Saturday, May 30, 2015


While it's been admitted and stated by both Mark Bauman and Mayor Shantz even before the January 2015 CPAC meeting; nevertheless their ongoing private discussions with Chemtura Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment regarding reforming/mellowing/emasculating CPAC are a public travesty and abomination. CPAC represent the public and were appointed by the last Council to do exactly that. That this Council would speak privately about CPAC and CPAC public issues behind their backs is an act of cowardice and public treachery. That the rest of Council have not stopped this filthy, dispicable behaviour reflects on their lack of intelligence and ethics.

Both Dr. Dan Holt and Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach discused Council's abuse of process in neither reappointing the old CPAC yet nor appointing a new one. This CPAC are being intentionally kept in limbo and treated shabbily by Council. Ron Campbell pointed out that the so called "technical" meetings with Chemtura/CRA/MOE absolutely do not solely require hydrogeologist credentials in order to effectively participate. In fact that is the point. Chemtura do not want CPAC to effectively participate in any fashion whatsoever.

The M.O.E. had requested $1,628 from CPAC in exchange for them providing financial data regarding the off-site cleanup of the Elmira Aquifers. Their Freedom of Information response demanding money in exchange for informing CPAC and the public as to how much of the public's money is being spent on the cleanup is disgusting and yet so typical of M.O.E. behaviour.

George Karlos of the M.O.E. had informed CPAC that they would wait up to two years for lab results from soil or sediment samples in and around Canagagigue Creek. Graham Chevreau of CPAC indicates that the Chemtura site is probably the worst contaminated site in Ontario and should be an M.O.E. priority. He will be getting samples taken professionally and analysed by an accredited lab within a week. His opinion is that the Onatrio M.O.E. are showing a reckless and wanton disregard for public health and safety.

Ron Campbell of CPAC was on a committee years ago that was looking at the possibility of Ontario adopting American principles concerning remediation of contaminated sites. This was of course referencing CERCLA & SARA? better known as "Superfund" sites. He also indicated that Conestoga Rovers (CRA), Chemtura's consultants are fully knowledgable regarding the U.S. cleanup principles. Afterall they made their reputation based at the first Superfund site namely the Love Canal.

Viveienne Delaney of CPAC spoke to CPAC regarding citizens' task forces at the Pine River site in St. Louis Michigan. The task force was given equal status and standing with the experts and other parties. Vivienne also discussed IPEN an organization assisting giving a voice to citizens with environmental problems around the world. A major part of IPEN's public education deals with Persistent Organic Pollutants or POPs. Apparently it is NGOs or Non Governmental Organizations which lead the way demanding both environmental and health studies where required.

Sebastian had quite a discussion/speech to the public and CPAC regarding the culture and climate around public consultation here in Canada. He indicated that it was clear that UPAC/CPAC were set up 24 years ago to fail the public interest. They were set up to be strictly a cosmetic body cheerleading the professionals at Chemtura, CRA and the M.O.E.. He personally has seen over the last four years how those three bodies have been building a resentment to CPAC's impertinence in actually believing that they had some right or even authority to question pronouncements from on high. Sebastian went on to say that in Canada versus the U.S. the populous movement is resented by the authorities and the elites. They simply do not want any power or influence whatsoever to flow to the people as a whole except every four years or so for five minutes when they are voting. In my words, citizens please vote and then f... off until the next election.

Richard Clausi (EH-Team) spoke at the Public Forum section of the Agenda. He expressed his skepticism that there would be any kind of an honest process regarding the private by invitation only alleged "technical" meetings. He also suggested that if Peter Gray (MTE) were to attend he should be permitted to hire a person with a historical background to accompany him such as one Alan Marshall BA (U. of Waterloo 1974) to assist him with overall perspective and analysis.

Lisa MacDonald also spoke at the Public Forum section of the Agenda. She indicated how well committees functioned and were respected during the tenure of the last Council versus the current one. She questioned Woolwich Townships commitment to following written Rules and Procedures such as committee Terms of Reference and even the Townships own Procedural By-laws.

Ken Jensen also spoke at the Public Forum section of the Agenda. Overall CPAC attendance by the public is definitely higher over the last four years versus any other time period. He has personal professional experience with Superfund sites in the U.S. and advised how they are driven by local residents. He indicated that Canada and the U.S. are poles apart and that the U.S. are in a completely different and superior league than Canada in cleaning up industrially contaminated sites. Obvious conflicts of interest as we have here in Elmira are stopped cold via the Superfund process. Client driven consultants and or their friends and colleagues do not drive the cleanups. My words are that here our Councils have embraced both professional and amateur conflicts of interest. According to Ken in the U.S. there are intentionally two adversarial sides of approximate equal strength involved and the truth eventually wins out. The system here in Ontario with the polluter, his consultants and a tame M.O.E. all on the same side is a farce. Here the best citizens can do is to attempt to win the Public Relations battle.

Friday, May 29, 2015


Last evening CPAC held their fifth public meeting in Woolwich Council Chambers with neither Chemtura nor the Ontario Ministry of Environment (M.O.E.) present. While it is exhiliarating not having to deal with their neverending deceit and obfuscations, obviously they are expected by the public to be present to present their versions of reality and to respond to questions and comments.

Besides public input via my Delegation at the start of the meeting there was also via Public Forum at the end, comments made by Lisa MacDonald, Richard Clausi and myself. CPAC members debated a number of issues arising from the extraordinarily bad behaviour of Woolwich Township over the last six months. These included the Township's wish to use Peter Gray of MTE Consultants to represent themselves in private by invitation only meetings with Chemtura, Conestoga Rovers and the M.O.E.. CPAC again made it very clear that in no way imaginable was Peter Gray attending these private meetings representing CPAC. They also made it clear that while Peter's expertise and reports were vital last October and this spring nevertheless Peter, on his own, was outgunned and overmatched when sitting down with multiple hydrogeologists who had spent over twenty years specifically on the Chemtura file. The opportunities for them to bullshit and bafflegab him with data that he has not seen nor reviewed are endless.

Another issue discussed and debated by CPAC was Woolwich CAO, David Brenneman's e-mail to CPAC advising that Woolwich Council had decided to extend CPAC's term of office by another three months until September 1, 2015. While his phone call to CPAC Chair Dr. Dan Holt appeared to be requesting that CPAC continue on, his e-mail simply advised of Council's decision. Debate was vigorous as the brass and gall of Woolwich Council, in the light of six months of a reprehensible smear campaign by one Woolwich Councillor plus Mayor, was beyond belief. Normally when an elected body or any group in authority request an extension of a term of office it is construed as a vote of confidence in the group they wish to carry on. CPAC's quiet strength and determination has been evidenced by their fortitude during this period of both verbal and written attack (April 9/15 "meeting minutes") by Councillor Bauman and Mayor Shantz.

