Wednesday, November 30, 2022


 Grand River Hospital in Kitchener. It's kind of hard to feel critical towards our health care institutions the last few years (2020, 21, 22) based upon their stepping up to fight Covid-19 head on. Yet... a funny thing happened today. Also many have been pointing out that the crisis in staffing and the apparently overburdened emergency rooms and operating rooms have been around for years if not decades. Interesting that. Interesting the media coverage and political verbiage also. And the billions of dollars literally being spent. And the weird fact for example that I've been living in Waterloo Region since I was five years old (I'm now 73) back when we only had K-W Hospital (now Grand River), St Mary's Hospital, Cambridge Memorial Hospital and a full size hospital over in Guelph plus a tiny hospital in Fergus, Listowel etc. And still do all these decades later when the population has ballooned some say precipitously as we have the largest immigration to Canada outside of Toronto for sure and maybe Montreal?

So what weird thing happened today? Well I politely advised that my one day stay in hospital that was extended to two days due to a high heart rate at the Pre-Op checkup was going to end on Wednesday afternoon. Now the blip on the radar was quickly and efficiently handled, in my opinion, very well. I have been taking medication since last Tuesday which is working very well and immediately. I was advised last Friday that all was well and to go ahead with my surgery which expressing confidence in all who advised me I did. Things went very well indeed and I suggested that if I passed all benchmarks and criteria regarding physiotherapy, walking etc. plus heart rate, blood pressure & temperature that I would be saying thank you and leaving. Well....Oh my God the overreaction not by all staff involved but certainly by many. It was as if I had thrown a stink bomb combined with dirty lyrics from a music video into a funeral procession for a young child. With very little plain common sense combined with a few big words and stern, professional stares they acted as if I was an idiot or a new MOM, or a minor child not a 73 year old adult who really prefers to spend what time he has left on earth in his own home versus even an additional unnecessary five minutes in hospital. Or quoting an old long gone friend "Alan why would you go to a hospital? They are full of sick people. " Geez sorry people but while I was mostly impressed with the professionalism and dedication I saw it really wasn't enough for me to hang around for extra. Send my meds to my local pharmacy, you've got my address, phone number and fax if something serious comes up. Sayanara folks.



  1. So thankful you made it out of there. There is still some real good healthcare available however it is only part of the healthcare business going on. I think the difference between what nurse practitioners get paid and the typical doc's pay sums it up partially in addition to the different facts you nicely pointed out.

    Frankly we need you in the public realm now more than ever as our society is being absolutely overwhelmed with fake environmentalists with brutally obvious bias's they all think they are hiding. I was meeting with some local oldtimers today and we were just talking about you being one of the first and now last REAL DEALS left to selflessly advocate for genuine environmentalism in our community. Thank you for your service to your fellow humans in Elmira and in the Region. You can rest assured it/you will never be forgotten! Never give up, there will be some young and genuine environmentalists that will wake up and take over soon, when they see thru the fog and mirrors that the parallelists have foisted upon the human race. All our systems are corrupt and broken. These future truthful and honest advocates will seize onto the truth that we all have worked so hard so expose and be guided by common sense and logic and they will be successful and so we THANK YOU, Be Well!

  2. Thanks for the kind words.