Monday, August 28, 2023


 Last Thursday councillor Nathan Cadeau advised myself as well as his council colleagues, via e-mail, that the discontinuation of RAC & TAG were still on the table as part of the "Review". My gut says "Bullsh*t" yet again. My mind says "Bullsh*t yet again".  My heart however says "Dear God is it actually possible ?" I posted here in the Elmira  Advocate about this last Friday.

 IF Nathan was misinformed or inaccurate or confused then it is up to his counciil colleagues or himself to immediately rectify his statement. No one is suggesting intentional manipulation or obfuscation just because it's been part of the skill set of Uniroyal, Lanxess, MECP and Woolwich Councils for decades. Decades of lying to CPAC and the public does not guarantee that everything forever more also has to be a lie. Although surely unbiased and honest readers can understand why those on the receiving end of professional liars over three decades plus tend to expect nothing but more lies on all the important questions.  

Nathan did ask for more time to respond to my e-mail from Saturday August 19/23 which I sent to him and his fellow councillors. I also sent it on to CPAC and some media. That e-mail was specifics regarding the major reductions in Upper Aquifer pumping (& treating) over the last twenty years and especially over the last eight years. That e-mail requires a significant and intelligent response backed with numbers and data. It also requires either a confirmation or a denial from Woolwich Councillors. In other words before any Review of RAC and TAG there must be a clear understanding by Woolwich Councillors themselves regarding RAC and TAG's effectiveness or incompetence.  A canned response handed along from GHD (consultants) on behalf of Lanxess Canada is not acceptable.  Nor is any other self-serving response from Lanxess fellow travellors.

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  1. the lack of response indicates that the taxpayer is NOT a "stakeholders"