Saturday, February 28, 2015


Graham Chevreau did a presentation showing CPAC, SWAT and the public the extremely high concentrations od DDT on the Chemtura site as well as downstream in the Canagagigue. The data goes back to 1996-97 as well as two more recent sets of data in 2012 and 2013. The data from 2014 is astonishingly not yet available from the M.O.E. which I interpret as them desperately trying to rejigger it into some less horrifying and inflammatory scenario. Good luck with that.

Graham also clearly showed that the 2012 and 2013 data taken from Station 21 is downstream from where the Stroh Drain discharges into the "Gig". All data seems to clearly indicate that DDT (& Dioxins) have been diverted/discharged from the east side of Chemtura onto the neighbour's property and from there via the Stroh Drain into the creek (Gig).

There was also discussion as to why the recent Conestoga Rovers proposed east side "investigation" is inadequate. Things like composite samples, too shallow soil testing and even the number and locations of sample points all indicate a pretend investigation only.

M.O.E. "malfeasance" was briefly discussed. Dr. Henry Regier brought up the "phantom mound" and how after it was discovered to be a facade neither Chemtura nor the M.O.E. advised CPAC. Yours truly had to do that. This off-site (CH 44) "mound" had been the excuse for years as to why Chemtura weren't increasing their pumping at PW4 in the heart of the most heavily contaminated on-site area.

I during questions from CPAC after my Delegation was able to explain and show how the doubling of soil removal from GP1 occurred precisely where a very small amount of overland flow was able to stickhandle through the high ground almost completely isolating Chemtura's alleged location of GP 1. This low funnel area allowed only a very small proportion of Chemtura's 173,000 gallons of liquid production waste per day into the supposed GP 1 area. In reality it seems far more probable that the bulk of their liquid wastes ran into the wetland north and east of their GP 1 into the GP 1 that is on the east side of the high ridge as per the M.O.E.'s 1983 map. From the east side of the ridge the liquids via gravity would have flowed south and mostly east into the Stroh Drain to be carried directly into the Canagagigue Creek.

This again is why Chemtura and the M.O.E. have run for help to the recently re-elected Woolwich Councillors. This is a scandal and may yet be the cause of a Public Inquiry into M.O.E. corruption.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Instead of six o'clock the public CPAC meeting started at 5:30 pm. in the Woolwich Council Chambers. This was a last minute decision in order for CPAC to discuss an invitation to join a vaguely described meeting between Chemtura, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and some but not all members of Woolwich Council. I'm assuming there would not have been a quorum of Councillors because that would have required the meeting to be public. If held otherwise as an in camera meeting, Council knows that I would have added that meeting to the list that the Ontario Ombudsman is currently investigating. Similarily if as appropriate all six voting CPAC members were invited that too would have required a public meeting otherwise the same thing.

All five present CPAC members (Mark Bauman is on holidays again) were in favour on principle that the appropriate forum for Chemtura, M.O.E. CPAC and the Township to meet would be at the public, monthly CPAC meetings. Afterall allegedly the meeting was to discuss things like the 2028 groundwater remediation deadline and or possible other Woolwich environmental issues although as earlier stated the written request to only Dr. Dan Holt was extremely vague. An unworthy thought just crossed my wee mind. Mayor Shantz has just recently ordered the CPAC Chair to no longer recognize either SWAT or members of the public from the floor during discussions. How awkward that would have been for Mayor Shantz to have insisted that CPAC go back to their sucessful process they've had for the last four years in order for her and her council colleagues to be able to speak during the discussions.

There were comments from Ron Campbell, Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach, Vivienne Delaney, Graham Chevreau and Richard Clausi. Sebastian mentioned the twenty-four year precedent of public CPAC meetings. Ron Campbell suggested that there was zero transparency to date as to why Chemtura/M.O.E. are not present at CPAC. Richard was the bluntest in stating that the proposed private, by invitation only meeting to discuss public matters allegedly, failed the smell test. Ron further related numerous failures by Chemtura and the M.O.E. to respond to important questions or requests for information and yet they are apparently and allegedly boycotting CPAC. Then they want a single CPAC representative only to attend some ill defined private meeting without a written agenda, list of participants and a rationale for why it must be done out of the public eye. As Richard stated this fails the smell test Sandy. A hell of a way to run a Township and you are just getting started. Hopefully your goal is not to further embarass an already embarassed Woolwich Township due to the behaviour of your predecessor.

During the formal 6 pm. CPAC meeting Sebastian suggested that Dwight Este's e-mail declining attendance last evening was highly contemptuous in its' tone. Others suggested that the M.O.E.'s again last minute cancellation was in full alignment with Chemtura's unprofessional behaviour. I would suggest that both parties are confident that Mayor Mom is in their corner. This has been the reality for most of the last twenty-five years with only a couple of exceptions. Both times Uniroyal/Chemtura have run for their mommies to escape appropriate condemnation for their behaviour. The last time was in 1999 due to the nightime air fumigations of the Duke St. residents.

It was decided that due to Chemtura's and the M.O.E.s continued non-attendance that CPAC would regretfully schedule the next public meeting for April 30 and skip the March meeting. That said it was suggested by Vivienne that members attempt to keep the March 26 date available in case the other two parties decide to return soon.

There were two major discussions regarding technical issues both on-site (GP-1) and downstream at Station 21 with its' extraordinay DDT sediment concentrations. I was involved in the first via questions from the floor after my Delegation and Graham led the second. I will elaborate on these discussions in tomorrow's post.

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Quote of the day from February 24/15 in the Waterloo Region Record: "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies." This pretty much applies to the new Woolwich Council members whereas it is very difficult to believe that the old ones don't know exactly what they are doing. Simply put they are and have been for a very long time in bed with Chemtura Canada. Shame on the three of them.

This evening CPAC most likely will be bending to two new conditions being forced upon them by Mayor Mom Shantz. Allegedly these two conditions will improve communications, shorten meetings, make Chemtura & the M.O.E. happy, yatta, yatta and more yatta. In fact they are to remove a major irritant to Chemtura and their corrupt regulator, namely moi. While I have great confidence in CPAC, the fact is they are stronger with my and SWAT's presence. It is simple math and simple commonsense. We have all worked together as a team. By removing Henry, Richard, myself and the public from discussion (through the chair) during the body of the meeting, it allows the professional liars present to get away with more. While CPAC most likely will know when they are being bullshitted they may not have the ammunition immediately at hand to call Chemtura/M.O.E. on it.

