Wednesday, August 2, 2023


 Is that what happened last night at Woolwich Council regarding the Region (Boris & Jenn) allegedly clearing things up about their claim of coal tar paving (macadam) being found underneath Church St. right in front of the former Uniroyal Chemical plant? I had been watching the on-line Agenda since last Friday and nothing despite an e-mail suggesting that a councillor had asked the Region to attend. Again nothing on the Agenda yesterday morning. By last evening lo and behold Boris & Jenn were on the Agenda. Nicely played but hey that probably corresponds to their self serving "rules".

. There was a map/Figure along with a page and a half of bulls*it. This bulls*it included the claim that none of the soils tested had chemicals at hazardous levels. Allegedly none were hazardous yet removing them separately and trucking them to a special landfill delayed the project by a week. Sure that makes sense. It turns out that the alleged tarmacadam was not tested to prove that it indeed was tarmacadam. No it was assumed to be tarmacadam based upon soil testing beneath it (remember benzene was found) as well as the opinion of the bought and paid for QPs. QPs is short for bought and paid for experts. 

The page and a half of bulls*it  stated that answers to the councillors' questions were distributed to them. Gee that's sweet. What questions were submitted to the Region and what were their answers? Here am I, part of the party who asked the pertinent and relevant questions and guess what? NO ANSWERS YET FROM EITHER THE REGION OR THE MECP. See my Friday July 28/23 posting for the questions needing answers.

Further bulls*it includes the focus on NDMA and chlorobenzene in groundwater underneath Elmira. Talk about conflating different issues. The Region's letter refers to "downgradient" of their site but does not clarify downgradient in shallow aquifers, deep aquifers or what the hell they are rambling about. Just plain bulls*it  designed to bafflegab the councillors but unlikely to bafflegab CPAC hence why they aren't talking to us. 

Isn't that convenient that no tarmacadam was found last year further west underneath Church St. I still don't believe tarmacadam was found underneath Church St. beside Uniroyal/Lanxess. What they likely found was benzene and a few other Uniroyal migrating chemicals. The onus is on them to prove otherwise and so far they've only proven how deceptive and manipulative they and the MECP are. Nothing new there folks. 

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