Friday, August 4, 2023


 In general of course. I'm much too mature and secure to worry that the title refers to myself. Ha! Anyways here's the bottom line (no pun intended).This is a semi quote from a free thinker and friend. "Why are they less concerned about health effects and more concerned about a single word ?"  Or as I would put it "Virtue signaling at its' best." Now the reality is likely somewhere in the middle.  I've put some thought into this and here's my takeaway. Everybody has the right to express an opinion even in my estimation a strong one that will offend some people. That said I can understand some third parties not wishing to be included in correspondence that could be construed as either risque or rude. Hence as those people have expressed that position then I will simply not include them in any further outbursts of humour or rancour. I believe that as a friend they have expressed their limitations and I will try to respect them. I don't have to agree with them but I will be more thoughtful as to whom may unintentionally be offended by my particular sense of humour etc.

Now as to the "guilty" parties that is a different thing. Disrespect can be blatant, somewhat in my style, or it can be more subtle but still very nasty. The MECP are total assh*les in this regard. The Ministry (of environment) do not like to share lnowledge and facts with us the unwashed masses. Yes a large part of it is self-defence on their parts. They are confident that honest information shared can come back to bite them in the as*. So they obfuscate, delay, deny and do everything possible not to communicate honestly with the concerned public including local stakeholders. I am not remotely obligated to treat them decently as they have not treated me, my friends or colleagues decently, ever. 

Swinging back to "health effects" where is the outrage that the Region and Min. of Environment are not communicating directly and honestly with myself, CPAC and or even our elected representatives? Uniroyal Chemical continues to leak like a sieve and I am confident that all our authorities know that whether it be via groundwater, surface water, soil vapours  or air emissions. Where are the letters and e-mails to our government bodies demanding truthfulness and honesty not to mention timely responses to our questions? Why have citizens not flooded Woolwich Council meetings whether virtual or in person with their demands for a proper groundwater cleanup to be completed by 2028 as promised? Why is the Stroh property getting a pass from honest, straightforward soil testing throughout? Why is the Risk Assessment of the Canagagigue Creek being allowed to be hijacked by Qualified P&&&&&&, bought and paid for by the polluter and his successors? 

Part of the answer and I emphasize only part of the answer might be confidence. Citizens don't have enough confidence (even informed ones) in their knowledge and in their common sense. They don't feel capable to confront suits, bureaucrats and consultants with initials after their names on matters of fact. They automatically defer to "experts" without looking at who these "experts" are deferring to. They have much more confidence in jumping on a single rude or risque word or expression and expressing a strong opinion on that. The guilty parties appreciate their sensitivities. I understand them. 


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