CPAC member Ron Campbell expressed it best when he stated that CPAC should advise Woolwich Council that they believed according to their Terms of Reference as well as the Woolwich Procedural By-Laws that they CPAC were already into their second term and expected to complete this second four year term as per the specific terms in these accepted and agreed upon documents. The overall response was that CPAC would carry on despite the failure of Council to formally reappoint them in a timely manner. Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach was very clear in his condemnation of Woolwich Council's grotesquely disrespectful behaviour towards the Woolwich citizens volunteering their time on this committee. He and others were frankly skeptical of Council's intentions and motivations regarding this three month extension.

Supposedly Mark Bauman was restored yesterday to Council via Justice Grant Campbell of Superior Court in Kitchener. Of course I have to ask the obvious question namely how do you get restored when the Township allegedly never removed him in the first place? Secondly as previously mentioned here the document (Notice of Default) given to Mark and presumably Justice Campbell appeared on the surface to be flawed as it was missing the penalty of immediate forfeiture of office. Compounding these bizarre goings on is yesterdays late evening e-mail to CPAC by Mark Bauman, resigning from CPAC due to a bad /sour taste in his mouth from the last eight days. Possibly Mark noticed the underwhelming support from CPAC for his predicament or is this just another part of the Township's game plan? Time will very soon tell the tale.

Graham Chevreau gave an astounding presentation last evening. He had prepared a report with overhead slides and pictures regarding a grossly contaminated site in St. Louis Michigan formally known as the Velsicol plant among other names. This chemical factory producing DDT as well as brominated flame retardants is located alongside the Pine River which flows into lake Huron. Graham highlighted both the amazing similarities with our very own Chemtura Canada plant as well as the astounding differences in the remediation of the two sites. The Velsicol plant has had extensive source removal, in situ treatment (both thermal and chemical oxidation) and hydraulic containment. Their Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPL) have been vigorously delineated and removed to all extents possible.

The differences and extent of remediation at the U.S. plant are a stark reality check to the excuses and deception Elmira citizens have received here from Chemtura, Conestoga Rovers and the Ontario M.O.E..

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Yesterday I posted that Woolwich had screwed up their Notice of Default to Mark Bauman. Today at 10 am. they and Mark were in courtroom 506 Superior Court with Mark and his lawyers as Applicants and Woolwich Township as Respondents. I did recognize the one young Woolwich lawyer. What a joke in that there was no one in opposition present much less informed as to today's courtroom appearance. I got there about 10:06 am. and the Decision had been made. The Judge and courtroom were quiet as I entered probably for a minute or two. Several Woolwich Staff including the Clerk were all present at the back of the courtroom obviously enjoying a paid holiday.

The only reason I showed up was that obviously the Waterloo Region Record had been advised yesterday that Mark & colleagues (Township staff) were attending court today and Luisa D'Amato mentioned it (without the time) in her Opinion article today. I had been expecting an article today from Paige Desmond regarding Tuesday nite's erroneous Notice of Default. I presume she will cover today's Decision by the Superior Court judge.

Regarding the above headline I'm thinking that the judge may have been deceived by the erroneous Notice of Default in that the document failed to include Section 80 (2) (a) namely "The candidate forfeits any office to which he or she was elected and the office is deemed to be vacant and " ... then part (b) regarding ineligibility to be elected or appointed was the only penalty portion of Section 80 (2) that was included on the Notice.

Therefore the question in my mind is whether Mark is now eligible to run in a called by-election for St. Jacobs or will the Township still try to pretend that he was never removed?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Is it all about face saving or do they have a strategy? Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record carried another Editorial hammering Woolwich Township for their wilful disobedience of the Elections Act in not yet removing Councillor Bauman. Today's Record carrys a Letter To the Editor along similar lines from Richard Clausi. Last evening Mayor Sandy Shantz advised that during Council's just completed In Camera meeting they had issued the Notice of Default to former Councillor Bauman. This Notice of Default was inconveniently buried in the on-line package to last night's Council meeting as page 116 of 123 pages. Nice. Interestingly Mayor Shantz is refusing to use the word "removed". I guess the wee minds at the Township think that if they don't use that word then they've won some kind of victory. It's actually becoming pathetic.

Speaking about their Notice of Default it seems they can't even get it right when they get around to doing it. Both Rich Clausi and another local citizen immediately noticed that the two penalties Mark Bauman is subject to have not both been included. The penalty of being prohibited from running for municipal election until 2022 is included (ie. disallowed to run in 2018) however the equally clear immediate forfeiture of office (Councillor) is not. Is this more gamesmanship by Woolwich or just dumb? That said the first citizen to notice the discrepancy e-mailed Woolwich CAO Dave Brenneman to so advise him. His response was that the Clerk had written it and it had been reviewed and approved by their lawyer. Interesting.

My Delegation last night may have gone over Council's head at the moment. The third paragraph indicated that there are more contraventions by Councillors, of the Elections Act, that have not been brought forward to the Clerk's attention. Once this sinks in I expect they will be even more perturbed than they currently are.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Come on out ostensibly at 6 pm. for the possible fireworks. I say ostensibly 6 pm. because my Delegation is about the sixth one after several dealing with a proposed subdivision in St. Jacobs. Pity that the Councillor for St. Jacobs won't be there although knowing Mark I'm sure he would do his political thing and be very reassuring to the residents that their interests will be given due consideration.

My Delegation will focus on aspects of MECAC or the Municipal Elections Compliance Audit Committee. These aspects will be specific to their efforts past, present and future. The "possible fireworks" I mentioned in the first sentence are in regards to the ability or otherwise of Council to present themselves in a professional manner. It has been my experience that human beings in positions of authority are very long on process, procedure, decorum and appearances while doing their throat slitting behind the scenes. In a similar hypocritical fashion those who moan and wail about other people's "respectful manner" are all about that ie. other people's behaviour not their own.

Therefore this evening as per normal I will approach this Delegation as all others ie. calmly and quietly with a few pearls of wisdom for Council and the public. How Council react and behave is all on Council. Currently they have two members if not missing in action, certainly in a state of limbo. I expect there will be some clarification regarding that state of limbo in the coming weeks.

