Thursday, May 25, 2023


 It's become an incestuous relationship. Talk about being in bed together. Governments are supposed to be regulators not babysitters concerned with their "client's" best interests. Similarly corporation's duties are to follow the laws, rules and regulations not to be a political partner of governments by assisting them  with helpful public relations. This is why books have been written about polluters "capturing" their regulators.

There is an interesting phenomenon going on right now in Elmira and area. We, the public, do not know for certain who all have contributed to the chlorobenzene, NDMA, toluene, benzene, xylenes etc. in the Municipal Aquifers in Elmira, Ontario. Similarly we, the public, do not know who have contributed the PCBs and mercury to the Canagagigue Creek sediments and downstream soils. Just as we know for certain that Uniroyal Chemical did dump NDMA and chlorobenzene into the Elmira Aquifers we also know that they directly and indirectly dumped DDT and dioxins into the Creek.  Who is responsible for the mercury and PCBs however? There are upstream companies who are known to have had PCBs on their property yet oddly enough the Ontario MECP appear to have given them a free pass. Why?

We know why the MECP gave other in town companies a free pass for their contributions to the Elmira Aquifers. This included Nutrite (Yara) and Varnicolor Chemical although of course yours truly, with assistance, dragged both Varnicolor and the MECP into the public spotlight and eventually the courts. Many other local companies got off scot free. This assisted Uniroyal's local reputation as well as the MOE/MECP's as they could pretend that there were only a couple of bad apples in town versus just about everybody. That made a corrupt and incompetent MOE/MECP look far better than they deserved.

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