in stone. Just like the Optimization issue the manipulating parties didn't even have the courage of their convictions to bluntly advise when they had quietly decided that it was a done deal.

Graham Chevreau and Ron Campbell took turns asking the M.O.E. why the Chemtura site was not a high priority site. Susan Bryant suggested that the level of Dioxins in the creek and overall water basin were the highest in the province. I pointed out that the criteria from the federal government was 21.5 ppt whereas Conestoga Rovers had used 36.6 and yet in 1995/96 Dioxins were found five miles down the creek almost at the Grand River in the 50 to 60 ppt. level. Nevertheless other than more studies nothing has been done downriver. Susanna Meteer asked a M.O.E. presenter if the contaminants could come from other sources such as farm spraying (DDT). Salomie (sp.?) stated that no, Uniroyal/Chemtura were the source.

Vivienne Delaney raised two issues namely a possible precedent regarding the M.O.E. laying a Control order upon a neighbouring party to contamination and the issue of Financial Assurance. Vigorous debate ensued with CPAC firmly supportive of the M.O.E. demanding financial assurance from Chemtura for future work to be done. Richard Clausi of SWAT (soil, water, air & technical) advised Chemtura that as they were confident that they would follow through on their commitments then a finacial assurance sitting untouched until they completed their cleanup shouldn't be onerous. It would be restored to them upon proper completion. George Karlos of the M.O.E. advised Vivienne that neither he nor the M.O.E. would be putting orders on Woolwich Township due to Chemtura contamination under their properties.

There were details from myself indicating specifics as to why we beleive that Chemtura Dioxins and DDT probably flowed off-site rather than due south to the abandoned gravel pits, GP1 & 2. Graham had earlier on asked the M.O.E. to do soil sampling east of the Chemtura property. After the meeting Graham and I showed George Karlos the topographical map indicating the lowest point being east off Chemtura's property and that surface flow from the eastern pits would flow initially south and then primarily west directly to the creek as well as east off the property. Now keep in mind this scenario is based upon assuming Chemtura/CRA are telling the truth about overland flow of stormwater, wastewater and Dioxins/DDT. Abandoned gravel pit GP1 has enormous concentrations of Dioxins and DDT. If those numbers are accurate then those contaminants got there somehow. Is it possible that they were directly dumped or buried in these two pits beside the creek? Is the whole overland travel due to overflowing RPE pits just a smokescreen? Chemtura are yet again between a rock and a hard place. This often happens with individuals or corporations who are not scrupulously forthright.

More probably to follow in upcoming days.

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Sometime next spring CBC's "DOC ZONE" will be airing a documentary regarding the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, South Vietnam. I have been advised that while the bulk of the filming is in Vietnam and the United States there will be about five minutes of the documentary focusing on Elmira, Ontario. Elmira is the home of the former Uniroyal Chemical now known as Chemtura. Uniroyal gained infamy through their destruction of the Elmira drinking water aquifers primarily through a carcinogenic chemical known as NDMA . This company have handled and mishandled many more extremely dangerous chemicals including parathion, lindane, diacetyl, DDT and Dioxins.

Filming today will be in regards to the toxic contaminant found in 2,4,5-T (trichlorophenoxyacetic acid) which is known as Dioxin more specifically 2,3,7,8 TCDD (tetrachlorodibenzodioxin). 2,4,5-T was combined with equal parts of 2,4-D to produce what the U.S. military referred to as Agent Orange. This herbicide was sprayed in massive quantities in South Vietnam to remove brush, trees and cover for the Viet Cong. A particular goal was to defoliate the Ho Chi Minh trail used to bring war supplies southwards in the north's fight against the U.S..

These dioxins have been transported both by solvent laced groundwater as well as by erosion including normal spring flooding. As a direct result they as well as DDT can be found in the Canagagigue Creek sediments and floodplain several miles downstream, all the way to the Grand River. Besides studies in the 90's the Ontario Ministry of the Environment are back this summer for the third summer in a row doing studies and testing for dioxins and DDT in the Canagagigue Creek. I am forever optimistic (sort of) that this time after the testing will come a real cleanup.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


We have actually been given the M.O.E.'s Work Plan for this summer's downstream testing in the Canagagigue Creek ahead of time. Now of course receipt was by no means early enough to allow most of us to comply with the Ministry's wish that we submit our questions ahead of time. Good try though on that score. I have two complaints on the format of their distribution of this May 29/14 "Proposed Study Design". It was sent by e-mail and many of the Figures are in colour not black and white. Now I doubt that I'm the only one with an excellent printer which however is only in black and white. Secondly many of these same Figures were oriented sideways on the page. My first printout chopped all kinds of info off the right side. So being a smart and flexible fellow I put my thinking cap on and yelled for help. O.K. so my wife has more knowledge (by far) than I do on computers. My bad. Again how many others couldn't download the Figures and keep all their info on the page?

Thirdly there is way too much planned for this round of testing. While 2012 and 2013 could be fairly described as minimalist this year's testing isn't just Dioxins and DDT but it also includes Fish studies. As I wrote on my report WTF standing for Way Too Freaking (Much) going on. Is this just another too many trees to see the forest review? We are about to have 1995, 1996, 1997, 2002, 2003, 2012, 2013 and 2014 reports on persistent and bioaccumulative toxins downstream from Chemtura in the creek.

Mercury and PCB's were found way back around 1995. With an upstream dam (Woolwich) mercury especially might come from there. Will there be any attempt this time to find those sources? As far as Dioxins and DDT we already know generally the source. That would be Chemtura formerly known as Uniroyal Chemical. My concern is that instead of cleaning up Chemtura we are simply heading into the land of neverending testing with each new round begating a need for more testing for "clarification". Also if the M.O.E. make this whole process complicated enough perhaps they simply wish to divert extremely limited CPAC funds to a peer review of this report versus either looking at the off-site cleanup or DNAPLS.

Would you trust your store in the hands of a multi time convicted thief? No? Then why should anyone trust the inherently corrupt Ontario Ministry of the Environment? I don't and that is based 100% on their behaviour at multiple sites throughout Ontario over numerous decades.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


O.K. I admit I'm borrowing the title. One of our local papers has a little section where they give kudos or criticisms as appropriate. Relevant to yesterday's posting here I wish to give a kudo and a thumbs up to Councillor Mark Bauman. He decided despite "professional" advice to the contrary; to do the right thing recently. Yesterday's posting dealt with the possibility/probability of their being a Dioxin/DDT "sink" south-east off the Chemtura site. Myself and CPAC Chair Dr. Dan Holt advised Council that they should give a warning or caution to an Old Order Mennonite family regarding the possibility (only) that some of these persistent and bioaccumulative and highly toxic compounds could have entered their hand made, in-ground swimming pond. This pond is in the floodplain of the Canagagigue Creek and while I have a map showing it to be completely inundated in a 100 year flood, I do not know if it routinely is submerged in normal spring flooding. Nevertheless Councillor Bauman talked to the family and most appropriately gave them a heads up.

