Monday, May 1, 2023


 This is exactly why citizens withdraw from any kind of public life, public service and or even public comment on issues. Thirty three years ago the Elmira public were appropriately outraged with their local and provincial politicians, Ministry of Environment (MOE/MECP) and Uniroyal Chemical. Decades of falsehoods, obfuscations, ignored criticisms of serious pollution all came home to bite our so called authorities and elected politicians. However all the guilty parties got together and rewrote history as best they could. They also pretended to listen to local, involved citizens who demanded to be part of the solution. Then slowly but inexorably our authorities one step at a time reestablished control and authority over the entire cleanup/remediation process. They did it primarily through dishonesty and obfuscation backed up by technical "experts" conveniently getting paid by the polluter them self.

TAG members and others knew what occurred at the March TAG meeting and how I was intentionally isolated amd made to wait before entering the virtual TAG meeting. The e-mail I sent to all the Woolwich councillors including mayor Shantz was also later sent to CPAC and TAG members. Yes CPAC ,members have commented to me about it but so far other than Sebastian (CPAC & TAG member) not a peep from the other members, the Chair (Tiffany Svensson) and sure as heck not from mayor Shantz or the councillors yet. That said I did hear from one councillor, to their credit, prior to the TAG meeting when I wasn't even sure if I was getting in at all. 

Truly incredible that public consultation has deteriorated to such a degree although there is some pushback occurring with a review of RAC & TAG procedures underway. Thank goodness although frankly Lanxess and the Min. of Environment (MECP) have let this self-serving situation go on for far too long. There is absolutely zero credibility in their claims of open and full public consultation. I believe that some day jokes will be made regarding token public consultation by referring to it as "Elmira style" public consultation. All credit to Sandy, MECP and Lanxess for more shame and embarassment being put upon our home and township.  



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