Wednesday, August 23, 2023


 I've been having some interesting e-mail exchanges with councillor Nathan Cadeau recently. Or his proxy. He seems to have learned a lot about groundwater in a very short time. We'll see where this goes although my understanding is that Woolwich Council are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic currently. In other words they are changing the Terms of Reference for TAG & RAC (?) which is a joke. Shame on each and every one of them who voted in favour of that crap.

It is always difficult interpreting both words and actions. Usually time straightens out for you those who are straight shooters and those who aren't. It's a little early to tell with the five recent new councillors although most of us were positively impressed with Bonnie Bryant after her first term several years ago. Mayor Shantz has less support (no surprise there) from CPAC members. 

Myself and Richard Clausi have both suggested in writing that RAC and TAG be abolished and replaced with the CPAC members from eight years ago. Perhaps having the mayor walk the plank might also be a good idea but just about as likely.  

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  1. It seems as if I've overinterpreted Henry's position on this matter. Sorry Henry.