Thursday, November 24, 2022


 O.K. I do have confidence generally in both Prof. Greg Michalenko and in the K-W Chapter of the Council of Canadians. Others involved not so much. A series of four photographs were sent to me which my computer at first balked at opening for whatever reason. With assistance from my wife we have opened the photographs and examined them carefully. They allege to be photographs of the same location however from 1993 until 2018 which is not the twenty year time span indicated but actually 25 years apart. These four pictures certainly are different and the later ones show a ton of shrubs and trees unfortunately much in the foreground. As a result I honestly do not have any confidence based solely upon the four pictures that they are all of the same location which is supposed to be the whole idea. 

I believe that the idea of this exercise is to compliment the good work that the GRCA has done over many decades. I have no problem with that overall especially in the current political light of Dougie Ford emasculating Conservation Authorities and other environmental institutions. At the same time I long ago lost all my naivete regarding political institutions including the GRCA. Generally they are made up of municipal appointees with little or no competence and sometimes even less genuine respect for the environment.

I'll accept that the Ontario government (Doug Ford's Conservatives) are doing lots of harm environmentally but I'm not sure at all that these photographs are real proof of it.  

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