Thursday, May 4, 2023


 "Turnaround is fair play". "What comes around goes around". Both of those quotes apply. Now I've been involved with chatting with students in their educational setting, off and on for years. I do it because frankly social media and our mainstream media (newspapers, T.V., radio) don't talk about local pollution often enough in my opinion. Yes the "Elmira Water Crisis" was national and international news back in the day (1989-1992) but the crisis continues. We do not have our own local water in our taps as promised and likely will not for many decades more if ever. Similarly the Canagagigue Creek is a mess with Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and more in the Creek sediments, soils, fish and other mostly untested lifeforms further up the food chain. Finally the former Uniroyal Chemical site (now Lanxess Canada) is still a disgusting mess albeit mostly underground and out of sight.

Even without the public relations efforts of Uniroyal/Crompton/Chemtura/Lanxess I would volunteer for these educational efforts to inform the next generations. Knowing however how actively corporate polluters like to have their cake and eat it too, my continued speaking out along with my colleagues (CPAC +) feels very rewarding. I have learned over the decades exactly how much I despise lying from politicians, lawyers, intellectual prostitutes, and our various authority figures whether bureaucratic or political. If I am able to throw any sand whatsoever into the well oiled gears of professional liars who somehow think that lying is O.K. if it is done to garner votes, or money for the corporation's bottom line; then I am doing my job. Yes I understand that there is and has been a cost to doing that but clearly it's one I've been willing (sort of) to pay. 

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