Monday, May 25, 2015


I posted here regarding barrels of solvents found buried near Wellington St. and the Hanlon Expressway in Guelph last September 8,9 as well as on December 9 and 18. In the September 9 posting I made it clear of the likelihood of many more barrels being found. Indeed last Friday's Waterloo Region Record carried this story titled "More barrels unearthed at Guelph construction site where chemicals found". From eight last fall they are now up to 29 barrels in various states of corrosion having been excavated. I also advised in one of the December postings that I felt that the extent of contamination was as usual being downplayed. The technical reports were claiming that there wasn't enough groundwater available for testing of chemical contaminants. Despite that a number of test pits showed groundwater infiltration and then immediately they ended the digging. To me that seems almost intended to avoid groundwater and the necessity for testing.

Of the 21 drums recently removed "eighteen of the drums were empty. Two were partially filled with liquid, and one contained a mixture of liquids and solids.". This is about par for the course. Decades of subsurface burial, rust and corrosion means that the solvent contents have all been released into the natural environment. Some will have evaporated into the air, some will still be in the soil and most will have been transported via rainwater infiltration into the shallow groundwater where it will have moved both horizontally towards a surface water discharge and the rest probably gone deeper underground towards the next aquifer below. All allegedly responsible parties and authorities will breathe a sigh of relief if it's been transferred out of site and they can pretend that it's no big deal.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Yesterday's Waterloo Region Record carried this Editorial titled "Counc. Bauman must step down". The Record Editorial states "The law and the public interest demand nothing less because he failed to file an expense report for last year's municipal election.". In fact he failed to do so apparently for four of his last five elections. Hardly a single small oversight there.

Of interest are the past cases in which removed candidates have gone to the courts and been reinstated by them. I would find it a little surprising if a judge were to reinstate Mark Bauman to his councillor's position after he has refused to step down for failing to file his expense report. This failure is also shared by Woolwich Township. Their heartwarming but inappropriate defence of Mark could actually do him more harm than good. That may be typical of many of their actions ie. ill conceived and counterproductive.

The Record Editorial speaks to this broader concern with Woolwich Township governance. Quoting the Record "Something's amiss in Woolwich these days.". Referring to ongoing councillor issues being examined by an Auditor and former Mayor Todd Cowan's criminal charges the Record states "Whether this is all coincidental or reflects a lax, careless culture matters little. It has to stop."

Then of course we have the province of Ontario. I wonder exactly how impressed they must be with Woolwich thumbing their noses at their legislation? Can the province step in and recommend removal of certain senior staff? Have they done that before at the municipal level? And finally are all the remaining councillors safe in their positions? There are 32 or 33 days left on the 90 day deadline for citizens to knock on the Municipal Clerk's door regarding election expense failures. Tick tock.

Friday, May 22, 2015


The Family Compact aka Woolwich "tradition" is alive and well. We seem to have a very conservative, pro business, pro establishment, anti activist sentiment normally with our repeat term Woolwich councillors and mayor. Suddenly when one of their own is under the microscope all radicalism breaks out. Woolwich are setting a very bad precedent in ignoring the (Ontario) Municipal Elections Act 1996 requirement for immediate removal of a candidate who has failed, it turns out in hindsight, to file Financial Expense Reports in four of his last five elections. I would go so far as to accuse Woolwich of having gone rogue on us.

That said Councillor Bauman is in some difficulty of his own making. While there are reasonable arguments to be made regarding a Judge to go easy on him; my question is will any judges be so inclined after Mark and the Township Clerk seem hellbent on thumbing their noses at the provincial legislation?

This is not by any stretch the first time that Woolwich Councils have made light of the jurisdiction of higher tiers of government. Lord knows I'm certainly not the biggest proponent of mindlessly following the rules but all parties are in agreement that the Elections Act has been violated (repeatedly) here in Woolwich. What exactly would the advantage be to "suspending" Councillor Bauman from all committee and council meetings versus removing him now as the province and the legislation insists and then reinstating him after a judge determines it to be so?

Recently we have been informed by Mayor Shantz that the Council are already seeking legal advice as to how to get around their own Township Procedural By-Laws, CPAC's Terms of Reference as a committee of Council and very disturbingly, reopening months after the deadline, last November's CPAC Application process because they the new Council don't like the eight Applications they received for a minimum of six positions.

Turns out this Council really are quite radical and not necessarily in a good way. Today's K-W Record story is titled "Woolwich won't remove Bauman". The Record Editorial is titled "Councillor Bauman must go" and the Woolwich Observer carry this story titled "Expense filing sees councillor on hold in court challenge".

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys this front page story written by Paige Desmond titled "Woolwich councillor expected to be removed from office". Paige has indicated that Councilor Mark Bauman's failure to file his expense report "is a direct contravention of the Elections Act". To the credit of both Mark and Township Clerk Val Hummel they have both clearly indicated their respective errors in contravening this provincial legislation. Paige Desmond enunciates that the Municipal Elections Act 1996, states that all candidates "must file election expense reports, regardless of whether they are acclaimed, withdraw or otherwise." Further "The Elections Act says any candidate who does not file a financial statement by the deadline, in this case March 27, must forfeit office." Finally "It is the responsibility of the municipal clerk to enforce the forfeiture." To say that there is very little wriggle room in the legislation, in this particular case, is an understatement. Another issue which exacerbate Mark's problem is the fact that it is an admitted multiple offense. Mark has been acclaimed possibly two or three times previously and has also failed to file expense reports at that time.

Of interest to me is the rest of the article in which Paige mentions former Mayor Todd Cowan's legal problems, current Councillor Scott Hahn's upcoming Auditor's report on his election expenses and finally Chemtura Canada and the Ministry of the Environment. Reporter Paige Desmond may be drawing an inference between Mark's alleged failures to do his duty regarding supervision of the Chemtura "cleanup" and his impending removal from office due to the Elections Act.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I have lived in Woolwich Township since 1993. Firstly for nearly a decade in West Montrose and now for the last thirteen years in Elmira. While I love it here I will not deny that many things including politics are below standard. Obviously I also have huge environmental concerns thus the reason for this Blog.

