Saturday, May 13, 2023


 It sure looks that way to me. In protest and disgust I skipped the last public TAG (Technical Advisory Group) meeting at which I've been advised that the excess chlorobenzene in the Elmira Aquifers was also mentioned. The way that Ramin calmly and factually advised TAG, Woolwich Council, the Woolwich Observer and the public at the RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) meeting two days ago was stunning and shocking. As somewhat was Jason Rice's (Min. of Environment/MECP) rebuttal or perhaps merely throwing water on the idea of additional significant polluters in Elmira, Ontario.

Without any doubt Varnicolor Chemical leads the parade of likely environmental pigs courtesy of the efforts of myself, Rich Clausi, Susan RUPERT and Ted Oldfield. Nutrite (Yara/SNC Lavalin) is also a known contributor of ammonia to the Municipal Upper Aquifer. 

Here's what I think. Lanxess Canada are getting private pushback from the Ontario Min. of Environment (MECP) regarding Lanxess's absolutely biased, illogical and contemptible Risk Assessment of the Canagagigue Creek. The MECP are having a hard time selling no downstream cleanup even to friendly opposition such as TAG. As a result Ramin and Lanxess are publicly tweaking the MECP about their past but gross failures to apprehend any of the other major polluters in Elmira. In fact it was my stepping forward with assistance from APTE members that caused the tipping point with Varnicolor Chemical. The MECP did their very best to criticize, denigrate and muzzle my input but combined with my inside source, even years later, we were able to get multiple serious environmental convictions againt Varnicolor Chemical. 

Conestoga Rovers and Uniroyal/Chemtura flatly denied the presence of free phase DNAPL at OW57-32 west of the Varnicolor site, near the water tower. Unfortunately for them that was after they had quietly reported it in their monthly Progress Reports. They, Chemtura and the MECP must have breathed a sigh of relief when neither I nor any other CPAC members initially did not pick up on it. Fortunately later I did and brought it to the original/old CPAC who weren't that interested to my surprise at the time. That of course was when Pat & Susan were firmly in control of CPAC.

The documentation was clear as was the denial, obfuscations and distractions by CRA, MECP and Chemtura regarding free phase DNAPL 100 feet below ground surface. Keep in mind this was years prior to Dr. Neil Thompson publicly advising about the excess chlorobenzene in the Elmira Aquifers. One thing I have learned is how well professional liars can pivot when new facts undermine their old lies.

I believe that Lanxess want a mostly free ride regarding the Canagagigue Creek Risk Assessment. The very gutless and corrupt  Ontario Ministry of Environment will not publicly confront Lanxess Canada over the issue. It's business as usual with the province (MECP) negotiating behind closed doors with the polluter versus actually involving the public in discussions and negotiations. Once again public consultation is all about lip service and public relations not about honesty, transparency and accountability. Quoting famous environmentalist Pat Potter :  "THEY ALL LIE !" 

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