Thursday, November 17, 2022


 Two items today. Firstly liars lie so why am even I occasionally surprised by them? Over the last year or two I've heard at a TAG meeting once or twice suggestions of slight leakage from the UACTS (Upper Aquifer Containment & Treatment System) into the Canagagigue Creek. No big deal just a small concern allegedly when the Creek rose and there was what we were told were "creek bank storage effects" whereby briefly the Creek raised the groundwater levels along the Creek higher than the surface water levels. At that point groundwater would then flow back into the Creek as there was a temporary loss of containment. Well I got serious and started looking into it and it is my opinion that the MECP and Lanxess/GHD are full of sh.t. I know that's no shocker but geez Louise can't they be honest and straightforward at least occasionally?

"Tiffany's Whopper" may or may not be an exaggeration. After being pressed by Susan Bryant for her opinion regarding months (ha -years) of under pumping the Municipal Aquifers on site, Tiffany fully and completely said there was no problem. According to Tiffany the fact that Lanxess's own consultants strongly recommend that they pump at or HIGHER than the Target Rate for on-site wells PW4 & 5 which they haven't done for the past YEAR is not a problem. Tiffany claims that there has been no loss of hydraulic containment leading to leakage from the grossly contaminated Uniroyal/Lanxess site  into the off-site Elmira Aquifers. Sorry but I think that is a whopper! 

Back to the Upper Aquifer (UA). Without a single word at CPAC the slippery slime in charge have been reducing the pumping at the series of shallow aquifer wells along the west side of the Creek (the "Gig") on their property. This "slippage" has been going on for years but has been most obvious for the last 1 1/2 - 2 years..Originally these containment wells were pumping at over 2 litres per second which was slowly reduced to 1 litre/sec and then since 2021 down to .5 l/sec. Last month (Oct.) it hit a record low of .2 l/sec. 


  1. Does Tiffany really think people are stupid? is it a complete lack of respect for science protecting human life and the water and soil? Lack of containment and not testing the most suspect contaminant area's. FACT: She is not part of the solution, she is A BIG PROBLEM!

  2. .5 or .2 is closer to zero than 2 litres per second and they are heading to ZERO which is exactly what their version of science is worth because it is based on bullshit and baffle and denial of facts and citizens' concerns and best interests. Tiffany is not part of the solution...She has become a real PROBLEM.

  3. The reason Elmira cannot and will not get any genuine cleanup is because that IS NOT what the real agenda is for "the majority" with the power or the real stakeholders. Sadly, most of our local so called grass roots organizers who have actually affected change in the last few decades are nothing more than minions for fake philanthropic charities/trust funds and brain-trusts who are being educated and programmed and organized and often certified who are advocating climate justice and in reality, socialism aka collectivism for now until the time comes when the real fascists will surface with their pre-planned mandated solutions which of course will be done by arbitrary FIAT as always. All our "systems" and everything in our society is becoming a 2-tier system, relevant fact being, one class of our society gets paid only if they produce successful results and the other class of our society gets paid whether they completely fail or not. Even history will not always be true because it is written by the victorious/ones in control. It is true however that our local community has been corrupted from the top down but more importantly where the real fascists have focused on thus far is by putting their "influencers" in from the bottom up. Our bureaucracies and our advocacies and lobbies are full of these types. What I have described is the only way to bring "Democracy" under enough control for the "BIG PROBLEMS" to create enough crisis that the dictator/fascist can emerge safely with "the fix" in hand. I realize there is another way; but "what's love got to do with it?"