The thumbs down or criticism goes to the Woolwich Township senior staffer who advised against giving a warning to this family. He felt that unless or until the Township had rock solid scientific proof of the presence of Dioxins or DDT in the pond; that a warning should not be given. Here's where I find his reasoning to be shocking. He suggested that either Chemtura or the Ontario Ministry of the Environment would or could sue Woolwich Township for so doing. I'm absolutely speechless. One is our just-us (justice) system that far gone? Talk about no good deed goes unpunished. Secondly are either Chemtura or the M.O.E. that far gone? I know I rarely have much good to say about either one of them (& appropriately so) but that would truly surprise me if they were that perverted. Nevertheless thumbs down to this senior Woolwich staffer and no it wasn't Dan K.

Monday, May 26, 2014


The evidence is fairly convincing that the partners in pollution Chemtura/CRA/M.O.E. have gotten away with a significant red herring over the last twenty-three years. They have long advised that the Dioxins from 2,4,5-T wastewaters all conveniently ended up in two abandoned gravel pits called GP1 & 2. They have claimed that overland travel via seepage, overflow and stormwater from the eastern pits and ponds all ended up several hundred yards southwards. Allegedly they ploughed furrows to assist the wastewaters travel south rather than westwards directly towards the Canagagigue Creek. This story always was somewhat sketchy as these same wastewaters then discharged anyways via groundwater into the Creek which makes a nearly 90 degree turn eastwards and is immediately south of GP2. Or in the alternative if they could travel several hundred yards overland to GP1 & 2, then why couldn't they travel an additional 50-100 feet overland into the creek?

Last summer a one foot scraping of the topsoil in GP1 was supposed to remove the bulk of the Dioxins which are the unwanted contaminant mixed with 2,4,5-T. Uniroyal produced Agent Orange for the U.S. military in the mid to late 60's by combining 2,4-D with 2,4,5-T. Of course last summers project was a set up from the start with the original test pits only dug to the water table (.5-2 metres). Then the bulk of these test pits had exactly one soil sample taken most commonly from the top .5 metre of topsoil. Nevertheless the results were staggering by any measure. With a human health criteria of 36.6 parts per trillion (ppt), Dioxins were found at 50-80 thousand ppt. in these shallow soil samples. Further soil excavation is scheduled for late this summer as three, 100 foot square areas with elevated Dioxin concentrations have been found after last summer's "scraping".

Meanwhile each and every time our Ontario Ministry of the Environment have decided to test for both Dioxins and DDT downstream in the creek they've found them. The mid 90's, 2002-2003 and then 2012 and 2013 have all come up with concerning levels of either Dioxins or DDT or both. These tests are both in the creek sediments and in the floodplain soils. These two chemicals are persistent and bioaccumulative. Benthic organisms in the creek uptake them from where they move up the foodchain. Cattle downstream can ingest them when grazing on the floodplain. The results in Vietnam of aerial spraying by U.S. planes along the Ho Chi Minh Trail have been devastating on local human populations including genetic damage, mutations and cancers. While creekbank excavations and stabilizations have taken place along the Canagagigue where it flows down the centre of the Chemtura property; this same diligence has been sorely lacking in Chemtura's south-east corner for the two gravel pits (GP1 & 2).

The real kicker is this. Based upon topographical maps and study it would appear that the three allegedly responsible parties including the M.O.E. have been playing fast and loose with the facts. These eastern pits when overflowing would flow only partially southwards with components also going east and west. More disturbing is that the southward component discharges into a wetland which then absolutely does not primarily drain southward. The lowest point of land is south-east on the neighbour's property. The bulk of the overland flow of water, solvents and Dioxins/DDT would have ended up in this very lowlying wetland area off-site. At some point in time a drainage ditch was dug for the purpose of assisting in draining the entire lowlying area. It's discharge point is several hundred yards further south through neighbours' properties, into the Canagagigue. While the entire premise of overland travel, unconfined by pipe or hose is tenuous at best; this close examination totally destroys its' credibility.

The final straw is the one that truly shocked me. Aside from the water, solvents and Dioxins/DDT allegedly flowing straight through the wetlands on Chemtura's property due south and ignoring the surface gradient which goes south-east is the not so minor matter of an elevated ridge of land along the entire north-east side of GP1. GP1 is shaped like a teardrop tilted to the left. Hence the north-east side is the direction that the allegedly incoming liquids are approaching from. This ridge of land is two to three metres higher than GP1 and everything else around it. Even if the wetlands weren't already draining the bulk of liquids south-east, this ridge protects GP1 from incoming surface liquids and in fact deflects them along its' edge again south-east and off the Chemtura site.

If there's one thing I've learned over twenty-five years of being a whistleblower and exposer of self serving junk science; it is that the responsible authorities already know all the dirty little secrets. They've been hand in hand most times with the polluter in covering up the truth. I see no possible way that the three partners in pollution could not have known all of this for a very, very long time.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


There are just so many. My postings of Wednesday and Thursday this week touch on some of them. One piece of news is that the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC) have hired a new Secretary as Corinne Shuh has departed. Lisa's qualifications are outstanding although nevertheless this committee's work has an incredible learning curve. Also Lisa through her interview with CPAC/SWAT last Tuesday probably already knows of the support and comraderie within the group; she may be in for a shock this Thursday. Don't get me wrong, CPAC especially consist of ladies and gentlemen who while perhaps shocked by past goings on and what they've learned first hand over the last three years plus; nevertheless always endeavour to avoid insulting or inflammatory comments. SWAT members Richard, Henry and I are somewhat more jaded and burned by past deceptions and misstatements and find it more difficult. That being said I am the "worst" offender and while age (I'll be 65 this year) has slowed me (new hip joint) what is it they say about old environmentalists? Something about the last thing that goes is their mouths???

This last couple of sentences should be relevant to the young M.O.E. "pups" who are presenting their Work Plan for yet more downstream monitoring in the Canagagigue Creek this summer. They are looking allegedly for confirmation of ridiculously high Dioxin and DDT readings in creek sediments and floodplain soils (allegedly). Here's the message. Yes you do have to be concerned about indirectly being "disrespected". That is essentially because your employer the Ontario Ministry of the Environment are corrupt. You will be judged by me upon your own work. If you present shoddy, unscientific and or poorly written and vague text you will be severely criticized and most appropriately so. You are supposed to be the professionals so act as such. Secondly I've asked the M.O.E. before. Send out your damn reports ahead of time so that CPAC/SWAT can ask intelligent questions from a position of some knowledge. Why waste everybody's time by having to come back in June to answer these questions that arise after CPAC/SWAT have familiarized themselves with your Workplan?

