Wednesday, November 16, 2022


 Where to start? 

Our Elmira drinking water Aquifers will not achieve drinking water standards by 2028. Especially for NDMA. From 1990 until approximately 2016 we were vehemently told otherwise. i.e. we the citizens were lied to for 26 years. Slimy bastards with conveniently zero consequences on their part.

The Canagagigue Creek soils and sediments are contaminated with Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) for the full five miles downstream to the Grand River and most likely much further. The HHERA (Risk Assessment) is nearly complete and we have been told by a bunch of self-serving, credentialed non victim bureaucrats and suits that all human health risks are acceptable. Currently the RA is suggesting minor cleanup efforts at and very close to the Lanxess site only. Not even the so called known "hot spots" down stream are scheduled for cleanup. 

Hence both known on site and off site source removal is not happening. This includes the DNAPLS on and off site that have been covered up and lied about since the late 1980s and early 1990s. It also includes known contamination beneath both east and west side pits and lagoons that received only partial cleanup in 1970 and 1993. 

Off-site contamination literally occurred north, south, east and west of the Uniroyal/Lanxess site. We were told for decades that other than contaminated groundwater discharging eastwards into the Canagagigue and going downstream that everything else went south-west via aquifers. Those were blatant lies.

Public Consultation has devolved into a laughing stock. TAG are a sham of citizens who wouldn't say crap if their mouth was full of it. They are picked as much or more for their willingness and ability to get along with the professional liars (Lanxess & MECP) as for their professional credentials. The public (& experienced CPAC members) are refused access to ask any questions or add any verbal comments to so called public meetings. Credit for this goes to Chemtura/MECP/Sandy Shantz and more. 

There is a ton more but it will come out at a later date.



  1. You Nailed it! I would even go further and state that our so called leaders are a combination of Fake environmentalists, Fake peacemakers, Fake Mennonites with the rest of the officials and committee type being biased, self-serving "go along to get along" with a brutal FAKE AGENDA whose true intention is wealth redistribution in a communist+leading to fascist end result that actually wants DEPOPULATION! It is a disgusting demonic mess! There are only 2 sides to TRUTH and JUSTICE and most of these people you bring up are simply on the WRONG SIDE of EVERYTHING. These individuals have been deceived by their own foolish freewill and now they must deceive others. They are all trapped on the WRONG SIDE.

  2. Bill C-14 and "MAID" , read all about it; who exactly is being encouraged to end their lives (and use COVID mad mandates and power grabs and silencing efforts and cancel culture as an example of who is in charge of killing whom) ... I do not see any privileged officials or so called leaders stepping up volunteering to give up their life or sacrifice anything of substance to save the planet!!! and These people cannot be trusted with our water or our soil, much less our personal property and our lives any yet these "type" keep forcing themselves on the rest of us using FAKE democracy. We the people are not part of their club and so they cannot "tolerate us"
    and now they would be happy if we were out of their way.

  3. please edit last anon post to say Bill C-7 (M.A.I.D.) not C31 Bill C-7 is specifically to INCLUDE persons with "mental illness" for legalized euthanasia