Here is the hot off the press news: This morning accompanied by my Ward One Councillor (PM) I attended the Woolwich Township Building and spoke with the Woolwich Township Clerk, Ms. Val Hummel. I gave Val a signed and dated Letter along with a fourty page package of documents. The letter she received and then photocopied and stamped as a receipt for me is as follows:

WOOLWICH TOWNSHIP CLERK Ms. Valerie Hummel May 20, 2015

Ms. Hummel: Along with this request for the removal from office of a sucessful candidate for municipal councillor I am including fourty pages of references relevant to my request. These pages include the on-line Financial Statements of candidates for municipal and school board positions representing Woolwich Township. Also included are the City of Waterloo Financial Statements simply as a a comparison regarding the proper handling of acclaimed candidates. Included is a CBC News release speaking to the recent removal by the Municipal Clerk of an acclaimed school board candidate in Sudbury, solely due to his failure to file his financial statements by the March 27/15 deadline. Both the 2010 and 2014 Candidates Guide for Ontario and School Board Election Guides are included with references to automatic penalties for failure to file financial statements. Finally the Table of Contents of the Municipal Elections Act 1996 is included showing the the various Sections and most specifically Sections 77(a), 78 and 80. It is my understanding that there are three specific instances/failures by candidates that stipulate immediate removal from office and the one in this case is the failure by an acclaimed candidate, Mr. Mark Bauman, to have filed his required Financial Statement by the deadline of March 27, 2015.

Sincerely Alan Marshall a resident and voter of Woolwich township
99 Church St. W. Elmira, Ontario N3B 3K7 519 6692801

Of interest to me was the Clerk's initial response that Mark Bauman's Financial Statements were on line. Then after about ten minutes of looking we were informed that it has been Woolwich "tradition" not to require Financial Statements from Councillor Bauman when he has been acclaimed. It was and is my understanding that he has been acclaimed before as well as having a worthy opponent, a Mr. Eric Shwindt, in 2010. Nevertheless the Clerk confirmed the obvious that Councillor Bauman failed to file Financial Statements as demanded by the Municipal Elections Act. We await the Clerk's actions as have occurred in this most recent election both in Sudbury and as well in Toronto. Woolwich is not Dogpatch.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The above title similar to the one posted on May 8 refers to the April 9/15 "pretend" stakeholders meeting aka "Sandy's teaparty" aka "bitch session". I believe that to be a sucessful politician one must be an outstanding hypocrite. What else could explain a gathering of the uninformed combined with the unintelligent for the purpose of bullying the Chair of CPAC and then distributing afterwards a pack of lies outside the meeting?

The above reference is but one of many suggesting physical aggression or intimidation at CPAC meetings. What an absolute crock of crap Mayor Sandy and acolytes. Councillor Mark Bauman also attended the April 9 meeting and he has descended below even his usual behaviour. His verbal assurances to CPAC afterwards that he said nice things about them, ring hollow as he has not put them in writing to CPAC/Council nor has he repudiated these April 9 "meeting minutes". Once again Mark is the master of suck and blow simultaneously politics.

Woolwich Council you will rise and fall based upon your own behaviour. That said your behaviour including benign neglect towards CPAC will determine what level of sympathy you elicit when you find yourselves facing judgement. Sandy you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

Monday, May 18, 2015


CPAC soldiers on despite the best efforts of Chemtura and the Ministry of the Environment. This includes the very best efforts of Mark and Sandy should also be mentioned. This is most interesting especially when folks realize that according to those involved there is no way possible for CPAC to operate well without Chemtura and the M.O.E. attending. Woolwich Council have claimed that CPAC is done without the input from the other two.

On May 28/15 at 6 pm. CPAC will hold another regular monthly meeting. This is important as the teamwork of CPAC less
Mark is something that we don't want to lose. CPAC's continued resolve to bring honesty and transparency to the cleanup
is unshaken. Part of this resolve is due to neverending research and learning about other sites. This work is never
done and this is how the Velsicol Chemical site in St. Louis Michigan was discovered.

There are numerous similarities with our Chemtura site here in Elmira. DDT was manufactured there as well as here. The contamination goes very deep into the ground as well as into the local river directly beside the site. DNAPLS have been found on both sites and require remediation. The difference of course is that across the border they take this contamination seriously and local politicians do not rule the day and overule doing what is right.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


The Annual Report mentioned in the title was released by the Region of Waterloo earlier this year and covers the testing and reporting done during 2014. The Erb St. Well System consists of four wells named W6A, W6B, W7 and W8. Well W8 was offline for seven weeks in 2014 and Well W6A was offline for the whole year. That is not a good sign.

These wells had a combined sixteen Adverse Incidents during the year of which they claim that two were of short duration and hence not a reportable event. Despite this they were both reported and Corrective Action in the form of Resampling, Disinfection being restored and finally Mains being Flushed occurred.

All sixteen of these Incidents revolved around bacterial treatment problems. They included Chlorine levels being too low, Chloramine levels being in excess of the standards, and the length of time water is in contact with Chlorine being too low (ie. CT < 3.0 mg/L*min). These Incidents were relatively evenly spread throughout the year.

What I find odd is that the raw water apparently reported zero Total Coliforms and zero E.Coli. Therefore what exactly is going on here? It almost sounds as if there are either unreliable pumps or other feeding systems of chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite or ammonium sulphate into the raw water. Or is this operator error? Regardless it is unacceptable.

There are other concerns. This report has no mention of THM or Trihalomethane values. THMs are by-products of disinfection and they are toxic above a certain level. Also Glyphosate which has recently been designated as a probable carcinogen is at an unacceptable Detection Limit of 25 parts per billion (ppb). Finally as with all these Annual Reports there are far too many ubiquitous industrial chemicals not being tested for or reported in the water.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Today's Woolwich Observer carrys a Letter To The Editor from Dr. Dan Holt titled "MOE hiding what it does with tax dollars". To date approximately $15 Million has been spent by the taxpayers on the "cleanup" of the Elmira Aquifers. This money has been mostly wasted as long as source areas on both sides of the creek on Chemtura's property remain unaddressed. The MOE have refused CPAC's second request for further financial data and in fact have demanded $1,628 payment for their "costs" after a Freedom of Information request response was received from CPAC.

This is so typical of the M.O.E.'s attitude. They fail to protect the natural environment and they refuse to comply with reasonable and pertinent requests for information by the duly appointed committee of Woolwich Council, namely CPAC. Their audacity and brashness especially for an inherently corrupt and useless Ministry of the Ontario government is quite stunning. Their attack upon the committee of Council this spring is both disgusting and cowardly. Disgusting because they are lying about CPAC and cowardly because they are hiding behind the new Woolwich Council.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Today's Elmira Independent has reported that the current CPAC which has been in place for well over four years now has received a $5,650 grant from the Region of Waterloo Community Environment Fund. The grant is for the purpose of testing soils and sediments near and by the Canagagigue Creek downstream from Chemtura Canada. CPAC's Application did not make any allegations or inferences regarding the integrity of other parties involved in doing this kind of work. Personally speaking however I am thrilled to see CPAC take this leadership role under the Chairmanship of Dr. Dan Holt and with the excellent work done by CPAC member Graham Chevreau.