Back to the young "pups". I am going to assume that there was an honest failure in communications not concerning the word "disrespected" but concerning the word "intimidated". Go back to the first paragraph. I'm in my 65th year, have a new hip and any minimal hand to hand skills I once had in my 20's are long gone. Oh and yes I haven't brought my old pharts cane to a CPAC meeting in months. You should be more "intimidated" by the ladies present who are both mentally and physically tough; than by me. If you are perhaps intellectually "intimidated" by me then that's O.K. and I'm flattered. Otherwise piss off and leave any bullshit about physical security to the schools who are the real professionals when it comes to inventing factual fictions around physical security.

Have a nice day and we'll see everybody this Thursday at 6 pm..

VALUED READERS: Please check out the immediate Comment below. It is very relevant to my posting today.

Friday, May 23, 2014


It truly is astonishing how former longtime Councillor and Mayor Bill Strauss kept this severe pollution item out of the press during his political tenure. Today's Woolwich Observer carrys this front page story "No end-date for cleanup at former Heidelberg Motors site". I have posted here about this site on a number of occasions, the last one being the fifth of this month after the Waterloo Region Record published a story.

Today's Observer article refers to remediation work ongoing since 2007 but unless I've been misinformed this site has had various attempts at soil and or groundwater cleanup for closer to twenty years. Finally we have some details including the fact that it is indeed raw product otherwise known as free phase LNAPL or light non aqueous phase liquid. What this simply means is that gasoline and or diesel fuel are floating on top of the water table at and most probably off of this site. Contaminants mentioned in the article include Petroleum Hydrocarbons (PHC), BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene), PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) as well as Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. These VOCs could possibly be Trichloroethylene (TCE) or Trichloroethane (TCA).

Finally a media outlet (Observer) have given the public some details. What is still missing is whether the Region of Waterloo and the Ontario Ministry of Environment are or have been properly protecting the health of local residents drinking from Heidelberg's two wells as well as those residents living literally twenty feet away from this mess. With VOCs involved, vapour intrusion into homes is an issue to be closely monitored. Based upon both bodies track records I would expect not.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


No this posting is not about Rob Ford. It could be about permeating fear, insidious corruption, fellow travellors, self interest or even other reasons behind the loss of morality in government/bureaucracy action and decision making. The first question which I will answer is this: "When did morals and ethics finally completely leave government?". My answer is that it completely left when both politicians and bureaucrats realized that it is much easier politically to appear to be doing the right thing rather than actually doing it. They did a cost benefit analysis and determined that the political benefits of lying greatly outweigh the unlikely scenario of being exposed. They understood that as long as governments rigidly control their bureaucrats and employees then they can keep everyone on the same message. As long as the politicians appoint, discipline and dismiss their senior staff they will prevail. These senior staff then have power to appoint, discipline and dismiss their staff, regardless of their competence and honesty. In the case of a wrongful dismissal suit or union grievance; taxpayers money will make all problems go away.

What happens if the bureaucrats know full well that the proper and moral action is A but that there will be consequences for doing the right thing? Do they throw innocent victims under the bus in order to protect the majority of taxpayers from for example a lawsuit by a powerful, unhappy third party. I think the history of government scandals over the last fifty years would say yes. Do bureaucrats throw innocent victims under the bus for fear of repercussions to their careers? If their political masters have an agenda and the bureaucrats like their jobs and perks then human frailties tied to self interest take over. Is it too late to reverse this trend? It is entrenched and established and in my opinion very few honest people stay in politics. I think the expression is if you lay with pigs you will get muddy. I would also suggest that most senior management in corporations have long learned that their self interest lies in protecting the corporation's interests not the public's interests. Just a more recent example would be General Motor's apparent negligence with an switch in their vehicles. People died but apparently not enough for GM to do the right thing immediately.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Well this is very odd. Chemtura have picked up a hit in the Canagagigue Creek of bis ethylhexyl pthalate (BEHP) namely 3 parts per billion (ppb). The Provincial Water quality Criterion is .6 ppb. This reading would not remotely surprise if it was at the downstream end of Chemtura but it was at the upstream monitor namely SS-110. Well, well, well. The auto wrecking yard, Bolender Park landfill, the factory on the west side of Arthur St. beside the "Gig"; somebody let enough solvent go to easily register downstream. Is this a one off or did Chemtura just get "lucky" with the timing of their sampling. Never fear our Ontario M.O.E. are on the case, undoubtedly (LOL). Those eagle eyes never miss a thing unless so ordered.

Page seven brings us the interesting news that pumping well W4 is capturing groundwater from the Municipal Upper Aquifer. This is also clearly indicated on Figure D.2. The problem is that we've been verbally told for months at CPAC that W4 has been reconfigured and is now only pumping from the Municipal Lower Aquifer. Also page 3 tells us in Footnote 5 that W4 only pumps from the ML Aquifer. Come on Conestoga Rovers get your shit together!

Table E.1 has the 2014 eastern Creekbank groundwater monitoring results. Of interest is both the colour of the groundwater as well as the odours associated . They range from brown and orange groundwater to no odours to strong odours. Finally the Turbidity of the groundwater is interesting. It ranges from 158 NTU up to 999> NTU. As a comparison tap water is usually at 1 NTU or less. Also of great interest to me is the location of some of the most polluted creekbank groundwater. Well OW141-2 is downgradient from RPE 5 and has brown coloured groundwater with the highest Turbidity (999>). Well 0W151-2 has light orange coloured groundwater with a strong odour. Well OW98-5 is cloudy with a strong odour. These last two wells are both downgradient from GP1 as well as the further north eastern pits but because CRA would never lie or deceive we are supposed to believe that this has absolutely nothing to do with upgradient gross groundwater contamination.

Now we get to page nine and a very brief discussion surrounding GP1 & 2. We are advised that CRA/Chemtura's scraping of one foot of highly toxic soil from GP1 and capping of both pits last summer requires a little do over. This do over has to do allegedly with three out of sixteen unacceptable soil samples taken last summer after "remediation". The work will take a week and be done in late summer when the area is the driest according to their "Plant Activities Summary for April, 2014". Each of the three areas will be excavated from a 10 metre X 10 metre area for a total of 300 square metres. Notice there is no mention of depth. I am confident that it will certainly entail at least 2.54 cm or one inch in depth at a minimum. Nothing is too onerous for this *Responsible Care company. Also we are not advised as to the results of any of these sixteen samples nor the location. Again public consultation is a one way street at Chemtura's self serving discretion. Something stinks about this so called "voluntary" remediation last summer followed by this work this summer that Chemtura has "elected" to do. As usual the public advisory committee as well as private citizens are being given the mushroom treatment by both Chemtura and the M.O.E..

