Saturday, November 19, 2022


 Tiffany says it's fine. So does Lanxess and their consultants GHD. The Ontario Ministry of Environment used to rave about UPAC and CPAC back in the early 2000's. They hated CPAC from 2011-Aug. 2015 when Dr. Dan Holt was Chair and Susan Bryant and Pat Mclean were off the committee. Woolwich Township according to Sandy Shantz think that TAG are the best thing since sliced bread. Most TAG members like TAG and will likely reapply by January. 

Back in the late 1990s Glenys McMullen of APTE referred to UPAC (Uniroyal Public Advisory Committee) as the Uniroyal Pollution Appreciation Club which was essentially accurate. I early on referred to RAC (Remediation Advisory Committee) as the Really Awful Committee. TAG I will go  easy on referring to them as the Too Agreeable Group. Refer to yesterday's Blog post to see why they are so "agreeable" and hence ineffective for real environmental cleanup.

What does Woolwich Township gain from lying about and hiding local polluters? Firstly they gain the goodwill of all our dirty polluters. Secondly selling Uniroyal Chemical as the sole significant polluter in town gains the goodwill of the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MOE) and the provincial government. It's easier to sell having "overlooked" one bad apple rather than three, five or ten all in the small town  of Elmira, Ontario. What municipal governments mainly do is suck up to the big boys (Toronto) who in turn suck up to the bigger boys yet namely Ottawa. It's the upper tier provincial and federal governments that have the funding for the big projects whether for the Arts, infrastructure including roads and bridges, Light Rail Transit (LRT), airports and the like. What lower tier government has the balls to say no to them? Of course there is a cost to placing 100% of the blame onto a multi national, multi billion dollar corporation like Uniroyal Chemical and we are all paying it. That cost is the "sweetheart deal" required for Uniroyal to stop fighting the MOE  now known as the MECP. Uniroyal were handed the keys to the Kingdom regarding the cleanup. Not only did Uniroyal stop blaming the other major polluters in town (Varnicolor Chemical and Nutrite/Yara) but they were made both private and public guarantees regarding cleanup and hence costs of the then KNOWN contamination. Unknown contamination was supposed to be covered in MOE/MECP Control Orders and the like but we the citizens have since learned that Control Orders are essentially toilet paper to be flushed down the toilet as inappropriately and unilaterally determined by the MOE/MECP.  

There is "organized" crime both private and public. Public organized crime (i.e. government) is much more powerful.

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  1. Your last statement is an extremely important observation. As in everything above-so below. Organized crime like all our "systems" has 2 tiers and in this setup the private side is where the sheep get to work/play a little while they are tolerated to get fat while the wolves and foxes are on the public side freely playing-preying on the public and when the time comes for enforcement of course it will always be the sheep that will get pounced on and slaughtered as that is what wolves and foxes actually enjoy eating for lunch. Frankly I have to laugh writing this as we all know when a wolf or fox makes a mistake and eats something rabid, this is when poetic justice becomes reality. The good news is that sheep do not naturally eat each other. In our society we have reaching the point where the wolves and foxes are starting to eat each other because they cannot stop themselves. It's not because they are hungry, it is because they are sick!