Friday, August 18, 2023


 Well I'm going to suggest that they do. Specifically in the worst characterization I'm going to suggest Donald Trump (U.S.) and Doug Ford (Ont.). Now just to show that this post is not entirely partisan I'm going to include a third politician although I will admit that he does not have the chops or the stupidity to really join the first two. Trump is a Republican, Ford is a Conservative and lo and behold Justin Trudeau is a a Canadian federal Liberal.

Donald Trump among his many sins (lying, cheating, fraud etc.) attempted to illegally overturn a U.S. federal election in his favour. What a complete ass*ole! Doug Ford is a liar and a deceiver. He's mostly been caught out on the Greenbelt scandal here in Ontario. There are calls for a police investigation so we will see where this goes. His other anti-environment decisions since gaining power in Ontario have made him a pariah among those trying to improve our natural environment. Justin is far smoother than both. He has ended the up till recently perfectly legal market in handgun sales to qualified and licensed individuals. Private ownership and use on legal ranges has not been a problem. Illegal acquiring and use of handguns by gangs and criminals has been. Those firearms are generally smuggled into Canada from the U.S. where they are readily available. Justin Trudeau also banned AR 15 style rifles in Canada. Notice I said AR15 style not automatic rifles because AR15s are not automatic. There are no legal automatic rifles in Canada and haven't been I'm guessing since the 1930s. Justin promised to buy back AR15s from Canadians who bought them legally and who can no longer use them on legal shooting ranges. Nor can Canadians sell them or give them away legally. Over three years later and not one nickel has gone to Canadian citizens for their property that the federal government made illegal to use via Cabinet decree. Not even by legislation through the House of Commons. I believe that I have become a non partisan politician hater because of these three.

So what is their one redeeming feature? They have demonstrated how terribly inept and generally stupid huge portions of our electorate are. They have proven that democracy is equally capable of elevating ignorant and dangerous people to positions of authority they should never have attained. These three have helped to ensure that politics continues to be seen as a home for scumbags and professional liars. If I'm right then all three will get reelected. If I'm wrong all three will get thrown out on their ass*s to make room for the next crop of scumbags and professional liars.    

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