Gail Martin's article also speaks to very high levels of DDT (& dioxins) found downstream in the Creek by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment in 2012 and 2013. Currently they are keeping the 2014 results to themselves which is typical of their hypocrisy. Quoting Gail: "These results point to a possible new source of contamination along the creekbank.". Furthermore Gail states "This is in addition to concerns that have been raised about the potential that contaminated groundwater may have flowed offsite from the Chemtura property, after the discovery of a drain on private property to the east of former waste pits.".

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Following is a quote from a speech made by Wendell Phillips on January 28, 1852. It was sent to me by Dr. Henry Regier this morning and I think that certain Woolwich Township Councillors and Mayor need to remind themselves that holding office is not about getting their way; it is about getting both the public's way and the honest way.

Mr. Phillips was speaking to members of the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society when he said:

"Eternal vigilanxce is the price of liberty; power is ever stealing from the many to the few. The manna of popular liberty must be gathered each day or it is rotten. The living sap of today outgrows the dead rind of yesterday. The hand encrusted with power becomes, either from human depravity or esprit de corps, the necessary enemy of the people. Only by continued oversight can the democrat in office be prevented from hardening into a despot; only by unintermitted agitation can a people be sufficiently awake to principle not to let liberty be smothered in material prosperity.".

This is why recently Dr. Dan Holt decided to file a request for an Audit of Councillor Scott Hahn's obviously incorrect and inaccurate Financial Statement. This is why I have vigorously attacked Mayor Shantz and Councillor Mark Bauman's indecent and dishonest attempts to smear CPAC in order to replace them with a Chemtura friendlier process and individuals.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Funny the items that are considered front page news. Today's Waterloo Region Record carrys the following story titled "Audit ordered on Hahn's election expenses". One would almost have the idea that the Record smell something more significant than a rookie Councillor simply making an honest mistake. Honest mistake or not it is appropriate that the Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee (MECAC) voted unanimously to send Councillor Scott Hahn's Financial report to a professional Auditor.

Councillor Hahn can be criticized for his naivete and or praised for his strong belief in his country and its' democratic systems. In essence his beliefs are both. That he messed up royally goes without saying and credit to him for admitting forthwith that he had done so. It appears that in hindsight his family did him no favours in paying for a large part of his election campaign. The invoices and receipts are a problem and the auditor is certainly going to be focusing on them. How the auditor interprets the entire paper trail will be significant.

Regarding some of Councillor Hahn's unfortunate remarks regarding the applicant, Dr. Dan Holt; Richard Clausi addressed them. Richard suggested that Councillor Hahn should appreciate that Dr. Hahn is standing up for democracy and freedom exactly as Councillor Hahn did while in the military.

Monday, May 11, 2015


To say that things did not go well either for Scott Hahn or Woolwich Council this morning is an understatement. Scott became aggressive and abusive and the irony could hardly be lost upon those assembled. Dr. Dan Holt was calm and cool and pointed out still remaining areas of concern with Scott's Election Expenses Report(s). Richard Clausi spoke to a number of disconcerting errors and omissions still remaining and seemed most concerned with the connection between Scott and the Tri-Mach Group Inc. which were front and centre in Scott's original purchasing of his signs.

Lisa MacDonald spoke in support of further investigation being required as the financial issues certainly were not as yet clear. Yours truly also spoke very briefly and while remaining nuetral as to Scott's errors, integrity and possible culpability nevertheless I made it very clear to the committee that to date there were way too many unanswered and unclear questions remaining, hence a professional auditor was absolutely required.

Interestingly while the Council were again present neither Mayor Shantz nor any other Councillors rose to speak on behalf of Scott today. Scott's venom was directed at Dr. Dan Holt the applicant who first raised the issue of Scott's admittedly inaccurate election expense report. Councillor Scott Hahn claimed that "Dan Holt was abusing his rights" by initiating the proceeding. Scott also claimed that Dr. Dan's motivation was only personal gain. Scott also described Dr. Dan's complaint as nothing more than a "malicious attack" upon himself. All in all not a worthy performance by Scott on so many levels.

The numerous invoices and receipts submitted by Scott late last week do not help his cause. They are riddled with inconsistencies which of course is precisely why an auditor is required. The Committee thought so as well as they unanimously voted in favour of a Motion to send this along for an Auditor's investigation. The media were present including the Woolwich Observer, Elmira Independent and the Waterloo Region Record.

On a personal note I found Scott a week ago to be professional, calm and cool. Not so today on so many levels. Scott's insistence that he is a man of honour, a decorated soldier and a person of integrity simply doesn't speak to the issues before him. The committee (MECAC) were very careful not to personally criticize him, unlike how he attacked Dr. Dan. They emphasized that their decision rested on the facts and documentation in front of them. I certainly hope Mayor Shantz is paying attention and perhaps should focus her attention closer to home: ie. her own Council. The only disrespect today came from her Councillor. The only personal attacks came from her Councillor. The only lack of leadership came from her Councillor. As is typical Dr. Dan and others, that Mayor Shantz and her cronies attacked dishonestly and privately on April 9/15, are speaking truthfully and respectfully.

Saturday, May 9, 2015


Indeed it has come to this. Perhaps this harkens back to the days of initial suspicion between CEAC and APT Environment. Two former CEAC members Sandra Bray and Susan Rupert left CEAC in order to start up in conjunction with Esther Thur, a new group called APTE. That stands for Assuring Protection for Tomorrow's Environment. When I joined in the spring of 1990 I was advised that CEAC as a committee of Council was unable to release various documents or information to the public which upset Sandra B. and Susan R.. Murray Haight a local resident and a respected, published Biologist was the Chair of CEAC. It was a long time before I ever got any understanding or sense of Murray but eventually I came to the understanding that he was a sincere local resident with honest environmental concerns.

APTE has been a long dormant force simply because of member fatigue. This is absolutely normal and to be expected. Sustaining and maintaining a large group of people interested in a cause is nearly impossible. My hat is off to some national environmental and social justice groups who continue to manage doing just that.