To date Chemtura have chickened out again similar to November/14 and January /15. They really aren't much loss. The Ontario M.O.E. as of late yesterday at least, hadn't e-mailed their non-presence for tonite at 6 pm... Again while useless as tits on a bull, nevertheless their absence is disgusting, disrespectful and without any honest justification.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Yesterday I referred to the December 2014 CRA Report on the excavation and capping of GP 1 & 2 . Among many interesting facets is Figure 4 which purports to show us the various depths to which they excavated GP1 in 2013. I have recently transferred that extended depth excavation onto my two foot by four foot map of primarily Chemtura's east side. The location was carefully transferred by taking a number of measurements from Figure 4 and then appropriately locating the outline of the deeper areas onto my map. I also added the three "supplemental" areas to the map that were allegedly excavated last fall (2014). I say allegedly because the entire remediation system is predicated upon the word of truth challenged individuals. In an honest process CPAC in full would be invited on site for all major remediation work being done as a form of audit and first hand observation.

Here is the interesting part. The deeper excavation area of GP1 starts almost from the very north end of GP1 and goes south right into the lowest elevation areas ie. the semi-permanent groundwater wetland area. Now to make this more difficult to immediately recognize, Figure 4 shows the deepest excavation starting at about 25 metres south of the northern end. However if you look at Figure 5 you will see that at the 5 metre mark the excavation begins to go deeper than the loudly and dogmatically proclaimed .3 metres albeit it doesn't get really deep until the 25 metre mark.

Also the exact location of this northern tip of deeper soil removal lines up astoundingly well with the small funnel of lowlying land that permits any overland flow of toxic liquid wastes into GP 1 at all. This small "funnel" is the 346 metre above sea level contour (and lower) that barely squeezes between two 346.5 contour lines which indicate the start of higher ground north of GP 1. This higher ground is also visually demonstrated in a couple of different reports including this one in Appendix A "Chemtura Property - 100 Year Floodplain Mapping".

So basically the deeper excavation of GP 1 is further evidence of exactly where a tiny part of the massive quantities of toxic liquid wastes averaging 173,000 Imperial gallons per day were able to squeeze through the high ground protecting Chemtura's and CRA's alleged location of GP 1. I'm not saying they lied about the bulk of liquid wastes going into GP 1. I'm saying that if the true location of GP 1 is on the east side of the high ground (ridge) rather than the west side; it makes a lot more sense as to where gravity flowing DDT, Dioxins and so much more ended up. That would be in the wetland that was subsequently sucessfully drained by the Stroh Drain into the Canagagigue Creek, well downstream of the monthly monitoring done to "prove" how much better the creek's water was becoming.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


The title of this December 2014 report is "Remediation and Capping of Former Gravel Pit Areas (GP1 and GP2). The first issue is whether or not they actually excavated GP1 at all. Maps and text have been presented both at Woolwich Council and at the January 2015 CPAC meeting which cast considerable doubt on the location of the real GP1. The evidence suggests that a more likely location which cooresponds to a 1983 M.O.E. map is on the east side of a high gravel ridge that runs diagonally from NW to SE. This GP1 would also gravity drain into the Stroh Drain and then run further south eventually discharging into the Canagagigue Creek.

There are a number of problems with this report. Page 15 is particularily obnoxious as it misinterprets and mistates facts with reckless abandon. Comments such as suggesting that their much deeper excavations than planned were "near the central portion of GP-1." are inaccurate. This much deeper excavation starts at the extreme north end of GP1. Further they state that "These locations corresponded approximately to where the greatest concentrations of DDT and the greatest dioxins and furans TEQs had been identified..." is also inaccurate. Finally they suggest that Tervita subsequently excavated additional soil to an approximate maximun depth of 1.0 m bgs (below ground surface) in some areas.". Wrong again unless you feel 1.0 metre bgs is approximately the same as 2 metres bgs.

I have learned over the years not to expect much from CRA reports and I am rarely disappointed. Their Figures # 6 and 8 are inconsistent with each other in regards to the soil sample depths used in determining that supplemental excavations in 2014 were required. Figure # 9 shows a picture of the exact depths of the contaminated areas excavated as part of the supplemental work done in 2014. The depths in Figure # 9 do not match the text discription of the depths given on page 19. And on it goes.

The only thing worse than these nonsensical, unprofessional and semi literate CRA reports is that our corrupt M.O.E. constantly find these reports as acceptable. CRA are so used to their nonsense being rubberstamped by the M.O.E. that they can't even be bothered to edit them and clean up the most obvious of their errors.

Monday, February 23, 2015


My education over the last twenty-five years hasn't just been about the technical aspects of contamination, groundwater and or remediation. Unfortunately it has also been about how politicians lie to the public. Most learn early on how to set up their deceptions. In our society there are endless choices between the public good and private benefit. Politicians soon learn that their job is to constantly assist the private benefit while convincing the public it's really for their good. Appearances are everything whether formation of committees, fact-finding panels or what have you.

Next the politicians must control important meetings. This includes allegedly public meetings as well as public advisory committees. The easiest way for the latter is simply by having the members appointed by the politcal body, in this case the local Council. Sometimes this isn't enough. When it comes down to allegedly solving a problem through a meeting, care must be taken. All parties probably already know what needs doing but simply are unwilling. It's too expensive or it's too embarassing to admit how out of control the problem is. Therefore having the appropriate knowledgable and competent people present could lead to problems. Afterall they might insist on speaking truthfully towards the problem hence embarassing the guilty parties and or advising the public as to the only proper course of action.

Therefore control of attendance at such a meeting is necessary. Either only invite people with limited knowledge or make certain that those invited are loyalists to your cause and know what the game is. Hence by eliminating the most truly knowledgable you have greatly weakened the opposition to your pretend solutions. If they aren't present they can't gum up the works with inconvenient facts and truths.

