Friday, May 17, 2024


 O.K. not to be ungrateful but our local newspaper, the Observer, did report, sort of, on my Delegation to Council last Tuesday evening. Now it possibly could be a timing and deadline matter in that I did not send a copy of my written Delegation to them until very early (9 am.?) Wednesday morning and of course their newspaper comes out on Thursdays.

Regardless on page six (Opinion) at the top of the page under  "Verbatim" they have printed the following:

"Woolwich Township's "public consultation" has been shameful for almost nine years now." 

Underneath that sentence they then printed the following:

"Elmira environmentalist  activist Alan Marshall calls on council to improve watchdog efforts, push for heartier cleanup of aquifers."

That's it right there in a nutshell. Now of course I did publish my entire Delegation contents Wednesday here in the Elmira Advocate.  One little reminder that way back in the summer of 2015 when mayor Shantz was trying to sell her idea of bouncing CPAC members, one of her councillors  (Pat Merlihan) publicly referred to her plan of expanding both bureaucratic and politicians involvement versus citizens as being "cringeworthy". 

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