Thursday, May 18, 2023


 Luisa D'Amato as a reporter with the Waterloo Region Record has literally decades of experience dealing with and reporting on the WRDSB (Waterloo Region District School Board). I would rate her as being extremely fair, calm and measured in her reporting over the decades. Gosh, balanced would also be a good description. 

Today's Opinion piece by Luisa is titled "Public school trustees show anti-democratic colours in filling board vacancies". Luisa indicates her support for three trustees namely Bill Cody, Mike Ramsay and Cindy Watson who all argued that the runner ups in last fall's election should be appointed to the two now open positions occasioned by a health problem for one and the sudden and unexpected death of another. These three make the excellent point that the voting public made their wishes known only six months ago and that those runner ups are the next persons that the public want as their representatives. This would result in Wendy Woodhall being appointed in Waterloo-Wilmot and Jen Burkholder in Woolwich-Wellesley.

Luisa refers to the rest of the WRDSB's decision to go through an appointment's process as "...breathtaking in its' arrogance." She also stated that "...most other trustees decided they know better than the people who pay the bills, take the time to educate themselves and vote." Her final sentence is in regards to the sacred trust of elections and voting. She strongly advises that "Public school trustees are now moving forward with actions that express contempt for that trust."

While I agree with Luisa's position could it be remotely possible that the WRDSB trustees are merely being provocative and actually are going to appoint the runner ups? I hope that happens but their decision making record doesn't lead to that happy conclusion. 

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