Friday, November 11, 2022

SHAME ON TAG (Technical Advisory Group)

Below is an e-mail that I sent to the Citizens Public Advisory Committee (CPAC) this morning partially describing last evening's public but virtual TAG meeting.


CPAC+:  Once in a very long while we swing for the fences and 
hit a home run. Well it's happened. I wish that I 
(and possibly Sebastian) knew at last night's TAG meeting that 
the Observer had published my very strong, very blunt and very 
critical Letter To The Editor regarding what Sebastian was 
describing last evening to his TAG colleagues. Not a one of them 
supported him although Susan B. to her credit did speak strongly 
in favour of removing the known (but not unknown due to lack of 
representative sampling) "hot spots" along the Creek. She wants 
support from TAG and has it at least in principle and as possibly 
a bargaining chip. When push comes to shove TAG will also 
likely drop their DEMAND (ha: from their knees with hands in a 
praying position) that the "hot spots" be remediated.

Sebastian was strongly and appropriately criticizing the MECP  
Sediment & Fish sampling report released last September. 
Sebastian you were magnificent whereas your colleagues are 
stunningly biased, and self-servingly blind. Wilson's arguments 
about shovels being O.K. are garbage!  Funny when Joe Kelly 
was discussing the loss of sediment fines from using shovels 
two or three years ago, not a peep out of Wilson. Now it's all 
about cross contamination b/s. IT'S THE LOSS OF FINES 

That .itch Tiffany also argued against Sebastian by suggesting
 falsely that location CANCR 5 upstream of the mouth of the 
Stroh Drain/Martin Creek has the highest concentrations.  It 
does for DDT in sediments but the lowest concentrations of 
dioxin/furans of all the locations from Uniroyal/Lanxess to the 
Grand River. PAHs have the highest sediment concentrations 
downstream well below CANCR5 at CANCR6 (New Jerusalem 
Rd.) with CANCR5 being the second LOWEST concentrations.

Similarly Tiffany Svensson also behaved like a Lanxess/MECP 
apologist by minimizing the failure of the on-site Municipal
Aquifer pumping wells PW4 & 5. Since September 2021 they 
have made their TARGET PUMPING RATE of 4.7 l/sec only 
ONCE namely January 2022 exactly at 4.7 l/s. Every other 
month has been below that TARGET RATE up to and including
 September 2022.  In the footnotes GHD clearly state that they 
recommend that Lanxess pump at the Target Rate or HIGHER!!! 

I had suggested to Dr. Dan, Viv and Richard that perhaps the 
cloud of Sandy's being re-elected might have a silver lining.  By
 the way Dr. Dan worked his butt off with much assistance from 
Sebastian and others during the election! The silver lining is if 
the Observer choose to finally cover RAC and TAG meetings 
properly. Leah Gerber (Observer) was there virtually last night.
 Also the silver lining is if the Observer are more welcoming of
 Letters To The Editor from CPAC members (Dr. Dan recently).
 My Letter To The Editor was published yesterday. I let the 
MECP and Lanxess have it right between the eyes. I also 
brought up the well hidden fact seen by myself, Sebastian 
and Mark Bauman that there is a pipe diverting some water 
from the Stroh Drain/Martin Creek into the Martin swimming 
pond. I have little confidence that Mark would ever honestly 
testify to what he saw and later described to me whereas 
Sebastian and I together traced the pipe from the northern 
end of the pond due south into the swimming pond 
("water" was running at the time).

Sebastian your colleagues are playing a game and Tiffany 
and Wilson are hard on board the Lanxess/MECP train. 
David Hofbauer had very little to say last evening but at 
least he wasn't disagreeing or criticizing your position. 
Linda Dickson is out of her depth. In the past Dustin Martin
concerned me although recently somewhat like David 
H. he hasn't been attending much (Guilt???)  Susan is and
always has played her own game. Sebastian what did you
 think of her "threat" right at the end of the meeting regarding
 a PROTEST if the hot spots aren't cleaned up? I believe that
 her TAG colleagues will wish her well and perhaps other than
 yourself, leave her to protest on her own. Also I think that it's
 a hollow threat although I wish it weren't.

Alan Marshall .    


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