Bob Burtt, the long retired environmental writer for the Waterloo Region Record, wrote a combination nasty little piece and good historical book regarding the Elmira crisis, Uniroyal/Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. Unfortunately he relied for much of his second hand information on Susan Bryant. This at least brought her out of the smear campaign shadows. Bob gives her due credit (discredit?) for her input which included gross falsehoods regarding both the current Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC) and myself.

Now as of the recently released April 9/15 Woolwich Township "meeting minutes" we once again see in writing the sour grapes fueled lying of Susan Bryant. She and Pat Mclean, former CPAC Chair, have never forgiven me and especially the 2011 appointed CPAC members simply for being appointed by Woolwich Council belatedy in the spring of 2011. These "meeting minutes" are nothing more than a hatchet job upon myself and upon the current CPAC. As disgusting as her words and lies are, once again it brings her and her sidekick out of the shadows. This hiding is symptomatic of her kind of backroom manipulation. Preferably let others do your dirty work at all times. Hide behind CPAC in 2007 & 2008 to get me off of CPAC. Hide behind Mayor Shantz now to replace CPAC with yourself, Pat and others more amenable to Chemtura's desires.

Besides the unattributed lying in the report we also have the following: "With a capable Chair with a plan and the public respectful in public meetings (while still having a voice), APT will consider the possibility of returning to public meetings.". This is APTE (Susan B.) publicly and dishonestly attacking the current CPAC Chair Dr. Dan Holt as well as attacking the public who have been far more respectful to Chemtura and the M.O.E. than either deserve. This is the full circle that Susan has taken APTE such that they are now firmly in bed with Chemtura and firmly against the public interest. Shame on Susan and my sympathies to the former APTE members who like myself didn't see this coming until it was too late.

Friday, May 8, 2015


Truly amazing how this senior citizen and his five year old Blog has terrified the professional liars out there. The above quote in the title is from a five page "meeting minutes" of a private, by invitation only bitch session on April 9/15 organized by Mayor Sandy Shantz. She has really turned out to be something special. Special as in what a piece of work.

This "bitch session" aka Sandy's teaparty aka "pretend stakeholders meeting" was arranged by Sandy for the purpose of dragging in other third parties and attempting to display a widely held view that CPAC has serious problems of their own making. The problem of course is that only one attendee out of seventeen, Dwight Este of Chemtura Canada, has attended CPAC meetings faithfully for the last four years. Next up would be Councillor Mark Bauman who has attended reasonably regularily for the last three years. Finally Susan Bryant and Pat McLean boycotted the first 1 1/2 - 2 years and then attended several but not remotely all remaining meetings on an alternating basis. Hence possibly they attended seven or eight meetings each out of the last fourty meetings. It is my opinion that five people out of the seventeen present did all the lying indicated in the "meeting minutes".

Page two item 3. of the meeting minutes is labelled "Roadblocks to Progress". A more honest title would be "Roadblocks to Political Progress". Under that more accurate second title I am listed as per today's above Blog Headline as the third last bullet over on page three. Clearly the various parties represented in this meeting including three levels of government (municipal, regional & provincial), GRCA and three members of the public were searching for a political way out of the mess that decades of Chemtura/M.O.E. obfuscation and deception have gotten them into. That said it is quite possible that one of the three members of the public simply got invited to Sandy's teaparty not knowing the true agenda.

It is meetings like this that indicate to me why private meetings regarding public matters are wrong. Private meetings are the location where exemplary professional liars thrive. They are their sandboxes where little girls and boys can indulge themselves in their favourite backroom gossip and lying about others behind their backs and avoid the scrutiny and accountability of both the public and the media.

Regarding "conduct in meetings" that would be my persistent habit of holding Chemtura/Ministry of Environment liars accountable. It's really very straightforward. They lie and I call them on it with the facts. Funny how this irritates the hell out of them. Funny how they don't produce specific examples of my "conduct". Funny how only the dishonest, deceptive folks with financial skin in the game are so incensed to have someone with 25 years first hand experience holding them accountable. Everybody else are either bought and paid for or reasonably new, hence they expect to be able to bafflegab them. Even that isn't working any longer with the current CPAC.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Today's Elmira Independent carrys the following article by Gail Martin titled "CPAC, Councillors share concerns about committee impasse". If the destruction of public consultation here in Elmira is a done deal as seems likely, then it is best epitomized by the neverending absence of Councillor Murray Martin. Not a single attendance at a CPAC meeting, to the best of my knowledge, over the last twenty-five years. All the other Councillors showed up for the October and April CPAC meetings except Murray. Three of them showed up for the November meeting not Murray. Mayor Shantz showed up in January, no Murray. That said guess how Murray will vote regarding the Mayor's CPAC reforms which I'm sure she will present as improvements, greater cooperation ie. thicker & deeper. You got it, Murray will vote as he's always voted and that will be to Chemtura's and the Mayor's great joy. Well Murray at least I can't call you a hypocrite.

The biggest disinformation (bullshit) from Mayor Shantz occurred when she said "I'm having flashbacks to four years ago, a little bit, with the previous CPAC, and everything coming to a head and stepping aside.". Nothing came to a head four years ago. The "stepping aside" is weird as the only vague truth to that would be the old CPAC (Pat, Susan, Sandra, Ron, Gerry, Ken etc.) withdrawing their Applications in perhaps February after they figured out the obvious that none of them were getting reappointed. Interestingly I had suggested to Mayor Cowan that at least a couple of them such as Gerry H.and Ken D. could make good CPAC members. Hell I even suggested Sandra B. but thankfully Todd said no. Mayor Shantz's comments here about the old CPAC are bizarre and nonsensical.

Mayor Shantz then further babbles about "I know that Chemtura and MOE have at times, in the history (of CPAC) stepped aside and there's been all kind of talk like this.". What is this nonsense? Did Sandy mean there's been all kinds of talk ABOUT this? Did she mean that Chemtura and the MOE threatened to do this ie. "talk like this"? As far as those two groups "at times" steppping aside that is more disinformation. Chemtura alone did it in 1999. Mayor Sandy Shantz your ignorance is just plain appalling. Get your facts straight at least before you pull the plug on the best CPAC there has ever been. Neither Chemtura nor the MOE have ever threatened to boycott or walk away. Both times for Chemtura they've just done it without a word to CPAC. Same with the M.O.E. this past November.

Mayor Shantz admits to meeting privately with the M.O.E. and Chemtura after a grand total of one CPAC meeting in November (2014) was missed. She and Councillor Mark Bauman admitted this prior to the January 2015 CPAC meeting. Now at the end of April she and three other Councillors showed up at CPAC's express invitation. None of them were prepared to speak and indeed expressed their reluctance to do so right at the start. This obviously was not the meeting between CPAC and the Council that CPAC had been promised both verbally and in the April 9/15 "meeting minutes". How strange.

