Tuesday, May 16, 2023


Dr. Henry Regier sent an excellent e-mail missive to a number of Woolwich Township folks recently in which he properly comes to the defence of the very innocent (mostly) and very tasty pig.  How thoughtless of me to call Uniroyal, Nutrite, Varnicolor Chemical and some of their unheralded local brethern environmental pigs. 

Speaking of calling local polluters environmental pigs inappropriately (to the pigs) what can you say about the lack of on-site pumping of the Municipal Upper and Municipal Lower Aquifers on the Lanxess site last month? Pumping wells PW4 and PW5 pumped a grand total of 3.4 litres per second when their stated and written Target Rate is 4.7 l/sec. What this clearly means to us mere mortals, unblessed with either physic powers or magic wands is that contaminated deep groundwater is leaking off of the Lanxess site further guaranteeing an even longer timespan to clean the Elmira drinking water aquifers. 

Fortunately for Lanxess, the Ontario MECP does not seem willing to criticize them no matter what they do or don't do. Lanxess's bought and paid for apologists claim that everything is just dandy. They claim that they have a vested interest in not losing hydraulic containment. I don't believe a word of it. They are either getting ready to cut and run unilaterally or they are getting ready to cut and run with MECP public approval. Either way both Woolwich taxpayers/residents and the environment are getting screwed. 

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