The other huge item is the Agenda. Be in charge of the agenda and have a Chair who will quickly change the direction of arguments that you don't care for. If the Agenda is brief and limited and discussion strays into sensitive, embarassing areas the Chair can simply say sorry but that's not on today's agenda. Perhaps tomorrow. In other words meetings need to be managed if not outright choreographed. That cannot be done if too many well informed, independent strong personalities are present who insist upon speaking directly to the main problem regardless of your printed agenda.

We were advised by Mayor Shantz at the public January 29/15 CPAC meeting that there would be a sitdown with all the parties and stakeholders to discuss bringing Chemtura and the M.O.E. back to public CPAC meetings. While a meeting may occur let's see exactly how many stakeholders are invited, how public the meeting is and how honest the Agenda is. I'm not holding my breathe on this one folks. Will Gail Martin and the Independent be invited? Will SWAT be invited? Will I be invited? Will it be held in a public place with access for the public? Ha! Chemtura have made it obvious they would rather parade naked down Arthur St. than speak publicly about east side contamination, Dioxins and DDT, 2028 cleanup deadline, the Stroh Drain, collector trenches, the MTE Report and on and on.

Saturday, February 21, 2015


Yesterday I phoned Woolwich Township Staff as the ad in the local paper suggested in order to obtain copies of the eight Woolwich Township Drinking Water Annual Reports. Staff were all courteous and professional and in no time at all I was rephoned and advised that as requested my copies were available for pickup. So far so good. I picked up the eight reports and within 60 seconds knew that what I had was garbage. Yes I said garbage.

For example of the five pages presented as the West Montrose drinking water system; two and a half pages have no data. Yes they have the parameters allegedly being reported on, but no data presented. Advising me and others that this data is available on the Region's website does not cut it. Are these mickey mouse "drinking water reports " going to be presented to Council? if so then the plausible deniability is built in. They tell you essentially nothing. Even the fuller reports for the eight systems in Woolwich Township that are on the Region's website are inadequate but nothing compared to the garbage the Township are handing out.

I went through this entire exercise a year ago with Councillors Bauman and B. Bryant. They sent a letter off to the Region with a list of questions. Those questions were not honestly or accurately responded to. The two worst areas in Woolwich according to what information is available on these inadequate reports is West Montrose by far, followed by one of the water systems in Maryhill. I have grave concerns with Heidelburg due to former mayor Bill Strauss's former gas station but much more data needs to be released to the public.

The longterm issue in West Montrose was supposed to have been remedied by running a pipeline from Conestogo over to West Montrose. When the hell is that happening? West Montrose has the most bacterial contaminated raw water in the Region of Waterloo due to both the nearby Grand River but also due to the location of their septic systems. That's right folks you've got both Total coliforms and E.-Coli in your raw water. This is totally contrary to the recommendations of the Justice O'Connor Report into the Walkerton tragedy.

The Region to avoid people dying from E.-Coli in West Montrose have been hammering the raw water with chlorine to the point that chlorine by-products such as NDMA (possibly), Tri Halo Methanes (THMs) absolutely and excessive Chloramines routinely are threatening the health of residents. West Montrose you are one human error away from lifelong illness or death and to date those errors have occurred but been apparently caught in time. What I also don't understand is how your water can be so heavily chlorinated when so much of it last year was brought in by tanker truck to fill up your reservoir and presumably reduce the quantity of contaminated raw water requiring treatment.

This is a disgrace and needs to be addressed before Woolwich has yet another water disaster. I will be sending this post to each and every Woolwich Councillor immediately.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Pretend public consultation was the idea from the beginning. After Pat and Susan figured that out (likely before me as Pat was a Councillor afterall) they decided to make the best of it. Of course they didn't share their coopting with their colleagues including Henry Regier, Ron Ormson (I hope), Gerry Heideburt, Fred Hager, Richard and myself. Henry figured it out next with me then second.

Only recently we have three more examples of the private, backroom deals between Chemtura and the Ministry of the Environment that have been going on forever. These deals totally excluded the public advisory committee (CPAC) because they are supposed to be seen and not heard.

The initial excavation of GP1 was supposed to have been .3 metre or all of one foot deep. This current CPAC with Sebastian on their case every single meeting told them that that was not remotely adequate. They adamantly refused to consider any deeper, anywhere. Lo and behold in December 2014 we receive their "Remediation and Capping of Former Gravel Pit Areas (GP1 & GP2)" only to learn that fifteen months earlier they excavated up to two metres in depth in one very large and heavily contaminated area. Not a word to CPAC. Not a hint for fifteen months after they had done at least partially what we had been advocating for years. Equally not a word out of the Ministry slimeballs at the table. Oh did I say that out loud? Apologies Mayor Mom for my language . I should have said not a word out of the integrity challenged, provincial experts at producing factual fictions, the M.O.E..

Round two occurred one year later. Without any consultation or sharing of data of any kind they went back and reexcavated three areas within GP1. It turned out that their inital go round in 2013 didn't quite cut it. Yes they advised that they were planning on doing a second round of excavations in 2014 in GP1 but certainly no maps or data were provided. Only in December 2014 did we get a look at how their original, published plans basically meant nothing.

Round three is in regards to Conestoga Rovers East Side Surficial Soil and Groundwater Investigation Work Plan. This allegedly is to address the disaster on the east side of their property as well as their neighbour's property (Stroh). This Investigation Work Plan was not brought forward prior to being published for any feedback from CPAC whatsoever. At no time was CPAC or SWAT consulted as to what we thought was necessary regarding either soil or water sampling. At no time did CRA or Chemtura decide that the expertise on CPAC which discovered the east side disaster might also have some good ideas towards investigating it scientifically. Furthermore CRA/Chemtura/M.O.E. are such rectums that they wouldn't even acknowledge CPAC's or Peter Gray of MTE Consultants input in their report. Again apologies Mayor Mom for using the word "rectums" but I thought it was more non-inflammatory than "assholes".