Mayor Sandy Shantz also takes bullshit to dizzing heights when she states "...what is wrong with this whole process that we have to keep doing this over and over again?". Doing what "over and over again?". This is the first time ever a Council has sat down and solicited dirt and filth and lies about their own appointed committee of Council. This is the first time ever a Council have indulged in a smear campaign against CPAC. The MOE and Chemtura have been doing it for the last four years only. Guess why? Because this CPAC are the most savy, honest and smart. CPAC and the truth have intimidated the professional liars and they've waited for a new Council filled with old reliable, pro Chemtura, pro status quo, pro MOE/provincial government Councillors to pull their bacon out of the fire.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Last evening at 6 pm. I was a Delegate to the Woolwich Committee of the Whole. I spoke to last Thursday evenings public CPAC meeting which was attended by five of the six Councillors. Details of that meeting are here in the Advocate last Friday and Saturday. I repeated both Councillor Bauman's quote at CPAC about them being a "talented group of people" as well as mentioning that their qualifications and credentials left mine and all of Councils' in the dust.

The last paragraph of my Delegation pulled no punches. Here it is in it's entirety:

"This Council and or your representatives (Mark & Sandy) have thrown CPAC under the bus. The wheels of the bus include Chemtura, the Ministry of Environment and others with equally self-interested motives (Pat & Susan). The distribution, on Township letterhead, of the April 9/15 "meeting minutes" directly and dishonestly blamed CPAC for thirteen different "Roadblocks to Progress". Five of you saw and heard CPAC's professional presentation on downstream DDT last Thursday evening yet your Township Minutes question CPAC's "qualifications and confidence to provide technical feedback to Chemtura and the MOE". Those Minutes include alleged solutions which will gut true, honest public consultation. They are the blueprint Chemtura requires in order to protect and insulate them from public scrutiny and accountability. You Woolwich Council have a simple decision. Support the CPAC that your predecessor Council appointed and supported for four years or jump in bed with Chemtura. It is that black and white despite the posturing and obfuscations in the April 9 minutes."

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


O.K. so this Friday is actually the five year anniversary of informing truths and debunking myths and propaganda regarding politicians, polluters and other assorted riffraff. The focus has obviously been on all things environmental and five years ago that included gravel pit issues in West Montrose, Woolwich Bio-En, Chemtura, emerald ash borer, the Woolwich landfill off-site plume, Regional tap water and further gravel pit issues in Conestogo and Winterbourne. Sometimes included were postings related to climate change, air pollution, land development and wildlife.

In regards to Chemtura I've posted extensively on the alleged cleanup of the Elmira Aquifers, the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC), Dense Non aqueous Phase Liquids (DNAPLS), Dioxins, DDT, Agent Orange and a host of other nasties. Ministry of Environment corruption, Chemtura hypocrisy and deception and the political situation which fosters and enhances both has been regularily covered. Suppressed documents, private meetings and co-opted citizens have all been explored in these "pages".

Readership according to my Statcounter program includes Chemtura usually five days per week, the Ministry of Environment according to their own statements, community colleges, multiple universities, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, CBC, CTV, City of Waterloo, private individuals usually from Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Woolwich Township and more. Routinely I have readers from Truro Nova Scotia, California and other U.S. states. Occasionally I even get visits from Russia and Europe.

All in all it's been a blast. Locally the Elmira Advocate is both famous and infamous depending upon the integrity of the commenter. Chemtura, M.O.E. and their friends unsurprisingly despise and loathe the Advocate. Certain politicians read it regularily and also either enjoy it or despise it. I receive phone calls from across Ontario from readers who either have information for me or simply want to thank me for my efforts. I thank all my readers, even the guilty ones. Keep on enjoying.

Monday, May 4, 2015


Today's hearing before the Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committee (MECAC) lasted an hour and a quarter. The seven member committee consists of some names from past Regional and municipal councils including Carl Zehr, Grace Sudden and possibly Larry Aberle unless I have him mixed up with a different Aberle. The others included Murray Stoddart, Robert Williams, Mr. Jutzi and a Kevin possibly Brombick?

Delegates included Mayor Sandy Shantz who informed us as to what a swell fellow Scott Hahn is. To the contrary were Dr. Dan Holt, Richard Clausi and Lisa MacDonald. Mayor Shantz's comments spoke to Scott's character including his hard work on Council. The other three spoke to the facts regarding the clear and obvious violation of the Elections Act via the incomplete election expenses report that Scott filed.

The hearing will be reconvened in a week after the committee have had an in camera meeting with the township's lawyer. I believe that that is totally inappropriate for two reasons namely it's in camera and secondly it is the Township's lawyer. Those optics both stink and look bad. This is ridiculous in that it is a private citizen who has brought forth the complaint yet he and the public will be excluded from evidence being given to the Audit Committee. The facts of the matter are not in dispute as Scott has quite forthrightly admitted that he did not include the costs or donaters of his brochures and signs. The next step should have been the Audit Committee sending this matter to an auditor to determine if there was a contravention of the law. This has already been admitted to. After this point I see things getting difficult.

The vote to defer the decision whether to bring in an auditor was six to one. The one got it right in that this hearing is not about Scott's character or whether or not he intentionally is trying to hide donations to his campaign. Today's hearing was to determine whether the Committee had sufficient evidence to advance the complaint to an auditor who would make the formal decision whether the Act had been violated or not. If the auditor said yes then the Audit Committee would decide whether or not to forward the file on in order to commence a legal proceeding.

I listened very carefully to Scott's testimony. I found him honest and forthcoming. I did not hear any waffling or excuse making. He goofed, he knows it and he admits it. For me the major thing left is to see the invoices proving that his parents and in laws paid for his brochures and signs. If those are produced FOR THE PUBLIC TO SEE then the auditor's decision obviously finding the admitted contraventions will precede the Audit Committee decision whether or not to commence a legal proceeding. If Scott continues on what I so far see as an honest course he will likely come through this unscathed.

