Saturday, November 26, 2022


 A tiny bit of nitpicking on my part in that two of the east side pits were open until late 1993 not 1990 and in fact the word "open" is debatable. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that two pits were still in use storing toxic chemicals in the ground until late 1993. 

On page 4 of the article it suggests that "...the swampy area, or the Gap, is relatively close to the pits." In fact the swampy area is exactly between the end of the largest swale or open ditch and the possible narrow  entranceway to the closest gravel pit namely GP-1 (gravel pit 1). Also keep in mind that this possible narrow entranceway is not shown on some maps as even existing hence that begs the legitimate question as to whether or not dioxins and DDT allegedly sampled in GP-1 really were there or not. In other words is the company morally capable of  "salting" soil samples with toxic chemicals in order to pretend that these chemicals stayed on their property rather than flowing off site onto the Stroh farm?

My source has indicated that the Stroh Drain was built in the fall of 1983 when the water table was lower. Sebastian Seibel-Achenbach's description and information in this article is indeed accurate and I dare say that on a general basis his information provided both at TAG and in the media puts his TAG colleagues to shame (especially Tiffany S.). Regarding Sebastian's appropriate concerns that a minor or partial cleanup will result in further erosion of toxins over time into the Creek sediments, that concern was also shared by Susan Bryant at the last TAG meeting.

Michael Mackin of Lanxess and Gary Wheeler of the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MECP) are both bullsh.t artists as well as bedfellows. While I do not mean this in the literal sense I certainly do mean it in the conspiratorial and collusion sense. Their words are disgusting, deceptive and untruthful. Also the claim was made by Michael Mackin that on two separate occasions  RAC, TAG and community members were invited to visit and tour the site. Well isn't that interesting. Only on one occasion was I invited and even then I had to dig in my heels to get the invite at the same time as the RAC and TAG members plus to include a couple more interested citizens and stakeholders that they did not want to attend. All in all the Observer have done a great job despite the lies and deception by the company and the MECP. 

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