Thursday, August 3, 2023


 I double downed last evening. Or I ran out of patience. Imagine that after only 34 years of bafflegab, bulls*it, obfuscation and corruption I snapped. Well it wasn't a full scale snap. Just a small scale snap. I had some $%^&* from the Region of Waterloo, who I don't think I've ever heard of before, give me the Qualified Persons (QP) crap for the last time. Well I expect it's for the last time. I rather ungraciously made it clear that I viewed all QPs as male suits acting as yes men for their clients. I did not use the term intellectual prostitutes nor did I use the harsh word liars. I did however  refer to them as qualified (rhymes with venus but refers to their predominately male gender). Yes I viewed that as a take off on qualified persons and my word shares a lot of letters with "persons". 

What really got to me is the over three weeks that I and others have been asking three or four very straightforward questions of the Region regarding the contaminated soils that allegedly set them back a week to remove and ship off site from Church St. here in Elmira, Ontario. I am very tired of having to send five and six e-mails when one should do the job. Then being told that all the Region requires are the "opinions" of their bought and paid for QPs was a step too far. 

I believe that Uniroyal Chemical, contrary to our authorities ridiculous claims, actually had their contamination migrate off site north, south, east and west. Our authorities claim that it only migrated off-site in the south-west direction despite shallow excavations on the east side (Stroh property).  There is also evidence of Uniroyal chemicals having migrated west from the M2 and TPW2 area (Uniroyal) over to the Nutrite/Yara property. While always likely this is probably the first real hints of northward migration and all we get are the "opinions" and "conclusions" of Qualified Persons working on behalf of the Region of Waterloo. Totally unacceptable.  

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