Friday, August 25, 2023



That is very good news  The question is however Is it absolutely true? Now Councillor Cadeau's written claim was cc'd to the other five councillors so certainly in a perfect , even reasonable, world one could expect a very quick denial from some if not all councillors if Mr. Cadeau misspoke. It's almost 24 hours later and so far no denials, no ifs ands or buts... O.K. certainly there should be some urgency to their response particularly as Councillor Cadeau is attempting to get CPAC to attend a meeting discussing the future of RAC and TAG. 

RAC & TAG weaknesses:

MU pumping reductions! Never ending acceptance of excuses.

UA pumping reductions! & TAG non recognition/discussion. Gross incompetence or worse?  

Creek Risk Assess. : TAG's failure to give an ultimatum re: "hotspots" cleanup and more

 Creek Risk Assess. : TAG's failure to demand better MDLs, less biased sampling locations, > parameters (PAHs, mercury, PCBs etc.)

TAG's REFUSAL to allow either comments or questions from the gallery/floor

TAG's REFUSAL to allow verbal Delegations from the public (written only which they ignore-0 questions etc.)

RAC's REFUSAL to allow either comments or questions from the floor

TAG's lack of support or even interest in Sebastian's (TAG & CPAC member) presentations regarding the Stroh Drain, Ditch & Berm.

TAG's refusal to consider the grossly inadequate sampling of the Stroh property.

TAG's acceptance of 15 cm. (5.9") depth of "excavations" on the border between Lanxess & Stroh. 

Whether or not CPAC members either the full group or just a couple by their own choice attend a stakeholders' meeting to determine RAC & TAG's future; there are written criticisms regarding RAC & TAG including this one. Council's past mistreatment and manipulation of CPAC is more than ample reason not to attend this meeting if CPAC so decide. I'm frankly not certain that any Council listening to either Dave Brenneman or Sandy Shantz's input are trustworthy by volunteer citizens whose environmental goals are so diametrically opposed to Lanxess, MECP, GHD and past councils.   

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  1. Sounds like Good News, hope Cadeau is for real, not a Libtard like Melehan was. If he is for real the upcoming posturing will tell us everything we need to know about new council.