Friday, November 25, 2022


 I've died and gone to heaven.  THREE WEEKS in a row the Observer have stepped up and bluntly yet accurately told the public about what is going on behind the scenes at TAG and in regards to the scam and sham being sold as a Risk Assessment (RA) of the Canagagigue Creek. This alleged RA is nothing more than a bunch of well paid Suits perverting science and mathematics in order to avoid decades late cleanup costs downstream from Uniroyal/Lanxess Canada in Elmira. Twenty-two Old Order Mennonite families lives and health have yet again been discarded in favour of corporate profits. The health of the downstream environment and all life forms in it have been minimized and further degraded again for corporate profit. And our Mayor and provincial politicians (& MECP) are helping Lanxess achieve this shameful goal.

There is much deception going on but the very last lying quote in the article by I believe the Ontario Ministry of Environment takes the cake and is beyond all fantasy namely :  "We will continue consulting with all stakeholders on the Lanxess environmental investigations and remediation measures." Filthy LIARS! I am a stakeholder. Dr. Dan Holt is a stakeholder. Ron Campbell is a stakeholder. Graham Chevreau is a stakeholder. Dr. Henry Regier is a stakeholder. Vivienne Delaney is a stakeholder etc. etc. Our legitimate Applications were THROWN OUT BY SANDY SHANTZ when she came to power as Mayor. WE and the PUBLUC are REFUSED THE RIGHT to either comment or ask any questions at "public" TAG meetings. At RAC meetings we are REFUSED the right to ask questions or make verbal comments other than three times a year a written Delegation may be presented without questions or followup.

Further lies and deception are in the words of Tiffany Svensson as she falsely and inaccurately defends the indefensible when she claims that there is evidence disproving the Stroh Drain as a threat or a source of contamination to the Canagagigue Creek. It is the usual Lanxess/GHD locational sampling biases going on. Multiple different dates and a few slightly different locations with numerous soil and sediment samples are taken for dioxins and DDT in their preferred locations by bridges crossing the Creek whereas all of four locations have been only sampled once for sediments in the Stroh Drain and three of those are all grouped together to the immediate west of the Martin swimming pond.  This Stroh Drain is 450 metres long and three of the four sample areas are within spitting distance of each other. Even at that there were numerous federal criteria exceedances including Dioxins/furans and DDD. Tiffany you need to resign because your corporate and MECP biases are blatantly showing. TAG allegedly is representing the public interest. What a croc! 


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