Wednesday, March 8, 2023


 First of all it's pretty hard to get a talking to when you've got a rule restricting Delegations to only subjects on your Agenda for that meeting. Think about it. Certain politically sensitive subjects might intentionally NEVER be on the Agenda thus ruling them out for discussion despite their relevance or significance to many citizens.

Wilmot Council did magnanimously permit a single Presentation however on the Hallman Pit application. Samantha Lernout from Citizens for Safe Ground Water made a Presentation to Council which "...was met with extended applause."  This applause occurred due to her calling out Council on their broken election promises as well as  on the mayor's non-transparency and non-hearing the voices of the people.

Council and mayor claim that they felt that they would lose at the Ontario Land Tribunal and have no say in any terms or that they could settle and have some say in the final gravel pit terms and conditions. So exactly what concessions did Wilmot Council receive for their rollover and play dead behaviour, I wonder.

Today's Record article by Paige Desmond is titled "Wilmot residents rally against gravel pit". 

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  1. our modern politicians are always dancin or playin dead! Its the lifelong bureaucratic staff members that are the REALLY Guilty ones who work for and are loyal to "the system" and NOT "the people" Most of these staffers are grossly overpaid and over-pensioned and often have real disdain for individual taxpayers. These same township staffers are libtard educated and only care about their own professional certification (licensing)