This is exactly what the partners in pollution want and only with strong support from Woolwich Council can CPAC insist on real public consultation. To date Woolwich Council (primarily Bauman & Mayor Shantz) want to hold their hands, soothe their ruffled feathers and scapegoat CPAC for the last twenty-five years of Chemtura/Ministry obfuscation and manipulation. This CPAC and the last Council had turned things around. This Council are on the verge of throwing it all away.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Today's Elmira Independent is not yet on-line hence I can't link you the reader to it. Regardless there is a wonderful Letter To The Editor titled (by Gail Martin) ""Attack" on CPAC unwarranted". It may be a little late for modesty after I've already described the letter to the Editor as "wonderful" so I'll have to stick with honesty. Yours truly wrote it and I believe it puts Councillor Bauman and Mayor Shantz's behaviour in proper perspective.

It would seem in hindsight very likely that that pair in conjunction with Chemtura manufactured the alleged "crisis" of their no shows at the last TWO CPAC meetings namely November 2014 and January 2015. It was very strange how quickly Mark and Sandy were using the boycott word after the very first meeting in November was missed. That's odd because at no time has Chemtura informed CPAC that they are boycotting public meetings. Hunh!!! They've simply advised at the last minute that they are not sending any representatives to the upcoming meeting. Very strange how Mark and Sandy immediately jumped to the conclusion that Chemtura and the M.O.E. were boycotting anything. The M.O.E. also have not advised CPAC of any boycott on their part. Part of their excuses have been oh well as Chemtura won't be there then neither will we. Par for the course they even tried to throw dirt on me by advising they found out that Chemtura weren't attending by reading this Blog. Such bullshit but I guess when that's a normal part of your everyday communications you begin to believe your own crap.

The next public CPAC meeting is one week from today in the Woolwich Council Chambers at 6 pm.. As Mark and Sandy seem to think that they have the right to inappropriately discredit CPAC I certainly hope they appreciate my right to appropriately discredit them and their behaviour which is supporting Chemtura and the Ontario Ministry of Excuses and Corporate Collusion (MOECC).

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Last evening in the Dodie Hummel Room at the Township building CPAC held their Working Session prior to the formal CPAC public meeting next Thursday February 26 at 6 pm.. To date the M.O.E. and Chemtura have rudely, callously, cowardly and disrespectfully missed TWO public CPAC meetings in a row, namely November 2014 and January 2015. If they in their infinite arrogance and environmental contempt miss February then that will make three in a row. Perhaps Mayor Mom (Sandy) might induce them to come by bringing cookies and milk to the meeting. Personally I was thinking of presenting both Chemtura and the Ministry of the Environment with baby soothers. Really all they do anyways is suck their thumbs at these meetings so soothers might actually be an improvement for them.

Henry presented an excellent document last evening which discussed appropriate actions and behaviour needed to validate the Mayor's current approach to CPAC. Note I did not say the Mayor's current counter-productive and stupid approach. While that indeed is the case nevertheless Henry is far more diplomatic and kind to virtue challenged individuals than I.

Henry also presented three excellent documents from both Canada-U.S. Agreements and also Canada-Ontario environmental Agreements dealing with the Great Lakes and their basins. The first document concerns likely strategies had Elmira been designated an area of concern in 1987. tem #4 deals with Persistent Toxic Substances (PTS) specifically including Dioxins and DDT. These are exactly the issue on Chemtura's east side and on the Stroh property. These are exactly the issues that Mark Bauman and Mayor Shantz are currently deflecting with their non-support and indeed attacks on CPAC. Shame on the pair of them and I hope they are enjoying my attacks on them because they will continue until they get out of bed with Chemtura and the M.O.E..

The second document Item #8 refers to "Virtual Elimination of Inputs of Persistent Toxic Substances". Again this is exactly CPAC and SWAT's current focus and incredible success right up until Mark & Sandy's intervention with Chemtura and fellow travellor. This pair with an ill-informed new Council behind them are taking the pressure off of Chemtura and the M.O.E.. Trust politicians to step in, manufacture a "crisis" and then claim they have to fix it. Absolute bullshit Sandy & Mark.

Henry's third document deals with likely strategies had Elmira been designated an area of concern (AOC) in 1987. All of these points would have put some consequences into Chemtura's and the M.O.E.'s ongoing lack of response and co-operation. Once again presumably through lobbying, money, power and influence they and other Grand River polluters managed to sway Regional and local politicians up and down the Grand River Valley to keep us out of the formal Areas of Concern. Politic's filth and dirt never fail to impress.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


The topic of course is in regards to Chemtura Canada. CPAC has also been corresponding with MP Harold Albrecht on matters concerning Chemtura. Basically the *Responsible Care verification is upcoming and Chemtura have been refusing to be clear for months as to what their plans are including who will be on the possible verification team. In the past Chemtura (& the CIAC) have stacked this team in Chemtura's favour and still had difficulties. The last verification indeed required a "do over" in order for Chemtura to get verified.

Recently a CPAC member located Minutes of a CIAC meeting on-line in which both a Chemtura rep and a former CPAC member misrepresented the facts. The CIAC had been notified by the CPAC Chair and then Mr. Albrecht got involved. Personally I'm hardly holding my breathe for a loyal Tory backbencher to do anything at all about Chemtura's local sordid behaviour. Similarily the CIAC seem to feel they are better served with Chemtura as a member than they are tarnished by their membership. Let's see exactly how long that attitude continues.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Last Thursday's Elmira Independent carrys two stories regarding local gravel pits. They are "OMB costs reach $452,000" and "Winterbourne residents advocate against Jigs Hollow Pit application". The first article indicates that Woolwich Township spent $376,538.20 fighting the proposed Hunder Pit at the Ontario Muncipal Board. The second article is in regards to the still ongoing attempts to operate the Jigs Hollow Pit nearest to Winterbourne. Sonya Sommerville and Jan Huissoon both gave presentations at Woolwich Council highlighting the dangers of a below water table gravel pit. This below water table condition is a new one as the original plan and permission was only for an above water table gravel pit. Woolwich Township had wisely in hindsight put a holding provision on the original approved application, making any change to below water table a trigger to bring the whole matter back before Council. Personally I am doubtful that this Council will be as careful regarding gravel pits approval as the last one was. Time will tell.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Why do I think that Councillor Mark Bauman is yet again going to be caught talking out of both sides of his mouth? Could it be his publicly stated position that an independent investigation of the Stroh property is required? To date Mark has not advised CPAC or SWAT as to what he thinks about Conestoga Rovers "East Side Surficial Soil and Groundwater Investigation Plan" dated January 2015. To date I have posted comments twice this month here describing errors and flaws in the report.

