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Everybody behaved including the Chair and there were even some very good questions from two councillors afterwards . Yes I did give Lanxess, Ministry of Environment and Woolwich Council some serious  #$*&^% but Council at least took it like pros. Following is the text of my Delegation. Also the video of the meeting and my Delegation is on the Woolwich Township website under Council & Mayor and then under Calendar of Events. You have to adjust the dates to include May 14/24 and my Delegation is within 5-10 minutes of the start of the Council meeting.

                                                                                                                 May 14, 2024

                                                                  THE LONG CON (3)

    Joe Ricker's TRAC presentation on April 25/24 spoke to the impossibility of NDMA and chlorobenzene concentrations ever reaching zero, allegedly based upon “asymptotic behaviour”. So what? The goal is to reach drinking water standards namely 9 parts per trillion for NDMA and 80 parts per billion for chlorobenzene, not zero. Joe's entire premise is wrong.

    Joe advises that in 2023 the average concentration for NDMA was 91 ppt. in the Municipal Upper (MU) and 1,600 ppt. in the Municipal Lower (ML). That is between ten and 160 times higher than the drinking water standard of 9 ppt.. The average concentration in 2023 of chlorobenzene was 123 ppb. (MU) and 173 ppb. (ML) versus a drinking water standard of 80 ppb. These concentrations under current conditions are decades away from reaching drinking water standards. Lanxess please stop blustering and bafflegabbing and keep on pumping until you are at least close to the drinking water standards. Then, not now, come to the public, cap in hand, begging for relief.

    Citizens, including myself, over the decades have suggested numerous other accepted remediation methods all of which were rejected by Uniroyal and successors.

Lanxess do your job. Pump & Treat has been described as the cheapest, least effective method which is at least partially why it is so popular among polluters. So get back to pumping. Literally you have had decades of never ending excuses as to why both on and off -site wells aren't meeting the TARGET PUMPING RATES that your consultants have set.

I now better understand why Uniroyal and successors desperately covered up the DNAPL situation. Free phase and residual DNAPLS (Dense Non Aqueous Phase Liquids) inhibit the likelihood of Pump & Treat being successful. DNAPLS have been found both on and off the Uniroyal site and explain the admitted excess hundreds of kilograms of chlorobenzene found in the Elmira Aquifers.

    Woolwich Township's “public consultation” has been shameful for almost nine years now. One of your own TRAC members (Sebastian) has already told you and the public this in writing.

Having the polluter, his client driven consultants and his “captured” regulator (MECP) in total control of the cleanup is a gross conflict of interest that apparently Woolwich Council are not willing or capable of recognizing.

In conclusion this latest initiative is but one more in a long history of self-serving behaviour by Uniroyal/Lanxess fueled by fancy words and junk science in order to save themselves millions of dollars in cleanup costs.

The lack of pumping described earlier and the paragraph on DNAPLS can be proven factually but neither here nor at TRAC are the appropriate locations.

Alan Marshall Elmira Environmental Hazards Team

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