Saturday, May 2, 2015


After Graham's presentation, Vivienne, Ron and Sebastian had questions regarding DDTs effects on both humans and wildlife. DDT is a particularily nasty endocrine disrupter and it biomagnifies up the food chain. Also most alarming is that DDT breaks down into DDE and DDD; hence finding DDT is an indication of newer contamination getting into the sediments of the Canagagigue Creek. Dr. Dan Holt mentioned the M.O.E.s recent response indicating that the 2014 sampling results from the "Gig" are confirming "legacy" contamination by DDT. This "legacy" term is the M.O.E. trying to pretend that these sediments have been in place for decades not moving each spring during the annual snowmelt and runoff.

The M.O.E. have also advised CPAC in writing that Financial Assurance is not a subject for discussion by CPAC. Really, well how about bald faced lying and corruption instead? Many companies including others in Elmira have had to provide Financial Assurance so why not Chemtura Canada? Is that another backroom deal with them?

Dr. Dan Holt again reiterated that to date neither the M.O.E. nor Chemtura have indicated any reason whatsoever as to why they are not attending public CPAC meetings. They've been doing all their lying to Mayor Sandy Shantz and she is pretending to swallow it hook, line and sinker.

Councillor Mark Bauman as usual securely had his feet on both sides of the fence. He advised all that CPAC are a "talented group of people". Well thank you Mark, that is true. That begs the question as to why you would attend a biased bitch session on April 9/15 and not publicly denunciate the hatchet job done on the very same CPAC in the meeting minutes.

I believe that it was Ron Campbell who pointed out that no sooner did Peter Gray of MTE show up at CPAC on October 29, 2014 than Chemtura and the M.O.E. departed. They have had over six months to hit the reset button behind closed doors with Woolwich Township officials and that's exactly what they have done.

Sebastian advised Larry Shantz and the rest of us that the former Township Clerk, Christine Broughton had made it very clear to CPAC that they were not to meet privately to talk CPAC business with anybody. I was also of that same opinion as per Township CAO David Brenneman on a couple of occasions. This was in response to Larry's question as to why CPAC refused to attend the April 9/15 pretend stakeholders meeting.

Dr. Dan disputed Mayor Shantz's version that two CPAC members were invited. The meeting minutes tend to back Dr. Dan's version as they have regrets from DR. Dan only, not from any other CPAC member.

Sandy kept asking CPAC what the Township should do and they kept telling her and then she kept ignoring their input as if they hadn't clearly answered her. Vivienne made it clear that Council should quit pussyfooting around and support CPAC wholeheartedly. Sebastian referred to the arrogance of Chemtura and the M.O.E. refusing to acknowledge CPAC as having any legitimacy and all they wanted was a compliant CPAC. Finally he told Sandy that the township needs to get on board with CPAC. Dr. Dan advised her that CPAC are volunteers still doing their job while Chemtura and the M.O.E. have abandoned public consultation. CPAC are not the problem so go pick on the other two parties. Finally Richard Clausi spelled it out very clearly even to those who do not listen. CPAC are too savy, too smart and not compliant enough for Chemtura and the M.O.E.. Council must not capitulate to that pair. Council must support this CPAC and Council must insist that M.O.E./Chemtura attend.

This is not rocket science Sandy. Get out of bed with Chemtura/M.O.E. and start supporting this CPAC and all Woolwich residents, not just the big shots.

Friday, May 1, 2015


The above title to today's posting is an amalgamation of three citizens comments. The first one is from CPAC member Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach in referring to both Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. The third one is from SWAT member Richard Clausi's Public Forum comments to two Woolwich Councillors and CPAC plus guests last evening. The middle one (2nd) is from myself this morning and refers to the remaining two Councillors last evening who attended the entire public CPAC meeting from 6 until 9 pm..

The first half at least of the meeting in Council Chambers dealt with a number of environmental issues surrounding the Chemtura site here in Elmira, Ontario. These included an excellent presentation from CPAC member Graham Chevreau who discussed in detail the detections of DDT downstream in the creek and how they grossly exceeded the M.O.E.'s health criteria. After his presentation all the CPAC members asked him questions relating to his research and presentation. Bluntly put Graham's professionalism throughout put the lie to Mayor Shantz's April 9/15 "meeting notes" which falsely claimed that CPAC does not have the "qualifications and confidence to provide technical feedback to Chemtura and the M.O.E.". Furthermore I believe that the honest, open minded Councillors present were blown out of the water by the expertise and professionalism displayed during the technical portions of last night's meeting.

Five of the six Woolwich Councillors were present last evening. I believe that Councillor Murray Martin has extended his perfect attendance record at CPAC meetings over the last twenty-four years. Keep in mind that Councillor Martin has several terms of office under his belt. Councillor Martin's perfect record is 100% of never attending CPAC meetings. That said let me be clear. I actually prefer a Councillor who may be upfront regarding their biases rather than those who pretend to be who they are not. Both Councillors Hahn and Merlihan had to leave early due to family commitments. I do not fault either one. That said it is my opinion as well as others that the remaining two Councillors attitudes changed after the departures of Hahn and Merlihan.
A recent M.O.E. letter has suggested that Q.P.s (qualified persons) are only appreciated and worthy to attend "technical" meetings. Both Ron Campbell of CPAC and Graham Chevreau shot that Chemtura/M.O.E. self-serving propaganda down. They stated that sending one hydrogeologist allegedly representing CPAC into a meeting with those from Chemtura and the M.O.E. who literally have decades experience each directly related to the Chemtura site is unreasonable. Peter Gray of MTE did a wonderful job for CPAC on one narrow issue on the east side of the site. On his own without CPAC experience and historical knowledge he will be badly outgunned and outnumbered. Also Graham indicated that restricting to Q.P.s is a red herring. Even the term is misleading. Ron, Graham and myself are all more than qualified to attend these meetings as are other SWAT members. The term is being used simply to exclude. That exclusion is all about excluding the public and keeping these meetings private and unaccountable.

Getting back to the first paragraph Sebastian made it clear to Councillors that both Chemtura and the M.O.E. are all about distraction and deflection, not about openly discussing environmental concerns and issues. They only want the appearance of consulting the public not the reality. Richard's comments also make it clear that Chemtura and the M.O.E. have simply run away from their responsibilities. Honest, open minded Councillors should be able to understand this. Chemtura and the M.O.E. only want a CPAC that does not question their inherent right to bullshit whenever they feel the need. My comment about hypocrisy not honesty is a reference to Mayor Shantz decrying alleged disrespect towards Chemtura/M.O.E. and how that is so hurtful and how they are so "afraid" to attend public CPAC meetings. In the very next breathe her cousin? Larry is admonishing CPAC that if Chemtura/M.O.E. are disrespectful to them, then they "should suck it up". That folks is unbelievable hypocrisy.