There are many ways to fudge technical reports and Conestoga Rovers being the professionals they are, know them all. The most blatant and yet difficult to catch would be the initial fudging of either soil or water samples at the source. Composite sampling seems to me to be one such way while pretending to be collecting more "representative" samples. While the analysis is carefully done by independent labs (allegedly) with strict chain of custody protocols, the taking of samples in the field, not so much. This is a glaring weakness in the already grossly strained credibility gap surrounding Conestoga Rovers and their client Chemtura, Canada.

Fudging of the Conclusions of technical reports is one of the easiest methods to better "adjust" any negative findings that an impartial analysis of the data would provide. CRA are masters of this and I have so stated for years in my critiques of their reports. Perhaps another easy way to predetermine that you don't have a problem is by the initial "Work Plan". If you can scope or limit exactly what you are looking at in order to minimize negative results then you are three quarters of the way home before you even write your final report stating that there is no problem.

CRA's "East Side Surficial Soil and Groundwater Investigation Plan" is a crock. Chemtura and the M.O.E. skipped the January 2015 public CPAC meeting even though I had partially presented the case at Woolwich Council indicating they had excavated in the wrong place for the alleged GP1 remediation. I advised that further details and documentation would be provided at the January 29/15 CPAC meeting. No show by the guilty parties. Again at the upcoming CPAC meeting (February 26/15) there will be discussion about CRA's proposed "Investigation Plan". I don't expect Councillor Bauman to be present but if he is I fully expect he will reverse himself and suddenly see wonderful things in this horribly inadequate and intentionally flawed plan.

Friday, February 13, 2015


Is there a legitimate reason that citizens generally hold lawyers and politicians in less esteem than used car salesmen? If I could think of a better comparison I would because in my opinion the percentage of ethical used car salesmen is probably ten times higher than for lawyers and fifteen times higher than for politicians.

Good politicians in bed with the powerful must talk out of both sides of their mouths. They must constantly be selling bad decisions as good ones to the public. They must be reinterpreting issues so as to avoid the reality and focus on the unlikely. Out of necessity they must discredit honest and good people. Most of it they do prior to any confrontation and behind the scenes. Such as experienced politicians leading a new Council down the garden path.

A real politician must always be in character. No matter how outrageous and ridiculous their position they must continue selling the lie. Win or lose they will always insist that it was for the benefit of the public. For example when was the last time you heard any politician at the federal level admit that the past numerous free trade agreements sold Canadian manufacturing and workers down the toilet and over to Asia?

One of the honest Woolwich politicians repeated the lie he was told, to me. He stated that because CPAC wasn't working the new Council were trying out new things in order to fix CPAC. Do you think that Mark for example would tell this Councillor that the destroyer of our groundwater was personally offended at repeatedly being exposed as a liar by CPAC & SWAT? Not likely. Keep in mind that here in these pages I call a spade a spade. At public CPAC meetings the CPAC Chair appropriately would not tolerate the "L" word hence I don't use it. All the claims by Sandy and Mark that CPAC are rude or abusive are blatant lies. Yes I have little tolerance or respect for Chemtura and the Ontario M.O.E. nor should I. I, however am not a CPAC member and with the likes of Mark and Sandy ruling the roost probably won't be. That is to the everlasting shame of the local Council allegedly insisting on cleaning up their groundwater.

Mark and Sandy are in bed with Chemtura. Whether jobs, corporate donations, tax revenue, threats or other reasons honest or otherwise they are tucked in nicely with Chemtura. Hence on Chemtura's behalf they are attacking the character and credibility of the best CPAC this Township has ever had. This is why over the last couple of weeks I've gone on the offensive, single handedly. I have lodged formal complaints against the township with the Ontario Ombudsman and I have also contacted the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs... . I have also in e-mails and here spelled out my opinion, based upon the facts as I know them, that Sandy and Mark are purposely undermining CPAC both at Council and in the Elmira Independent last week. I find their behaviour cowardly, disgusting and reprehensible.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


First off let me say that the third honest Councillor I am referring to is Larry Shantz. I need to clarify by stating that I assume people are honest until proven otherwise. I've met Larry on a couple of occasions and I would describe him as affable, sociable and pleasant. The fact is I don't know butkus about his honesty, backbone, intelligence etc..

Patrick Merlihan and Scott Hahn I believe are the other two honest individuals on Woolwich Council. I've talked to Scott on a few occasions and while once in writing he got his back up about my written comments he was straightforward and direct. Further discussions between us have been thought provoking and interesting. I have high hopes for his continued career in municipal politics provided he can stomache the lying and deceit that goes with it. My apologies to past Councillor Bonnie Bryant who I am about to quote. She advised me that in the last four years she had been lied to more than in her entire life. She did not elaborate as to whether the lying was from fellow councillors, staff or the public.

My opinion of Patrick is based upon knowing him most indirectly through the pages of the Woolwich Observer. Yes I have spoken to him also only on a couple of occasions but I must say that similar to Scott, as my Ward One Councillor, he is very approachable and we have communicated by e-mail. Patrick is a co-owner of the Woolwich Observer. On the negative side their lack of coverage of CPAC over the last decade has been a disservice to the residents of Woolwich. On the plus side they have an Editor (Steve Kannon) whom I view as truly extraordinary.

Hypocrisy abounds. I have been accused by truth challenged, axe grinding individuals of singlehandedly leading CPAC by the nose. This includes in a poorly written, rushed to print book, sardonically renamed "The Saga of Susan" by a well informed friend of mine. These lies in the book have included some by Bill Bardswick, the recently retired Director of the West Central Region of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (M.O.E.).