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


These public working sessions are held in order to discuss the upcoming Chemtura Public Advisory Committee Agenda for May 29, 2014 6 pm. in the Council Chambers. Also individual CPAC members are given the lead on various Agenda items which ensures that all topics are fully covered.

Today's working session started with a card and gift to Corrinne Shuh for her many years of service as Secretary to CPAC. During her response Corrinne asked if CPAC could add some kind words to the recognition that Susan Bryant was receiving from the Region of Waterloo, ostensibly for her environmental activism over the years.

CPAC also were able to meet the leading candidate to be the new CPAC Secretary. Her name is Lisa Schaefer and she is a very impressive candidate for the position. Besides her numerous skills and abilities yours truly ascertained from her that she has virtually no connection or relationship with anyone from Conestoga Rovers, Chemtura or the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. This is vital as this committee's good work is too easily thwarted by Chemtura sympathizers in the guise of honest citizens.

There was further discussion of GP1 & 2 including the intentional grading in GP2 which promotes a surface water pond in the middle of it. This will be included in next Thursday's CPAC meeting.

There was also discussion around the $10,000 given to CPAC by Woolwich Council for peer reviews. I reminded CPAC of two very appropriate areas of concern namely the proposed In-Site Chemical Oxidation and tripling of off-site pumping rates as well as the Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPL) investigation.

Wilf Ruland's letter of May 15, 2008 was also discussed. I was able to advise CPAC & SWAT of numerous incredible insights and understandings that Wilf had that were completely contrary to all the positions , opinions and client driven conclusions of Conestoga Rovers, consultants to Chemtura. I have just had an insight right here and now. I've already considered that I have judged Jaimie Connolly (M.O.E. hydrogeologist) harshly in the past for not speaking up on some of Conestoga Rovers ridiculous hydrogeological positions especially in relation to DNAPLS. It turns out that Jaimie did speak up and while CPAC had his letter it was never raised or discussed at CPAC in my presence. Is it possible that Wilf also has been judged harshly? Have there been other written reports by Wilf kept from the public? Appearances are that Wilf's letter may possibly not even have gotten to CPAC at all. This is based upon Corrinne being unable to find it as well as the lack of response to date from a former CPAC member on whether they ever received this letter. Regardless I was again absolutely denied access to this smoking gun DNAPL information. Shame on the past CPAC Chair and on Chemtura who knew damn well I didn't receive it and then this winter and spring did their best not to produce either one for as long as they could. This is not *Responsible Care ethics; it is *Irresponsible Crap ethics.

Monday, May 19, 2014


Fellow travellors, whether paid directly or indirectly have been doing Chemtura's bidding for far too long. Worse is that Chemtura are hiding behind them. Whether it is their well paid consultants or their friends in either CPAC or Woolwich Township, Chemtura nevertheless pretend that they are at arm's length from decisions favouring their interests. Two recent examples come to mind. Steve Quigley of Conestoga Rovers advised us in the March 2014 CPAC meeting and Minutes that the DNAPL investigations were fully addressed and resolved. This is false as I so stated at the following April CPAC meeting and Chemtura should also have stepped up and stated/clarified their opinion on the matter. Secondly at the April CPAC meeting Jeff Merriman of Chemtura stated as per the Minutes that he would provide the new/interim CPAC Secretary with Wilf Ruland's May 15, 2008 DNAPL letter and she "...can distribute it as she sees fit.". Again this is unacceptable. It is Chemtura's responsibility under *Responsible Care to ensure that all stakeholders are provided equally and fairly with any and all reports/documentation distributed.

Which of course takes us back to Wilf Ruland's May 15/08 letter. Was his and Jaimie Connolly's (May 2/08) letters a big part of why Woolwich Council booted me off CPAC in the spring of 2008? Certainly my position on DNAPLS had Pat, Susan and Wilf upset. Certainly the position of Dr.s Cherry and Parker had them upset. Certainly the truth on DNAPLS had them upset. Susan had sucessfully hidden her and Sylvia Berg's selling the farm, without APTE's knowledge, on DNAPLS back in 1991. Pat was always on Chemtura's side and Wilf simply didn't want to offend either CRA or the Ontario M.O.E.. His livelihood as an allegedly independent citizens' group hydrogeologist was at stake.

Once Jaimie of the M.O.E. dramatically changed the Ministry's tacit support of everything Chemtura/CRA did; then and only then did Wilf find his backbone. Wilf followed Jaimie's April 3, 2006 lead with his April 21/06 letter and again followed Jaimie's May 2, 2008 lead with his May 15/08 DNAPL letter. Wilf's letter has now been provided by Chemtura to the interim CPAC Secretary and she has distributed it appropriately to the best of her knowledge. Data to citizen stakeholders whether formal CPAC members or not should not be given to any third party whomsoever for their determination as to who receives a copy. That kind of bullshit is how and why I and other stakeholders have been denied important information for years, including Jaimie and Wilf's letters.

These two belated, by six years, letters have shone a light on the neverending DNAPL coverup by CRA and Chemtura, enabled by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Steve Quigley and Chemtura want this issue buried along with the actual existing DNAPL on site. These two letters make it clear that DNAPL can and should be removed now. These two letters whose details I have already posted here, indicate that the DNAPL (Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquid) contamination continues to fester both above and below ground.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Today's Waterloo Region Record advises us both by text and photos of the flood of 1974 here in Waterloo Region. The story is titled "When the flood came". Millions of dollars of damage was done and the communities of Bridgeport and most especially Cambridge sufferred the brunt of the damage. Both areas afterwards saw millions of dollars in improvements such as dikes and widening and deepening of the Grand through the Galt area of Cambridge. There have also been improvements in flood forcasting via greater and earlier monitoring of water levels and snow pack throughout the watershed.

The Shand Dam in Belwood combined with the Conestoga Dam between Drayton and Dorking, Ontario are also part of the mix. What is not much expanded upon is the basic cause of all the damage. It is a vicious cycle involving development and paving over of vast expanses of soil and land. Included is the vast removal of both trees and wetlands. Finally as industrial, commercial and residential land prices rise there is a tendency to develop areas that common sense until then had rejected. In other words low lying lands and floodplains eventually became attractive and scenic locales. This is where much of the damages occurred. All of this human activity is a prescription for disaster. There is less ability of the land to hold water and more and more buildings and assets located too close to rivers. Improvements have been made and not a moment too soon with climate change now upon us.

