Monday, November 21, 2022


 Originally it was suggested likely at TAG (Technical Advisory Group) that applicants needed to apply in writing by last Friday November 18, 2022. However as of the day before I was advised that that had been changed to a date sometime in January. As per my comments regarding TAG over the last few posts I am going to include some pre-qualifications. Firstly these pre-qualifications are not for the purpose of discouraging applicants as much as to simply save you time and trouble if you are unable to meet them.

1) Active professional status as a hydrogeologist, biologist or risk assessor. Combined with this is a strong preference for very busy active professionals with severely limited time to read and research the facts. 

2 Professionals with the requisite survival skills of deference and  unwillingness to displease their employers doing business with the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MECP), Lanxess or GHD (consultants) etc.

3) Professionals with a preferred  bias in favour of authority figures. This includes the previous stated MECP plus municipal mayors and regional chairs.

4) If "professionals" of this nature are not available in requisite numbers then totally unqualified candidates with zero environmental background or interest are welcomed.

5) These candidates however preferably should have the same constraints as 1) - 3) above.

6) In an extreme volunteer shortage position once again Sandy Shantz's Elmira Curling Club friends are encouraged to apply.

Long haired, freaky looking candidates need not apply unless fully vetted by Lanxess Canada, Dupont or Union Carbide all world class polluters with a well known penchant for puffery. 

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