Tuesday, November 15, 2022


Refusing to even receive or look at opposing evidence by our authorities is an example of their corruption. When a pair of professionally tested soil sample results were offered to our various authorities they recoiled in shock and fear. From Woolwich Council, TAG, Ministry of Environment (MECP), Region of Waterloo, GRCA and on and on they all went into serious ostrich mode. The excuses ranged from serious bullsh.t to plaintive wailing about process and procedures up to and including simply no response at all. I gave these various allegedly responsible bodies the name of the professional lab involved and invited questions for clarification. Da nada! Nothing! 

Undeterred I did what I do and sent the professional lab results to all the bodies except one. I also posted the lab report showing dioxin/furan detections here on the Elmira Advocate. Not a peep. Not a response. Not a question. Other than Lanxess (Ramin Ansari) all parties bravely pulled a Doug Ford and hid under their desks until the cloud passed.  Now don't get me wrong. Ramin fairly promptly incorporated these lab results incorrectly into one of his consultant's (GHD) reports alleging that they were sediment samples which they weren't. They were SOIL samples Ramin, exactly as it says on the lab report. Geesh!

Out of respect I did not send the results to TAG despite the pathetic and ridiculous whining of their Chair suggesting that somehow these results were inappropriate, wrong, inaccurate or whatever. The respect I just mentioned was not for TAG or their well paid (Lanxess/Woolwich?) Chair.  

Ask yourselves exactly how tied these political and bureaucratic bodies are to Lanxess Canada's position that they go so far as to refuse to receive professional lab reports showing dioxin/furan soil contamination on the next door neighbour's property (Stroh). Oh did I mention? Despite the expensive cost of sampling and analyzing soil samples for dioxins they were offered FREE to all these scum. Citizens paid for them while our totally perverted and corrupt authorities ran for cover rather than be in possession of evidence of obfuscation and corruption by the parties (Lanxess/MECP) they are protecting. 

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