Friday, May 16, 2014


It has been suggested that currently there is but one environmental issue and that is climate change, global warming or whatever you wish to call it. Today's Waterloo Region Record has a story by Luisa D'Amato titled "Greens are the only party talking about climate change". This story is indeed an eye opener. While it is somewhat focused on Ontario Green Party leader Mike Schreiner and his Guelph campaign nevertheless the message is clear. The other three bigger parties are not discussing this urgent global problem and what to do about it. The Greens are and they have policies and strategies to go about it. Some of these will not be inherently popular as they require sacrifice and buy-in from the public. They are however necessary and eventually all the other parties will be proposing the same thing. The key is starting now to solve the problem, not when it's too late.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


First off apologies for not posting yesterday. My internet (Rogers) was down from just after lunch until sometime last night.

The worst case scenario modelled situation at the Chemtura plant in Elmira is a leak of Anhydrous Ammonia. Anhydrous means without water and also I therefore presume it refers to ammonia as a gas. In a liquid solution it is of course a cleaning agent.

Well Tuesday they had a major leak at the Schneiders plant on Courtland Ave. in Kitchener. Apparently both an air conditioner and a drainage line on the roof were leaking. One person was hospitalized and the plant was evacuated. Of interest to me is the intent to shut the plant down later this year. It would be extremely tempting to be avoiding the cost of normal maintenance procedures under those conditions.

It seems as if most of the workers and neighbours dodged a bullet on this one thanks in great part to emergency response workers. We must be constantly vigilant in our everyday use of many chemicals. "Living better with chemistry" a well known adage of the chemical industry could also be known as "Living carefully with chemistry". The K-W Record story is titled "Ammonia leaks force Schneiders to evacuate".

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I posted here on April 17 and 22nd about the O.M.B. Decision in favour of the Township and Conestogo-Winterbourne Residents' Association against the proposed Hunder Pit between Conestogo and Winterbourne. The O.M.B. decided three of the four outstanding issues in favour of the pit opponents. The decision was made on April 14/14 and we were advised that the proponent had thirty days if he decided to appeal. Well I took out my calendar and started counting. Thirty days is tomorrow if one counts weekends and non business days. Otherwise thirty business days runs until Wednesday the 28th of this month what with Saturdays, Sundays and two holidays. That is quite a difference and I wonder if the involved parties know for sure which date is truly the deadline.

Monday, May 12, 2014


My good friend Dr. Henry Regier sent out this article titled "The Toxic Brew in our Yards" written by Dr. Diane lewis. She is a physician and member of the Endocrine Society, a group of medical professionals specializing in diseases of the hormonal system. In no uncertain terms she makes the case that glyphosate (Roundup), carbaryl, malathion and 2,4-D on our lawns are slowly killing us. Everything we put on our lawns eventually ends up in our drinking water whether our water source is groundwater or surface water from rivers and lakes. She also advises that water treatment does not remove all of these chemicals. Finally there are a number of alternatives to pesticides and herbicides including adding clover to our lawns, leaving grass clippings behind and letting the grass grow longer (four inches). She also suggest that dandelions should be appreciated as they provide sustenance to monarch butterflys until milkweed blooms later in the season. Spring is here in Elmira. I used to weed by hand but age is making that tougher. Can I resist peer pressure from the neighbours who take a lot of pride in their lawns?

Saturday, May 10, 2014


The above title is referring to public consultation surrounding the Elmira 1989 "water crisis". By the way I have recently been sending documents to the former environmental reporter for the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, namely Bob Burtt. Various guilty parties to the above title have been working hard to have their preferred version of history safely ensconced in the book about Elmira/Uniroyal that Bob is writing. Yours truly is giving Bob the more accurate (and unsavoury) version and I remain hopeful that he, similar to myself, can overcome decades of reliance and confidence in one of the parties. Once more I am going to praise Dr. Henry Regier for his astute character insights into Susan & Wilf years before I understood. I mention Wilf even though last evening I received for the first time a letter he wrote to CPAC six years ago. While once again apparently following the lead of Jaimie Connolly (M.O.E.) nevertheless Wilf's May 15, 2008 letter addressed to CPAC members, but only sent to Pat McLean CPAC Chair (this is important) is a barnburner.

Wilf Ruland's (hydrogeologist) letter is seven pages long. His first paragraph describes numerous reports that he is commenting on including Conestoga Rovers (CRA) 2005, 2006 & 2007 DNAPL Reports. Wilf also mentions a January 17, 2008 letter re the November 5, 2008 Investigation Meeting Action Items. It is possible that this is yet one more document intentionally kept hidden from some stakeholders. While Wilf's letter is astounding in his turnaround on on-site DNAPL remediation, he still on page six covers his butt by going to his fallback position of saying for sure there is residual DNAPL on site while possibly only minor pools of free phase DNAPL. This is contrary to what his mentor (Dr. John Cherry) told him, Susan, Pat & myself sixteen months earlier. Also on page seven Wilf reverts back to his position about not letting DNAPL remediation compete for personnel time or resources needed for other priorities, presumably off-site hydraulic containment. Wilf you are a hydrogeologist not a time study engineer or accountant. Please quit sucking up to CRA, Chemtura and the M.O.E. by trying to suck and blow simultaneously.

On page two Wilf states " places where there is good evidence suggesting the possible presence of pure-phase DNAPLs and or LNAPLs, active measures should be undertaken to remove or nuetralize these contaminant sources as soon as reasonably feasible.". On page three Wilf states "A feasibility study be done in 2008 by Chemtura (with a report back to CPAC by December 2008) of the possibility of using directional drilling techniques to install "horizantal purge wells" in areas of known DNAPL presence (where soil excavation is not feasible) in TPW2.'. Wilf recommends on page four "An investigation (which may include geophysics or soil gas measurements) of the potential for additional drums to be present in any other parts of Area M-2, with removal of any drums found. The investigation should be completed by June 2009.". Further at the bottom of page four Wilf suggests "That a major excavation be used in 2008 to eliminate the DNAPL hot spot downgradient of RPE-5 in the vicinity of OW42-4, with every effort being given to trace and eliminate the contamination all the way back to the source.". Holy toxic waste Batman. Are you serious Wilf? Have you had a stroke or an ephinany? This is not the Wilf that Henry and I have complained about. Wilf then goes on to state that after RPE-5 is excavated " likewise eliminate the DNAPL hotspot downgradient of RPE-4 in the vicinity of OW40-6.". Lastly on page five Wilf acknowledges the seriousness of the contamination around the Main Tank Farm (MTF) in the west central area of the site. Wilf refers to free phase LNAPLs being found. I'm a little skeptical as I felt that they were below the water table thus more likely being DNAPLS. Regardless Wilf recommends "That Chemtura assess the feasibility of installing a shallow groundwater cut-off trench (to the bottom of UA1) to intercept LNAPL and other contaminants on the downgradient side of the main tank farm. The assessment should be completed by June 2009." Again why put the cut-off trench to the BOTTOM of Upper Aquifer 1 (UA1) if you're after LNAPL? LNAPL floats on TOP of the water table, it doesn't sink through aquifers to the bottom of them like DNAPL does. Is this Wilf sucking up to CRA's sensibilities around free phase DNAPLS again?

