Tuesday, August 29, 2023


 One of the early Control Orders, either the 1984, 1990 or 1991 Ministry of Environment Control Order demanded a monthly Progress Report from Uniroyal Chemical and future corporate owners. Now of course the simple existence of these reports is no panacea especially if yours truly is the only reader of them. I am aware of a few others such as Linda Dickson of TAG who gives a short presentation at TAG meetings regarding this monthly report. I would also expect GHD, consultants to Lanxess, and Lanxess themselves likely read (and write) them. One of the problems is that these monthly reports do not have a quick reference to any of the data (pumping quantities) from the previous three decades hence a quick comparison with past pumping is impossible.

Enter yours truly. I recognized this flaw nearly from the beginning. I wanted a quick way to see how pumping (both on and off site ) was doing. Hence I did what apparently not a single TAG or RAC member has ever done which is to keep my own pumping records based upon these monthly reports. These records I have are a one page, twelve month record of all pumping (& treating) for that year. Now to be perfectly fair to RAC & TAG it is entirely possible that no other CPAC members have done the same either.

Yes these monthly Progress Reports have been handed out either physically or on-line for a long time but that does RAC & TAG who started in September 2015 absolutely no good whatsoever. How many of them asked for back copies and then read them? Apparently nobody or else I would hope that they too would have spotted the gross reductions in Upper Aquifer pumping as I have.

In a nutshell the Township, the Ministry and Uniroyal/Lanxess/CRA/GHD have the entire set of Progress Reports as I do. Wouldn't it have been nice if even a single TAG member had decided to look into this issue.    

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