Thursday, August 10, 2023


 Full credit to councillor Nathan Cadeau. Now I'm not going to jinx him by suggesting that he's the best thing on Woolwich Council since sliced bread because there are other good councillors working quietly away. Nathan however has stepped up and whether he's seen around the complaints about my use of an inappropriate word or not, he's certainly got his eye on the important stuff. Stuff like governments being transparent. Governments communicating honestly with the citizens and taxpayers footing the bill. Governments whether municipal, regional or provincial speaking truth to their citizens despite possible political fallout. Well done Nathan.

Above and beyond the above reasons for myself and CPAC members being upset at the Region of Waterloo's, somewhat in our minds, cavalier attitude to the source of soil contamination beneath Church St. East, is the obvious question: Why wouldn't Uniroyal Chemical soil and groundwater contamination have flowed northwards? Also if likely (and it is) why would the Region attempt to hide or downplay it? Ahh now we're heading back to the "sweetheart" deal between Uniroyal and the Ontario Min. of Environment as well as later bilateral deals between Uniroyal and the Region and Uniroyal and the Township. Money was of course involved and in my opinion both the Township and the Region sold the farm. Did the MOE/MECP  do even worse in order to avoid criminal charges potentially? I ask this question based upon their mandate and their Terms of Reference. I would certainly be surprised to find out that somewhere in their operating directions there is some clauses ordering them to coverup for large or influential polluters. That would kind of give their credibility a kick in the teeth don't you think?

Uniroyal offered money to the Region and Township to cover additional costs borne by the taxpayers during the early years of the Elmira Water Crisis. This would include lab costs, pipeline construction costs, bottled water costs and lots more. Unfortunately Uniroyal would have thrown in conditions which our political bodies should have refused. Perhaps conditions included leaving the status quo alone. Uniroyal accepted full responsibility for all contamination in the municipal aquifers, proven or not. Uniroyal's contamination allegedly only flowed south-west off site in groundwater, shallow and deep. The deep groundwater polluted the south wellfield (E7 & E9) and most of the shallow groundwater discharged into the Canagagigue Creek from both the east and west creekbanks. Allegedly nothing flowed due east, due west or northwards. Time and more has proven that false. 

This folks is what your parents told you as children. Lies breed more lies. Lies from thirty four years ago require fresh lies to maintain the facade.     


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