Friday, May 19, 2023


 Yesterday's page 3 article titled "Chlorobenzene spike latest mystery for environmental watchdog" written by Leah Gerber is excellent. She advises readers of the first professionally acknowledged admission that there might well be another source for chlorobenzene in the Elmira Aquifers above and beyond Uniroyal Chemical. That acknowledgement came from Dr. Neil Thompson (U. of Waterloo) who had been hired by Chemtura to write a full and proper Conceptual Site Model (CSM) versus what Dr. Richard Jackson, the first TAG Chair, who had referred to CRA's CSM as a "cartoon".

Ms. Gerber also gives readers a good background analysis of the uses of chlorobenzene including for paints and dyestuffs. Guess who that specifically points to in Elmira's industrial history? My first educated guess would be either Borg Textiles or Varnicolor Chemical both located at Howard Ave. and Union St. with Borg on the south side of Howard Ave. and Varnicolor on the north side. Both of these companies were located south of Uniroyal/Lanxess Canada. Unfortunately there are other possibilities as well.

Is this all ancient history or do we need to know who the source is? We need to know because it is an unbelievable act of gross negligence for the Ontario Ministry of Environment to pick and choose which companies get free passes environmentally versus which ones pay the piper including formal charges. It also is unacceptable for the MOE/MECP to target one company and then make sweetheart deals with that company that are not in the public interest. 

All facets of this coverup by Uniroyal, MOE, Woolwich Twn., Region of Waterloo etc. need to become public. If the Woolwich Observer want to sink their teeth into a real local scandal then here is their opportunity. Free phase DNAPL was found north of Borg and west of Varnicolor near the Elmira water tower approximately 100 feet below ground in well OW57-32 around 2006 and brought to CPAC for discussion by myself. It was inappropriately and falsely dismissed by CRA, Chemtura and the MOE at the time. Now Lanxess are having second thoughts whereas the Ministry (MECP) seem to want to continue the coverup.  

It is time for the full truth around the 1989 Elmira Water Crisis to come out.

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