Tuesday, August 15, 2023


 Actually at one time there used to be a full page of excuses each month as to why various pumps didn't meet their Target Rates. Everything from power failures to dirty glass, needing cleaning on the Ultraviolet Tubes which break down NDMA. Plus less than a hundred other excuses each month including broken parts without spares readily available, labour shortages due to date nights , poker games etc. O.K. I made up the last two but I think you get the picture.

 So here's a few excuses that got mentioned on the front page of the June 2023 Monthly Progress Report. Pumping Well PW5 was operating at a reduced pumping rate due to decreased well efficiency. Well that's pretty non-specific and generic. Was the water level too low? How about the pipe being partially obstructed? Anything at all? Nope.

Pumping Well W3R was shut down on June 22, 2023 due to an over pressurization in the system and a rupture disc activation. Lanxess Canada are currently awaiting the receipt of replacement rupture discs. My understanding is that rupture discs are a dime a dozen hence why have any spares available when you save money by not pumping and treating groundwater?

Extraction well W5A was shut down on June 8, 2023 due to failure of the pump/motor. Who would have thought that eventually a pump/motor running 24/7 might actually break down? Lanxess have requested replacements but are unable to install until July 21/23 due to  Lotowater Technical Services Inc. lack of crane availability.

E7 is shut down for "pulse pumping". Anybody suggest that the pumping/treating capacity of this well could be used elsewhere (i.e. drill a spare pumping well) when E7 is shut down because allegedly NDMA concentrations are low right there?

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