Friday, August 11, 2023


 I'm embarrassed to write that quote about politics above in the title. Embarrassed because there is absolutely no proviso or condition that "one's way" is in the public interest. In fact as we are being so constantly reminded by our non esteemed provincial government; "one's way" includes friends and buddies of Premier Ford. Regarding the Greenbelt scandal not only is prime agricultural land being taken out of production but trees as well which are the lungs of the province. The Auditor General has concluded that TWO developers have had the value of their properties increased by BILLIONS of dollars with their properties removal from the designated Greenbelt. What a province we live in.

And meanwhile I sometimes wonder why our Ontario Ministry of Environment is so bad. Where the hell are they when this crap is going on in the province? Oh right the Minister of the Environment is sitting at the Cabinet table keeping his goddamn mouth shut because his personal ambitions and financial future are much more important than those of millions of Ontarians. Apparently the whole smokescreen about land being needed to build housing is just more government bullsh*t. According to the Auditor General we have lots of land available for housing in Ontario. So why lie about it? So that developers and wealthy donors to the Conservative party remember who their friends are prior to the next election. Similar to our justice system we have the best political (or judicial) system in the world, that money can buy. 

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