Wednesday, November 9, 2022


 Their bias has become just so blatant.  It  includes Sebastian (TAG member) appealing to them to discuss and debate seriously the dioxin/furan results far in exceedance of criteria in sediments in the Stroh Drain along with the presence of DDT breakdown products . It includes me going on three years ago providing each and every TAG member with colour maps showing agreed upon topographical contours (i.e. ground surface elevations) clearly showing that Uniroyal Chemical's contaminated waste waters from their east side ponds flowed off-site onto the Stroh property into a low lying area where they likely settled out into the soils. Sebastian has begged Lanxess and the MECP to take soil samples in and around the Stroh Drain and test for dioxins/furans, DDT and other toxic contaminants. TAG have at least given muted support to that suggestion however to no avail with Lanxess/MECP. 

Regarding the map plus proof and evidence that the topographical contours were accurate and agreed upon I also provided technical references of Conestoga Rovers (CRA) and the Ministry of Environment (MECP) to much of the data on the map. TAG and their Chair Tiffany Svensson absolutely refused to discuss or debate my formal written Delegation to them. That is contemptible and disgusting and totally without any merit whatsoever. This is hard data and evidence, not produced or manufactured by me, but by the MECP, RMOW, CRA  clearly showing that Lanxess and friends conclusions are at odds with their own data and technical reports. Meanwhile TAG's so called "experts" sit on their hands and look the other way. 

Over a month ago I verbally presented and sent a written Delegation to RAC regarding the MECP's only recently released September 2020 Sediment and Fish Monitoring Report. Just like at TAG, RAC allegedly listen but do not care or comprehend apparently. Zero questions or comments then and zero since. Not a peep. At tomorrow's virtual TAG meeting (6:30 pm.) Sebastian will be presenting his analysis of the same report. Once again TAG will cover their eyes and ears even when one of their own members has something serious to tell them. Perhaps at the very least TAG and their Chair will murmur and cluck sympathetic words while averting their eyes. It's the least they can do for an honest member who despite lacking some of their scientific credentials has ten times the courage and heart of the rest of them together.  

TAG and RAC are doing their assigned jobs which is principally to be polite good little boys and girls and do not rock the boat or raise any consternation. Politicians by their own admission know better than us and they've thrown their lot in with the professional liars and any naughty boys and girls will suffer the consequences whether professional or personal including private defamation.


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