Sunday, May 5, 2024


 Boy am I glad that I added the words "...although I am not positive" to the title of yesterday's post. The troll who has gone off the deep end this week has a long history of such behaviour. He lives out of town and spent his career in government service. He also sat on some committees and as the saying goes "Familiarity breeds consent." His familiarity was I believe with various staff of both the Ministry of Environment (MECP) and the Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA). Finally this individual (NOT named Mark!) was read the Riot Act by a nearby out of town police force because he had foolishly crossed the line from trollhood into a threatening harasser. Much of his verbal disparagement was ranting and raving about me being evil and picking on MOE, CRA, Chemtura, Lanxess etc .  The weird thing was that I don't think any of those personnel were on the same committees as he was. Maybe I'm wrong and he did know some of them personally??? What finally got the police serious was some vague ? reference he made to firearms in a day and age when that is a no-no.

What is also odd to me is that he has been retired for a decade. Now yes this week I certainly upped the ante with a call for a Public Inquiry into the Ontario Ministry of Environment. Guess as per a different commenter this week (Tuesday)  I may have been over a vulnerable target with that one.  Now my belief that it's the same person I referenced as having been "seriously disturbed" is based upon a couple more very nasty, rude and mostly inaccurate Comments on his part that clarified his identity. I've known him I think since Junior High and most certainly since High School.  

Old age is not always kind to everyone equally. Overall, despite some issues, I feel myself lucky. He has not been remotely so. I believe that one's health in old age can be the result of good luck and good management but not always. Sometimes good luck is more important. Some times poor management trumps good luck and sometimes not. Whatever the causes he has been on serious pain meds for years as have others without warping their intellects. Perhaps he has also overenjoyed some perfectly legal beverages. The result is an individual who likely could not physically threaten or harm a twelve year old much less an adult, old or otherwise. I explained that clearly to the police a couple of years back. The problem of course is that anyone driving a vehicle for example don't even need to be awake to do harm to others.   

If he continues his nonsense he will cross the legal line again but now he has a history of so doing. Meanwhile I will continue attacking the credibility of both government and corporate entities who have done and continue to do so much damage here in Elmira both to the public interest and to the environment. Strange isn't it that he seems to think that governments and multi billion dollar corporations are defenceless and need his dubious assistance. They really don't.

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