Tuesday, August 1, 2023


 It sure looks like it based upon the data I've received recently. I had a map dated January 2020 showing outdoor soil vapour results in the residential subdivision downgradient from the former IMICO (Internatioal Malleable Iron Co.) . Those results are horrific in places especially along Lawrence Ave. and Victoria Rd. on the north-east side of the subdivision. What exactly was the Cambridge coverup all about? It was about toxic trichloroethylene (TCE) fumes and others entering residential homes downgradient of Northstar Aerospace plus at least one other industrial source area. That TCE migrated in shallow groundwater heading towards the Grand River and along the way entered homes via vapour intrusion through basement walls.  In Cambridge the extent of the groundwater and vapour intrusion did not become public knowledge until decades after the fact. There is absolutely no excuse for the very same thing to be occurring in Guelph and it is occurring to the absolute shame of both the City of Guelph and the province of Ontario (Min. of Environment). .

Recently I received results of indoor air testing in a home on Lawrence Ave. I find the results shocking. It isn't just the TCE results it's the results from everything else including other very toxic substances such as benzene, perchlorethylene (PCE), pinene, MEK, toluene etc.  Along with these known toxins are at least another half dozen chemicals that can do harm. These indoor air results rise and fall based upon weather, time of year, extent of open windows for ventilation etc. not to mention the state of large or small cracks in one's basement walls. Rest assured if water can get through then vapours will have zero difficulty. These vapours can be life and health threatening especially over time. Our authorities are not acting with the urgency required.   

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