Woolwich Mayors are full time and well paid to be so. Councillors on the other hand have outside jobs to support them as their Council jobs pay poorly and hence are by necessity part time. Being only part time, delegating of responsibilities is vital. Hence the ward system. Interesting that the biggest proponent of change for CPAC (other then Chemtura) is the Councillor for St. Jacobs, Mark Bauman. He is being listened to along with the Mayor because he has been a CPAC member for three years and has many terms of Council under his belt.

Bauman and Shantz are deceiving Council. They are providing inaccurate and false information regarding the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee (CPAC). Mark is definitely doing this intentionally in order to help Chemtura and the M.O.E. survive the shocking recent revelations of the MTE Consultants Report and the discovery of the Stroh Drain. Mark with full support and gratitude of Chemtura and their corrupt regulator (M.O.E.) is beginning the process of returning CPAC to its' former role as a concession granting cheerleader for them. Sandy has a magnificent future as a politician with the package she presents as a friendly, honest, pleasant but experienced at leadership, individual. That is the problem. I no longer believe that she is honest but naive. She knows exactly what she is doing and for whose benefit and it is not for the benefit of the public. It is specifically to assist Chemtura in their longterm goal of avoiding an expensive cleanup prior to their abandoning the Elmira site. Chemtura have a horrid environmental reputation south of the border (see yesterday's post) and have sucessfully stalled and delayed here for twenty-five years. Thank you very much Mark Bauman. You have been a significant part of that for a very long time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I was e-mailed the above titled report. The first sentence is as follows "The 2010 bankruptcy settlements between the U.S. and Chemtura provide for the payment of funds in connection with 18 sites and facilities throughout the country. The payments for these sites will address a wide variety of environmental contamination.".

Indeed these 18 sites are all over the country. Many appear to be landfills in which Chemtura over the years dumped toxic wastes including liquid toxic wastes. Just like in Elmira, Ontario. The corporation however got away with a fire sale. There are some payments to the U.S. government in the low millions of dollars and there are many more literally of two and three thousand dollars only.

The point for me is that their site here in Elmira is no aberration; it is no anomaly. Their claims of historic and accepted waste handling practices of the time are ingenuous. They've been polluting other human beings air and water and soil across the continent for 3/4 of a century. They have always known exactly what they were doing. Yes it is possible that some of the regulators and authorities along the way have played ball with them, to their everlasting shame.

When will our provincial regulator develop some spine and when will our local politicians also follow suit? You would think the local politicians who live here would be the ones to step up but it is a rarity.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Last Thursday I posted that the Elmira Independent had reported in detail on the January 29/15 CPAC meeting. While Gail Martin did her job in reporting comments by both sides; here and now is the time and place to advise who was speaking truth and who was blowing smoke.

Way too much emphasis has been placed upon my so called interrogation of Jeff Merriman. Way too little emphasis has been placed upon the astounding satellite appearence of what may be some type of groundwater collection trench diverting contaminated groundwater from Chemtura/Uniroyal onto the Stroh property. Talk about incompetent people throwing the baby out with the bath water! The issue is not my alleged lack of polite questioning skills; the issue is whether or not both the M.O.E. and Chemtura have broken every possible environmental law there is by doing such a thing.

Mark Bauman claims that he and the Mayor are not "negotiating" with Chemtura. He claims they are in "discussions". There is nothing to discuss other than the Township's support of CPAC and Chemtura's unconditional return. Why should the party who cut and ran and are still releasing Dioxins and DDT into our creek (the Gig) be receiving concessions from the Township to return to CPAC? These concessions by the way are simply a backdoor method to get rid of yours truly who Chemtura rightly or wrongly view as their biggest threat.

Mark Bauman recently stated at a Working Session meeting of CPAC & SWAT that his opinion was that CPAC's professionalism and manner had been fine for the three years he was at CPAC with the one exception being the October 2014 meeting. Then at the January 29/15 meeting he answered the same question from Chair Dr. Dan by stating "there has been disrespect at the meetings". Note meetings as in plural. Mark you are talking through both sides of your mouth. Mark also stated Chemtura has stopped attending due " the behaviour of members of the committee.". That sir is a damned lie! Yes I have little respect or tolerance for the lying of either Chemtura or the M.O.E. but I am not a CPAC member. CPAC members have been professional and respectful in the face of blatant lying and disrespect by both the M.O.E. and Chemtura over the last four years.

Mark who was not present at the October meeting also used the following words to describe CPAC's behaviour namely "badger, interrogate and insult". I called him on that as it was another lie. The Minutes substantiate my position that CPAC were professional and at worst my questions to Jeff while "cordial", as admitted by Jeff, nevertheless were one after the other and were very detailed. My bad!

Mayor Shantz again agreed there was nothing wrong with the questions I asked; but then stated they should not be asked in a way that is not respectful or professional. News flash Sandy! Not all of us are professionals! I am an honest citizen doing my best to expose the lies of Chemtura and the M.O.E.. I am extremely knowledgable on this matter. You are not. I think you should as Dr. Henry Regier suggests quit deflecting and distracting from the important matters. Do you view that as your job discription Sandy?

David Brenneman also opened his mouth with inaccurate comments about deja-vue. Really David? Do you mean me or CPAC? Are you incapable of differentiating between the two? Are you nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Mayor of the moment including the last disgraced one whom you also supported constantly? Your personal self-serving and ingratiating comments to the Mayor are irrelevant to the Chemtura/M.O.E. issues.

Finally Mark again made two more false statements. He stated that "all of us have said things we regret (at CPAC meetings). Speak for yourself Mark. Secondly he stated "We don't want to lose what we've gained by alienating them". Such complete drivel and nonsense. CPAC have not "alienated" anyone. Mark and Sandy however are sucessfully "alienating" CPAC and SWAT with their attempts to divert and deflect the real issues by claiming that Chemtura's and the M.O.E.'s self-serving retreat from public CPAC meetings is even remotely CPAC's fault. Shame on Mayor Shantz and Councillor Bauman. This is the real Mark Bauman who's been hiding in plain sight for years talkng out of both sides of his mouth.

Monday, February 9, 2015


The title of their latest literary masterpiece (not) is "East Side Surficial Soil and Groundwater Investigation Work Plan" dated January 2015. I am going to list a few of their many typographical errors and other simple errors that an allegedly professional consultant should have caught before publishing. Page ten "...was removed from east side ponds RPW-6, RPW-7, and RPW-8 and reportedly stored in RPE-3.". Those three ponds are on the west side of the creek hence their name Retention Pond West.

