Monday, May 29, 2023


 Lots of excuses. Lots of psuedo explanations yet none of them address the decades of pumping in which the Target pumping rates were taken seriously. Now all we keep hearing is that well these really were only suggestions not requirements. Good Lord! The battles UPAC and CPAC went through to ensure that as poor as Pump & Treat was that at least it would not weaken or falter.

The April 2023 monthly Progress Report has been released. Both on-site Municipal Aquifer pumping wells are way below their Target Pumping Rates. It also looks as if suddenly the footnote advising that GHD recommends that Lanxess maintain "...pumping rates greater than or equal to these rates." has been somewhat altered. It has been removed on page 7 completely however on page 2 it just seems a little different. The Target Average for PW4 is 2.9  l/sec and the actual average is only 2.2  l/sec. Similarly the Target Average for PW5 is 1.8  l/sec and the actual average is only 1.1  l/sec. These are huge decreases and failures in on-site pumping and all the excuses in the world do not justify or permit the.

Come on TAG, get off your butts and start yelling long and loud to the public about this. Otherwise your affinity and extent of cooperation with GHD, Lanxess and the Ontario Ministry of Environment will be seen as capitulation and surrender. 

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