Thursday, November 10, 2022


 Why wouldn't they? There are zero consequences for them. Plus cleanup costs money which they'd rather send to their shareholders than to the victims of their immoral and illegal behaviours here in Elmira. They also have Woolwich Township and the Ontario Ministry of Environment wrapped around their little fingers. As far as citizens go TAG will never so much as speak harshly to them no matter what lies and bullshit they are currently offering.  Most TAG members appear to be more interested in being nice and getting along versus standing up and speaking loudly and clearly on behalf of both the environment and the local citizens. That said yes some TAG members have oh so politely and nicely asked/begged/cajoled Lanxess to do more, generally with nothing but lip service from the company sometimes combined with yet another round of sampling or another less than useless report. It's all about appearances for the company and as Dr. Richard Jackson (1st TAG Chair) walked from TAG so would and should any honest, public interest minded Chair.

I've just gone over the pumping rates for the on-site Municipal Aquifer wells at Lanxess namely PW4 and PW5. In the last year the combined Target Pumping Rate has been achieved ONCE ! That was in January 2022 when the on-site pumping of both wells exactly met the Target Rate of 4.7 litres per second. It was another four months prior to that when the pumping rate last met the Target Rate. This of course is despite GHD in the footnotes beneath the Table of Average Daily Pumping Rates stating unequivocally that they recommend that Lanxess ACHIEVE OR EXCEED the Target Pumping Rates. That is in order to pump and treat enough groundwater to successfully contain the grossly polluted groundwater from flowing off-site and further contaminating the Elmira Aquifers which is exactly what has been happening for the last year at a minimum. Absolute shame on the Ontario Ministry of Environment (MECP) for allowing this to happen once, much less ongoing. The fact that nobody whether MECP, TAG, RAC or Woolwich Township are not screaming at Lanxess about this makes it clear to this well informed citizen that none of them give a rat's ass!  The cleanup is and always has been a sham. It's about lip service, going through the motions and always ensuring that the polluter is in firm and complete control of the entire "cleanup" including which citizens are acceptable to Lanxess on TAG and keeping the best informed,  honest  and least prone to polluter and MECP influence at bay.

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