Page 12 "...still bottoms were drummed and buried in BAE-1, adjacent to the future location of RPE-4.". No, BAE-1 is adjacent to RPE-5 which was the last of the east side pits to be built.

Figure 2.1 This is a conceptual hydrogeological model. The errors in it are legion but I'll simply point out that over a year ago CRA covered the well screen in the Municipal Upper Aquifer (MU) in well W4. They seem to have forgotten this in their Figure.

Page 19 This one is kind of funny. They are describing Dioxin concentrations as pg/g or picograms per gram (parts per trillion). However they've written it as "pictograms" per gram. A pictogram is a type of picture it is not a unit of measure.

Page 21 Again Conestoga Rovers appear to be directionally challenged. They advise that the southern and western edges of GP-1 were lower than the eastern edge and then state that overflow of GP-1 would send liquids south and EAST. Come on guys, proofread or edit your reports please.

page 28 We are advised that monitoring well OW32 " located in the north end of former waste management area RB-1...". Sorry but it is located at the south end of RB-1 and outside of it.

This is merely but a sampling of ridiculous, lazy errors in this report. There are many more of a more serious nature but this tells me that Chemtura are not getting value for their money. Blatant errors like these are unprofessional and boy Chemtura sure like to put on a show about how professional their work and their consultants work is.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Yesterday's Woolwich Observer carrys this story titled "New Woolwich council joins an old gravel pit battle". As expected the operator's (Kuntz Sand & Gravel & Preston Sand & Gravel) have begun talks with Woolwich's planning department to see what is involved in them getting a zoning change permitting below water table extraction from their pit directly beside the Grand river in Winterbourne. Winterbourne resident Soyna Sommerville spoke to Council last Tuesday nite stressing the environmental damage done by a below water table gravel pit in that location. As we learned from the Hunder Pit OMB hearing, topsoil that is moved from one location to another and or simply piled and left to sit loses some of its' value for future crops. In other words the quality of soil deteriorates by these disruptions. Ms. Sommerville further suggested that a below water table pit would also adversely affect nearby farm and residential wells. The Winterbourne Valley is indeed a beautiful location and as nasty as an above ground pit would have been this intended increase in the size, depth and duration of the pit is many times worse. I advise that the proposed operators either wait out the high water table as Climate Change and Global Warming are on their side unless they've got the OMB back in line and in their pocket. The OMB surprisingly turned down the Hunder Pit granted for a number of reasons and it was an above water table pit. This new plan should be a non-starter but stranger things have happened.

Friday, February 6, 2015


Chemtura being the gutless wonders they are, are yet again lobbying hard to remove the constant thorn in their side. That would be me. They did so with the Todd Cowan administration and they did so with the current CPAC a couple of years ago. Todd via lying to his Council about this Blog got them to vote me off CPAC. CPAC however would not budge to the pressure exerted by Chemtura to get me off of SWAT (sub-committee of CPAC) nor would they refuse my asking of questions during the meetings.

At least half of the current Council have a history of appeasing Elmira's biggest polluter. That would be Murray Martin, Mark Bauman and Sandy Shantz. What Chemtura wants, Chemtura gets. Those three would rather throw their support behind a corrupt Ministry of the Environment and a proven, deceptive, misleading destroyer of groundwater and drinking water than behind a group of volunteer citizens who have brought Chemtura and the M.O.E. to their knees. Those three simply want to allow Chemtura to escape being held accountable for both past and current discharges of Dioxins and DDT down the Canagagigue Creek. Shame on them.

The current CPAC are a powerful group of honest individuals (less Mark) who's knowledge base is immeasureably strengthened with my twenty-five years of both history and technical know how. By handcuffing me Chemtura hope to weaken the best by far CPAC that Woolwich Township have ever had. CPAC & SWAT combined with MTE Consultants to deliver a devastating blow to Chemtura and the M.O.E.'s credibility regarding east side discharges onto the neighbour's property. Further to my assistance to the public advisory committee was my providing of hydrogeological reports going back more than thirty years. No other citizen either has them or fully understands them and can produce them at a moments notice when required.

Chemtura want me out of the CPAC picture because my broad understanding of all the technical issues and their history makes it far more difficult for them to gild the lily at public CPAC meetings. I constantly call them on their creative factual fictions; all of which are used to buttress their pathetic attempts at cleanup. Half of your Council continue to support these professional deceivers. Professional deceivers includes politicians who never lack excuses and mom and apple pie "reasons" for their behaviour.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Today's front page story in the Elmira Independent is titled "Shantz meets with CPAC to resolve impasse". The so called "impasse" is nothing more than Chemtura once again running from the heat at CPAC. Back in 1999 during the height of the Duke St. Elmira, fumigations, they did exactly the same thing. Eventually they came back courtesy of unecessary concessions given by Councillor and Chair Pat McLean and more importantly pressure from the Canadian Chemical Producers Association (CCPA) who advised Uniroyal they would never receive *Responsible Care verifcation if they were not at the table. Once again we have unecessary meddling going on, this time from the Mayor and Councillor Mark Bauman. I seriously question their motives. From where I sit I see a reprehensible company committed to deceit and chicanery calling in favours from local politicians. Both Bauman and Shantz have a history on Council of appeasing Chemtura when they are throwing tantrums. The so called "respect" issue is essentially a kindergarten red herring and it is both Bauman and Shantz carrying that load on behalf of Chemtura (& the M.O.E.). The real issue is the negligence of Chemtura and the M.O.E. in intentionally turning a blind eye to the diversion and transport off-site onto the Stroh property of Dioxins and DDT.

Both Chemtura and the M.O.E. are running scared from the MTE Consultants Report (Peter Gray) and from the Stroh Drain and possible collector trenches sending their east side contaminated groundwater off-site. The MTE report uses M.O.E. and Chemtura's consultants reports to make the case of knowingly allowing east side discharges.