Jaimie Connolly's May 2, 2008 letter was addressed to Jeff Merriman (Chemtura) and distributed to CRA, other M.O.E. personnel and the CPAC secretary (Corrinne Shuh) and the CPAC Chair (Pat McLean). I was specifically excluded a copy by the CPAC Chair despite being an active stakeholder for eighteen years and a formal CPAC member up until approximately two months earlier. Then we have Wilf's May 15, 2008 letter described herein. It was addressed to CPAC members care of the CPAC Chair Pat Mclean. Well she took care of it alright. Not only I didn't get it but when Corrinne Shuh a month or two ago went looking for it, in Woolwich Township's CPAC archives, she couldn't find it. This just gets curiouser and curiouser. So how many other major documents have honest citizen activists and stakeholders been denied over the last 2 1/2 decades? This is not public consultation so much as public deception. I blame Chemtura first and foremost as they've long dabbled and lobbied in all things UPAC/CPAC through Woolwich Council. This includes them having serious input into Council appointments and removals from CPAC. A naive, uninformed or biased Council are ripe for Chemtura lobbying, including lobbying through senior Township staff. This is the charade of public consultation when the polluter has any say or input into that process.

Friday, May 9, 2014


Impressive! Three Chemtura stories in this week's Elmira Independent. "Revisiting Elmira's water crisis", "Chemtura pilot test moves forward", and "Chemtura to revisit GP1 and GP2". As of right now they aren't yet on-line so I can't link to them. The first one is in regards to Jane's Walk and was intended to remind locals that the water issue is still going on. That alone is worthy of commendation. Also the part of the story headlined "Creek Health" was excellent. I will pick a bone with Gail Martin's friendly exaggeration that Susan Bryant regularily attends CPAC meetings. Recently Susan and Pat McLean have taken turns alternately attending public CPAC meetings. For the first 1 1/2 - 2 years they avoided this CPAC like the plague. Secondly Bryant has suggested that subsequent managers to Dr. David Ash have been much more willing to work together on the cleanup. That's basically horse manure. It does a disservice to Dr. Ash while giving undeserved credit to the following managers who simply do what U.S. Chemtura tells them to do. 

The "Chemtura pilot test..." article refers to In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO) being tested in Elmira to assist in the off-site cleanup of the aquifers. Chemtura/CRA claim that their tests with a compound known as Fenton's Reagent have proven sucessful with both NDMA and Chlorobenzene. This is more than a little strange. Fenton's is well known to work well on chlorobenzene. Neither it nor any other ISCO chemicals have a sucessful history, that I am aware of, with NDMA. Once again Conestoga Rovers are saying trust us it will work. Well guess what? I don't trust you one inch due to your history of client driven drivel. Please provide the chemical equations showing the breakdown of NDMA by Fenton's Reagant as well as any scientific literature showing that NDMA can be broken down by ISCO. Let me rephrase that. Real scientific literature by an unbiased party other than yourselves. Yours truly is also quoted in Gail Martin's article expressing concern that the promised tripling of off-site pumping hasn't started yet. In fact to date all they've done is lower their target pumping rates a little.

The third article regarding revisiting GP1 and GP2 is interesting. We were taken by surprise and thus didn't have any questions ready. First off which persistent and toxic compound are they going back in to reduce? Is it DDT or Dioxins? Secondly where and what were the concentrations found? Thirdly, using extreme deception and visual manipulation they enhanced the alleged lack of toxic contaminants in GP2 and thus only excavated (1 foot ie. .3 metre) in GP1. They also most probably lied by claiming that their $2.5 million cleanup was voluntary. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment specialize in backroom, private, shady "deals" while publicly trumpeting public consultation. All the scientific evidence points to just one more coverup in a long history of pollution coverups on this site, all enabled by the Ontario M.O.E..

Thursday, May 8, 2014


I downloaded this article from on-line written by Aly Walonsky/Beauty High. The title is "The ingredients you probably didn't realize are in your hair products". It is downright scary and for me further indicates the vast underestimation of human exposures to toxic chemicals. I know how much chemical crap is in our drinking water. I'm learning a little bit about what's in our food and I've long known how badly contaminated our air is. Pharmaceuticals of course are another major route of exposure to chemicals, but hair products. Wow!

Sodium Laurel Sulfate: SLS is what causes the foaming lather in many shampoos. SLS is a surfactant, emulisifier and a harsh detergent added to shampoos, hair dyes, makeup, toothpaste, mouth wash, hand soaps and laundry detergents. One unwanted product within it is 1,4 dioxane a suspected carcinogen currently being treated for and hopefully removed from the Greenbrook Wellfield in Kitchener.

Polyethylene Glycol(PEG): It is very hard on the hair and I think it's the same stuff as your car radiator antifreeze.

Mineral Oil: Yes it's produced from petrochemicals just like your car engine oil.

Diethanolamine (DEA) or Triethanolamine (TEA): They can cause scalp irritation and bad allergic reactions in some people.

Methylparaben and Propylparaben: These are skin irritants and can affect hormonal balance. They are used to prolong the shelf life of the product.

Formaldehyde; It's in some hair shampoos and is a carcinogen.

Alcohol: Again in some shampoos it is in excessive amounts and can dry out your hair.

Unfortunately it's all up to the consumer to read the labels and comparison shop. This article doesn't tell you which shampoos are the best or which the worst.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The public meetings with the Citizens Liason Committee and Woolwich Bio-En, as of last evening, are taking place at the Elmira Library on Arthur St.. A concern was expressed again that the Minutes of prior meetings aren't making it onto the Bio-En website prior to the next meeting. That being said the Minutes were e-mailed out to the CLC members prior to the meeting anyways. Earl Brubacher had been certain he'd checked ahead of time and saw them on their website. Bob Jonkman in the visitors gallery advised that he'd checked an hour before the meeting and they weren't available to the public. Bob suggests that what Earl might be seeing are Minutes on the internal Intranet for Woolwich Bio-En versus them getting onto the Internet. Further investigation will ensue.

Earl gave an operations update. Product is being received and the digestor and engines are all running. When running they are now producing power which is going into the grid. There will be a slowdown however as Waterloo North Hydro has advised Bio-En that from May 14 until June 6 they cannot accept electrical output. Therefore Bio-En will be having to flare off their gas for those same three weeks.

