Thursday, May 9, 2024


So they got me to wait an extra week rather than present my seven minute Delegation two days ago at the Committee of the Whole which by the way is Woolwich's preferred time rather than at formal Council meetings. Oh well. I do appreciate the Clerk's confirming in writing my Delegation to Council for this coming Tuesday May 14/24.  

I have sent an e-mail to CPAC members and friends advising them of this upcoming Delegation as well as some of the issues in Joe Ricker's Presentation to TRAC on April 25 that I disagree with. Yes for the benefit of critics I am more than capable of debating either hydrogeologists or other groundwater experts when they are using junk science to back their clients' self-serving claims. Yes I've been doing it successfully for over three decades now with only a small amount of formal hydroG training but literally decades of first hand discussion and debate despite the likes of our corrupt mayor shutting down CPAC in 2015. 

My expectation is that Woolwich needed the extra week to decide what to do about my Delegation. Do they create another media storm as they did several years ago by shutting down Dr. Holt and myself as Delegates? No they are stupid but not that stupid. Likely they will attempt (for hire) to bring in an expert to speak after me and discredit my Delegation. Obviously that is a huge advantage for the second speaker as they can't be contradicted by the one who is already completed. Delegations are not debates and Councils/Mayors know how to take advantage of the process.

Check today's Council Calendar on the Woolwich Township website. The Agenda is not out yet but should be this afternoon. Let's see if either today or closer to Tuesday another speaker appears behind me on the same or similar topic. If so that is why I was denied my Delegation last Tuesday.

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