Kudos to Gail Martin for the detail in which she reported the meeting between Mayor Shantz, Dave Brenneman (CAO), Mark Bauman and CPAC & SWAT. Gail in particular included my comments in which I bluntly stated that the new Council were getting "played" by Chemtura and the M.O.E.. Essentially Chemtura while under appropriate attack were running and whining to the new Council for protection from the nasty folks on CPAC. And this Council (or at least one Councillor and Mayor) were buying into and promulgating the bullshit red herring of "disrespect" rather than focusing on the real issue which is the east side discharges of Dioxins and DDT across private property and then down the Canagagigue Creek. It has been my experience that professional liars such as the M.O.E. learn how to change the channel and deflect issues.

Other CPAC & SWAT members also spoke well to the issues including Ron Campbell, Graham Chevreau, Chair Dr. Dan Holt, Sebastian and Vivienne. I was disappointed somewhat in Gail's Editorial as it also focused too much on so called "respect" issues and not enough on the meat and potatoes. In the real world respect includes honesty and truthfulness first and foremost. Please stop buying into the absolute crap that Chemtura's wee feelings are hurt. They and their ilk (M.O.E.) couldn't give a hoot about anybody else's feelings and they prove it every single day with their neverending fantasies around the Chemtura Canada property in Elmira.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


The Bio-En Citizens Liason Committee met last evening at the Elmira Library as usual. Most of the usual gang were there including Earl Brubacher, Chuck Martin (audience), Doug Musselman, Bob Gray, Marg Tassy-Keller, Michael Purvis-Smith, Vivienne Delaney (audience), myself (audience) and a new fellow from Bio-En, Paul. At the moment Woolwich Bio-En are operating at about 70-80% of their full capacity.

There was a complaint from Doug regarding the after hours outdoor lighting at the plant. It was felt that as the lighting hasn't changed it was an issue caused by the lights reflecting off the snow. Regardless both Chuck and Earl heard and understood and will make appropriate inquiries as to what if anything can be done.

Bio-En have expressed disappointment with two issues both requiring Ministry of the Environment action. Bio-En's neighbour wishes to buy excess methane gas from them in order to run a generator to produce their own electricity. The M.O.E. will not give approval for a pipeline from Bio-En to their next door neighbour. Secondly there is an issue with many very small loads of feedstocks coming into the plant. By consolidating loads into bigger trucks, fewer trucks could make the same volumes of delivery while lowering traffic volumes and exhaust volumes. Again with this issue all parties are in agreement but the problem appears to be M.O.E. intransigence in permitting truck consolidation of loads in a transfer yard.

Michael Purves-Smith drafted a letter for the Citizens' Committee to discuss. The letter was agreed to unanimously and it urges the M.O.E. to resolve those issues under their control both for the company's and the local citizens benefit.

While in the past the Chemtura Public Advisory Committee have routinely agreed to operating and monitoring changes beneficial to Chemtura, there are substantive differences. Firstly the agreed to changes promoted by Pat and Susan in the past had zero benefit to either the environment or to the local citizens. Secondly unlike Woolwich Bio-En, Chemtura were not playing ball or remotely cooperating with the citizens committee. In fact while receiving concessions of financial benefit to themselves they were seriously misleading the advisory committee on other matters.

There is a major difference between being cooperative for the benefit of all versus selling out to the company for your own personal advantage. To date I am pleased to say that I have been very impressed with the ethics and cooperation displayed by Woolwich Bio-En to the citizens committee and to the community as a whole.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Chemtura/Conestoga Rovers are such a bunch of wankers. For three months Chemtura have sat on their behinds and said nothing about the MTE Consultants Report presented to CPAC and delivered to them last October. This report is a bombshell that they were not expecting and which in fact quietly and calmly condemns their lack of action if not outright negligence on the east side of their property. The MTE Report is devastating as it combs through old Ministry of the Environment reports and consultants reports providing text, figures and diagrams showing off-site flow of toxic liquid wastes to the east, onto private property. These consultants reports include many who were working on behalf of Uniroyal Chemical at the time.

The report released last week by Conestoga Rovers is titled "East Side Surficial Soil and Groundwater Investigation Work Plan". It is a typical Conestoga Rovers & Associates Plan or CRAP for short. The front page states that the report is in response to a "request" from the Ontario M.O.E.. dated October 29, 2014. Gosh what a coincidence that date is. My calendar indicates that the crucial CPAC meeting that presented Peter Gray's MTE Report was October 30, 2014. While I knew Chemtura and the M.O.E. were both psychotic I didn't know they were psychic as well. Nary a mention of the CPAC meeting. Nary a mention of Peter Gray and his game changing report. And finally not a mention of CPAC having commissioned this report. Once again Chemtura and their partners in pollution are attempting to rewrite history. This CPAC have them on the ropes and all they are capable of doing is running and crying to the new Woolwich council. The Mayor and CAO have been advised by CPAC and SWAT that concessions are inappropriate and counter productive.

More details will follow on CRA's latest pathetic efforts on behalf of Chemtura via this report.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Last Saturday's Woolwich Observer advises us that the "Jigs Hollow Pit back in play". A negotiated settlement between Woolwich Township and the Ontario Municipal Board had permitted Preston Sand & Gravel to begin an above the water table gravel pit just across the Grand River from Winterbourne. In 2013 it was determined that groundwater levels were significantly higher than expected making the pit uneconomical for the small quantity of gravel above the water table. What's a corporation to do but apply back to Woolwich Township for a below the water table permit. This will require the full zoning amendment process.

Recently one corrupt body (Ont. M.O.E.) and one corporation by definition serving their own interests have been complaining to Woolwich Council members and Mayor about how hard done by they are. In their opinions being treated less than respectfully for minor transgressions of dishonesty, lack of integrity, non transparency, non accountability etc. is unprofessional. What can I say? What kind of a person would I be if I respected any of those behaviours? Dr. Henry Regier has recently distributed a wonderful treatise on professional ethics including definitions (Wikipedia). I suppose grudgingly I could reduce my gratuitous use of accurate insults such as calling the Ont. M.O.E. corrupt. I suppose particularily if I was made an offer say by Woolwich Township, a sweetener if you will, to induce less accurate and honest terminology, I could do so without a huge loss of clarity and specicivity.