Monday, May 22, 2023


Kelly Donovan and Angie Rivers are two former police officers fighting lonely battles. An entire group of other women police officers filed a class action suit against the Waterloo Regional Police which the courts cheerfully threw out. Are our local courts firmly in bed with our other local power structures? Does the blue wall exist in policing? Are some of the teachers' unions in bed with their own school boards? Have the Waterloo Region District School Board been discredited due to their ongoing harassment of both teachers and parents who disagree with some of their Woke attitudes and policies? 

Why have our regional councillors not been tarred with the same brush as the WRDSB? In particular what about our female regional councillors who conveniently forget their gender when it does not personally help them advance? How about the women representatives, including regional councilllors, on the Police Services Board? They actually have some power but heaven forbid they squander their political capitol on a worthy cause that should be close to their own hearts. Yes they've succeeded albeit against the odds. They too have abandoned  doing the right thing in order to insulate their own progress.

Last Saturday's Waterloo Region Record carried another article about the trials and difficulties that Angie Rivers, former police officer, has gone through trying to defend her human rights. Funny but mostly, not solely, males on the Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) view her human rights as somehow a wall to their own. Is it as simple as they do not want to have to compete for privileges and promotions with the female part of the Police Service ? Is this similar to white, male police officers not wanting to have to compete with black and brown officers? If so it sure shows the entitlement, laziness and lack of confidence of so many of them.

In Terry Pender's Record article last Saturday he listed a number of what appear to be petty complaints and write-ups that Ms. Rivers received as an officer. This is standard operating procedure in any insular and poorly trained workplace. Sometimes the employer, owners and management actually promote internal bickering and undermining of staff hoping to keep the focus off their own weaknesses and drawbacks. In other words fight each other versus getting together and fighting the stupidity and rot at the top. Meanwhile our politicians do what they've always done which is to protect the status quo by occasionally putting bandages over open wounds rather than actually solving serious problems. This also entails sacrificing many good people along the way not for the good of the organization so much as for the benefit of those at the top.  

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