Friday, May 24, 2024


 Our so called Ontario Ministry of Environment, better known as the MECP or Ministry of Expanded Corporate Pollution, have outdone themselves. Today's Waterloo Region Record carries the following story titled "Mill waste affects mercury levels in nearby river: study". Apparently not satisfied with ruining people's health and lives for the last fifty years it turns out that the mercury poisoning originally from dumping by Reed Paper has and continues to be made worse by current discharges of sulphates and organic from a paper mill at Dryden, Ontario.

What the hell! A study commissioned by Grassy Narrows First Nation and conducted by researchers at the University of Western Ontario concluded that the contaminants still being released by the paper mill are contributing to the elevated production of methyl mercury resulting in mercury levels in fish as much as twice as high as they would otherwise be.

Why was it a private study commissioned by the victims' that found this? What has the MECP been doing for over half a century other than running interference for the provincial government and others? Now what will the MECP do? Perhaps take another fifty years and then decide what they've already decided namely that these peoples' lives are not worth the tax dollars needed to help them? People our governments to their shame are not serving our needs . 

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