Tuesday, November 22, 2022


 O.K. so I'll admit it. I was thrilled with yesterday's post poking fun at TAG membership. Despite the fact that there are a number of people on that committee that I both like and respect, nevertheless all humour usually has elements of truth in it and yesterday's post certainly did.  Frankly I admire Sebastian 's willingness and ability to sit there and listen to some of the bullsh.t and drivel. I will even give a tad of congrats to Susan B. for buttonholing Tiffany into categorically denying (lying?) any loss of hydraulic containment in the on-site Municipal Aquifers despite a year of failed pumping rates. 

All that being said it is the dog wagging the tail in that the polluter has far, far too much say in cleaning up the disgusting mess that they bought doubtless with backroom deals first with the Ontario Ministry of Environment. The MOE/MECP pulled that crap with Phillips Environmental when they wanted to purchase Varnicolor Chemical in Elmira, Ontario. The Control Order demanding full lateral and VERTICAL delineation of contamination was watered down such that the site is still under remediation today and the owners (Elmira Pump) have been left holding the bag on a site that was supposed to be remediated in ten years (i.e. 1995-2005) ,. In 2016 they were still working on a Risk Assessment approval which I'm supposed to be receiving a copy of. Nada yet! Oh and by the way that too much say by Chemtura/Lanxess includes the so called municipal appointees to the committee of council (TAG etc.).

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