Wednesday, August 9, 2023


 Vivienne, Richard, Henry and I all took turns attempting to educate the Region of Waterloo. Conversely I would suggest that we had pretty good discussions with two Woolwich Councillors. Regardless facts have been clarified that have intentionally tried to have been forgotten by all the guilty parties. These facts describe among other things the litany of intentionally counterproductive behaviours by Uniroyal & successors, Min. of Environment (MOE/MECP) and past Woolwich Councils. 

In a nutshell the Region dillydallied for four weeks essentially in the end stating "Trust Us", "our consultants are not Qualified Pen%es* they are actually sent from heaven, perfect individuals who do not require quantitative analysis of anything because they are so damned smart they can determine complex closely similar chemical composition of asphalt, tar macadam, benzene sources etc. without any need for expensive and time consuming third parties taking samples, establishing chains of custody and then qualified chemists doing their thing in the lab. In the vernaculat I suggest that the Region's belatedly elucidated position and behaviour is outrageous bullsh*t at it's best. So sorry if I've hurt anyone's feelings with my non laboratory analysis of the Region's behaviour.

I had listed three major coverups during the last thirty years. Richard focused on the quantitative or hand waving exercise of the Region's consultants. Vivienne asked the straightforward question as to why certain individuals got so upset over a word and were so able to ignore the serious issue of more Uniroyal contamination and more serious health effects in their fury to condemn me and the one rude word. Henry dug up an old research text describing water pollution in and around the Great lakes in the 1960s and various attempts to address it. Henry also pointed out quotes and comments regarding general failures by municipalities to step up and address water pollution properly. My recollection is that Woolwich fitted right in with other municipalities.

P.S. I hate computers. One misstep with hitting buttons/keys left me high and dry trying to post my Blog today. Fortunately my in house tech support came to my rescue. Thank You.   

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