A Material Receiving Report was distributed which shows the number of truck movements plus total tonnage of incoming raw material for the month of April. As expected there were significantly more truck movements early on in the month to get operations going than during the last half. We were advised that normally there will be two operators on site on any given day. During off hours there will be remote alarming with one operator always on call for problems or emergencies.

Robert Musselman discussed his research into Incorporation, Letters of Credit and a bank account for the CLC. All areas are quite available on short notice and of course it would be wonderful if Woolwich Township were willing to donate some funds to be matched by Woolwich Bio-En if required for peer reviews. It was clearly explained and understood that Bio-En are willing to match funds for peer reviews but not for costs such as lawyers' fees. There was also an interesting discussion regarding charitable status and the difference between advocating versus lobbying.

The next meeting will be Tuesday June 3/14 at 7 pm., again in the Elmira Library meeting room.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The full quote of the above title is "This report is a fraud being perpetrated upon the citizens of Elmira with the complicity of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.". It is on page six of my August 26, 2007 "Response and Critique of CRA's Aug. 2007 DNAPL Investigation Report". My August 26, 2007 Response and Critique are the real reason that CPAC Chair Pat McLean and Susan Bryant embarked upon their campaign to remove me from CPAC. With or without full approval/authorization from Chemtura, Susan desperately did not want the DNAPL coverup by Chemtura/M.O.E./CRA to be exposed. Afterall Susan had not properly advised APTE back in 1991 about the Indemnity for known contamination (ie. DNAPLS) aspect of the "sweetheart deal"/Settlement Agreement signed between Uniroyal and the M.O.E. on October 7, 1991. She received a copy of it; the media, public and APTE membership and co-ordinators did not. This was Susan's first taste of insider knowledge and intrigue. The direct result was Esther Thur, Richard Clausi and myself leaving APTE in January 1994 over Sylvia Berg's refusal to confront the M.O.E.'s December 10, 1993 acceptance and approval of Uniroyal's 1993 DNAPL report and remediation. Sylvia was APTE's second in command at the time and Susan and Darrol were on sabbatical in India.
Not only did the M.O.E.'s position make no sense but Sylvia Berg's flip flop and rollover was stunning. None of us knew at that time about the Indemnity and sweetheart deal and believe me neither Sylvia nor Susan shared that information. That deception has haunted the cleanup, APTE and the honest Elmira activists ever since. This is one of the reasons I am so adamant that there be no private "technical" meetings, negotiations or under the table deals. Even one or two reps from CPAC are not sufficient as Susan, Pat and Wilf sold the farm again during the approximate 2005-2008 DNAPL technical meetings.

Further comments in my August 26/07 Critique include a discussion of Chemtura's main tank farm (MTF). There was a Borehole (BH-701) on the north-east corner of the MTF as well as a monitoring well and borehole on the south end of the MTF. Both of these yielded astoundly high concentrations of soil, groundwater and even soil vapour readings. There are references to "black staining, sheen, strong odours and trace NAPL". Astoundingly to this day Chemtura maintain the fiction that they don't know if it is LNAPL (light, floating NAPL or dense, sinking NAPL). What a crock!

All kinds of relevant investigations and reporting were prematurely aborted during this "investigation". Whether further Effective Solubilitiy calculations for more chemicals in more wells or more plume maps for all the other DNAPL chemicals; this "investigation" was nothing more than one more step in the DNAPL coverup on the Uniroyal/Chemtura site. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment sold the farm with their October 7, 1991 "sweetheart deal" but it also took two co-opted local citizens to enable it's success. Currently a book is being written about Uniroyal Chemical and the Elmira "crisis". I doubt that the author is aware of or would believe the truth as he too, just like myself, was taken in by a manipulater and deceiver.

Monday, May 5, 2014


Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this story " Imperial Oil suit cost region $260,000". What strikes me is that the way the article is written as well as quotes by regional councillor Jim Wideman; the strong impression is that the Region's big concern for the last seven years has been protecting themselves from legal and financial liability. What I believe may have been given short shrift is the public health aspect. I have posted here on April 3/14, March 8/14 and the biggest posting on March 10/14 dealing with petroleum hydrocarbon contamination in Heidleburg, Ontario. One comment regarding the more comprehensive posting of March 10 is that I believe that benzene is routinely tested for in the Region's Annual Drinking Water Reports. Other innocuous petroleum hydrocarbons such as toluene, Ethylbenzene and xylenes are not.

I will also comment that politics is often a closed club. Is this the very first time that a public newspaper has openly stated that this service station was owned by Bill Strauss, the former Mayor of Woolwich and a regional councillor? As Mr. Strauss is long gone from politics (apparently) it seems that voters have been sucessfully prevented from ever commenting at the polls upon Mr. Strauss's two or more contaminated sites. I'm referring to Heidleburg and the north end of Elmira where he operated an Imperial Oil fuel depot for many years. Then perhaps there may be yet another site; I'm straining my memory here, but Elora or Fergus are ringing a bell.

The bottom line is the past and future health of Heidleburg residents from their drinking water and those residents potentially inhaling fumes from contaminated groundwater (vapour intrusion). No longer can citizens trust their governments to protect them and be proactive. It's all about financial liability and public relations for politicians. This Heidleburg site went on the region's radar when the road under their jurisdiction was being rebuilt in 2007. Residents know that this gas station has been under remediation off and on for twenty years.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

CHEMTURA (ELMIRA) TO ME : "...please confirm that you received this e-mail."

You know if I didn't see the humour in things I would have thrown in the towel decades ago. The request for confirmation of receipt of an e-mail came late yesterday afternoon from Jeff Merriman of Chemtura Canada (Elmira). That was one week after I posted here on April 25/14 (*Responsible Care Ethics & Chemtura Canada) that Jeff had not responded to my e-mail of early February. What is becoming clearer and clearer to me over the last twenty-five years is that Elmira management of this multinational conglomerate are simply the tail on the dog. Waterbury Connecticut, the corporate headquarters, are and always have been doing the wagging. Therefore as corporate headquarters are on this site five days out of five let me address my confirmation to you. Yes Jeff followed orders and responded to my February 3/14 e-mail yesterday. Thank you very much for turning the screws on him. If you are so inclined feel free to also turn the screws on Chemtura Canada's ridiculously client driven consultants, Conestoga Rovers. Their acting skills are top notch including fake outrage when required but their creative hydrogeology is over the top. Also the number of ongoing typos and errors in their reports are an embarassment. Aside from the ones I mentioned in my February 3/14 e-mail there are more in their 2013 Annual Monitoring Report Volume 1, Figures (subsurface Cross-Sections). If asked nicely I would be happy to point them out to you.

