Tuesday, November 1, 2022


 Last week I sent an e-mail to the five new Woolwich councillors regarding Lanxess Canada and the purported Elmira cleanup. To date one has responded. Congrats to the one and disappointment with the other four. That said I understand if they are a tad busier than usual preparing for their new (part time?) positions. 

I also sent out two Letters To The Editor and will be pleasantly surprised if even one of them gets published. These letters are well written and are in regards to a current hot potato what with even TAG members expressing discontent with Lanxess's joke of a Risk Assessment and their claims that all downstream environmental and health risks are acceptable. My Letter To The Editor is similar to yesterday's post here in the Advocate.

Oddly there doesn't seem to be any media regarding the Ontario Land Tribunal's above average stupid decision surrounding the Hawk Ridge Homes matter.  Mitigation is the word that developers and other polluters just love. Essentially it means that no matter how bad environmentally a proposed project is it can be "mitigated" through engineering controls or if they are not satisfactory through pixie dust and or fairy godmothers with magic wands.

A new subdivision of residential homes (Hawk Ridge) will be built across Union ST. from Lanxess Canada and from CCC (Former Sulco). I give credit to Sulco and their manager Ron Koniuch who fought valiantly for years opposing the hazardous location of this subdivision. He and Sulco did this both for their private interest but also importantly for the public interest. Oddly Chemtura/Lanxess dropped out of the fight several years back despite them being the most likely to cause death and mayhem from fugitive emissions and or fires.

I also believe that the proposed truck parking lot beside Bolender Park and located above the former landfill will proceed. Many people including Dr. Dan Holt have worked hard looking for alternative locations but to date to no avail. 

The Risk Assessment of the Canagagigue Creek has been a flop and a bust for the Creek, local wildlife and local residents. It has however achieved its' purpose which was to give credibility to a wholly despicable and dishonest minimized cleanup of the Creek by Lanxess while hiding yet again behind the skirts of our emasculated, impotent Ontario Ministry of Environment better known as the Ministry of Enhanced Corporate Pollution (MECP).

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