As a longtime stakeholder working and or living in Woolwich Township/Elmira since the mid 1980's, who has been intimately involved in groundwater issues and industrial pollution in Waterloo Region as well as in Elmira (Varnicolor & Uniroyal); I find the attitude of your local employees to be strange. While they are again tuning up for a verification by the Chemical Industry Association of Canada (CIAC) under the *Responsible Care banner; they are still playing games with public consultation. Approximately two years ago Jeff and co. actually advised CPAC that they hadn't responded to my allegations of free phase DNAPL behind Varnicolor (beside the Elmira water tower) because I wasn't a CPAC member at the time and CPAC hadn't demanded a response. Further games would include the very same "community rep" Pat Mclean who voted in favour of Chemtura's verification last time being directly responsible for my removal from CPAC in 2008. That she was travelling across North America at the time on expenses paid trips for the CIAC's *Responsible Care program was absolutely kept secret from CPAC members including myself. Imagine my surprise a couple of years later to learn that she was simultaneously working for two masters. Ostensibly on behalf of Woolwich Township as CPAC Chair and simultaneously on behalf of the chemical industry. The second one paid far better than the first.

Your local affiliate have stretched credibility and gamesmanship beyond all boundaries. More importantly they've been caught. Your Elmira ship is fast filling with polluted water and going down.

Friday, May 2, 2014


Today's Elmira Independent carrys a brief article titled "Cleanup Criteria". I tried to link to it but all I could get was a February 13/14 story by Gail Martin titled "CPAC requests Ministry to clarify cleanup criteria". Today's article indicates that George Karlos, the assistant director for the West Central Region of the M.O.E., has advised the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee that the process for specific cleanup criteria has been started.

This of course is over half way through the alleged thirty year cleanup. The off-site pumping started more than fifteen years ago (summer of 1998) and is supposed to be completed in just over fourteen years (2028). Strange isn't it that nobody promoting this fiasco thought to deliver hard criteria. These criteria aren't just the actual Ontario Drinking Water Standards for all contaminants. Steve Martindale (M.O.E.) has confirmed that which I've known for years namely that municipalities in Ontario routinely draw drinking water from contaminated sources. Contrary to Steve's claims that they would only draw water upgradient from contamination; both in Waterloo and Cambridge they draw industrially polluted water from the Middleton Wellfield (Cambridge) immediately beside Trichloroethylene contamination (Canadian General Tower) and the William St Wellfield (Waterloo) downgradient of Sunar and Canbar TCE contamination. In West Montrose whose source water is badly contaminated with Coliform and E.Coli bacteria the Region of Waterloo simply chlorinate/chloraminate the daylights out of the source water in a desperate attempt to disinfect it. Toxic by-products of this disinfection include Trihalomethanes and NDMA.

So here in Elmira we wait with bated breath for the latest water outrage. You know and I know what's going to happen. Eric Hodgins, the designated denier for the R. of W. has already advised CPAC that the Region will be in no hurry to startup Elmira's wellfields even if they are given the green light. He's talking environmental assessments and five year monitoring plans looking for contaminant rebound after the pumping and treating stop. This is primarily bullshit as neither he nor we know how desperate the Region will be for water in 2028. Between climate change/global warming and God help us a long proposed Lake Erie Pipeline or not, Elmira's water may be desperately needed. In that case all the idiotic authorities will begin pumping water regardless from Elmira's aquifers. They will make excuses such as Steve's that the remaining contamination is down gradient or they will proclaim a breakthrough in water treatment technology making contamination moot. In other words our politicians and authorities will do exactly what they do best. They will lie like dogs to the public.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Language, terminology and criteria. It's like pre-trial Motions. You attempt to limit and focus debate to your advantage. Conestoga Rovers (CRA) essentially redefine words for their own uses. Direct and indirect evidence are their invention and definition. They have been criticized for these abuses of the English language repeatedly.

Fake criteria are their specialty notwithstanding the attempt to switch the 1% Solubility Rule with 10% by an earlier consultant. CRA seem to love their self declared 10,000 ug/g (ie. parts per million) criteria. Quoting the Region of Waterloo in 1993 " The fact that DNAPL is present in this area and that the soil samples are at concentrations of less than 10,000 ug/g disproves the theory that soil quality greater than 10,000 ug/g is an indication of DNAPL. This argument was used by Dames and Moore without success.".

Regarding CRA's inability to properly calculate Effective Solubility, while significant isn't the whole story. Effective Solubility refers to multiple contaminants simultaneously dissolved in groundwater versus lab or aqueous Solubilty which refers to but one contaminant dissolved in a litre of pure water. Quoting my Report "At the same time it should not be ignored that we have a breakthrough here. Regardless of the method of calculation, we have after approximately 16 years, an admission that the whole prior basis for calculating either the 10% solubility rule (Brian Beatty) or the 1% aqueous solubility rule is effectively bogus. Either former criteria dramatically reduces and minimizes the likelihood of evidence pointing to the presence of either residual or free phase DNAPL."

Unbiased experts, untainted by personal financial and professional gain, have clearly stated in direct contravention to CRA/Chemtura's self serving positions, that decades of groundwater flushing will dissolve residual DNAPL long before free phase DNAPL fully dissolves. Professor's J.Cherry and B.Parker have indicated this in their professional writings which they provided to me as well as in a personal interview. That Ruland, Mclean and Bryant have virtually refused to publicly speak about that meeting in January 2007 speaks volumes. Their public silence or perhaps even private comments regarding it are likely due to Susan Bryant's humiliation of having agreed to allowing Uniroyal Chemical's Indemnity for on site known contamination, including DNAPLS, to stand. She should have screamed that Indemnity to APTE co-ordinators, members and the public. She chose not to. Instead she has actively aided and abetted Uniroyal/Chemtura in their decades long DNAPL coverup.

My August 2007 critique also speaks similarily to recent comments made at a CPAC meeting by member Ron Campbell. He disagreed with CRA's longstanding claims that either stable or decreasing concentraions of dissolved DNAPL chemicals in a hydraulically contained aquifer somehow proved a lack of Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPL) nearby. To date CRA as usual have refused to provide any literature searches or honest scientifc support for their self serving alleged statements of fact.

I also commented seven years ago in regards to exceedingly high groundwater concentrations of DNAPL chemicals on the Yara site. Recall that Jaimie Connolly and Wilf suggested in 2006 that free phase DNAPL was present off the Chemtura site on their neighbour's property (Yara/Nutrite). CRA in their 2007 DNAPL Investigation Report suggested that no it was just high dissolved concentrations that had leaked from their south-west corner (M2 area). Then in an incredible bit of tortured and twisted logic CRA stated that "continued" hydraulic containment on their site would reduce these high off-site concentrations. CRA's vaunted municipal aquifer hydraulic containment has been ongoing since January 1992.

There is lots more but this gives you the readers the idea.